Board and attendee members:

Minutes of Board meeting SMFS, October 6, 2007:

Pat Liebert, Marvin Mills, Frances Eckstein, Corinne Fleisher, Carlos Tenorio, Kate Hennessey

Financial Report:
Pat tells us that we have $755 in the treasury.

Web site:
Francis reports 1300 or so "hits" [?]. She agreed to include on the web site a request for those interested in being on our e-mail list to send in their e-mail address.

Greg was not present and may not be available for a while due to professional responsibilities. Therefore, the next newsletter may be held up for a while.

Selby reservations for 2008:
Frances reserved the following dates:
Feb. 16, April 19, Sept. 20, Dec. 6. Special thanks. Marvin will reserve the North Library conference room for the first Saturday at 10am of every month except December when he will try for the second Saturday to avoid conflicting with Selby.

Tickets were distributed for sale by members. Pat recorded the numbers taken by each. Pat will distribute for sale to Luz and Jim Delgado. Corinne took 16, Kate 8, Marvin 80. The deadline for sending in checks is the Wednesday before the Monday of the dinner. Checks are to be made out to Sarasota Manatee Farmworker Supporters. Complimentary tickets available to Corinne plus one friend, the director, the musician, but not the Board. Sandwiches will be available for the actors who probably will not be interested in dinner.
The three plaques, says Frances, are on order and will be available before the dinner.
The play's cast according to the director, Garry, has been selected. Three rehearsals will be scheduled. If there is no progress in this regard by the end of October, then some special action will be taken- perhaps the selection of another director. Bob Turoff assures us that he will make sure that Garry does what is necessary and that the play will go on.
A new leaflet, black and white, no picture of Santiago, with more information will be prepared by Marvin and sent out to the Board and all members and the media including the Community Forum and Scene.
Publicity: Members are urged to duplicate the new leaflet and distribute it and post it wherever it could be of use.

Immigration update:
Marvin referred to a CBS4 report on Florida "bounty hunters" paid $1500 to $3000 a head for stalking undocumented people, detaining them in the middle of the night, breaking up families and then, subsequent deportation.
Jeannie Economos of the Farmworker Association of Florida, forwarded to us information on a movie in town, or about to open, called "Michael Clayton", is about an evil pesticide company whose product poisons the farms where it is used as well as poisoning the families that work there. It stars George Clooney. We discussed using this film as the basis for our next public meeting subject and tie it to the farmworker exposure. It was decided to explore this possibility and get Greg's and other opinions.

CIW action against Burger King:
Discussion of the ongoing campaign of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to force Burger King to exert pressure on the growers to pay the farmworkers another penny a pound for picking tomatoes. The question was raised: does the money actually get distributed to the workers? Should SMFS support this campaign?

Sexual harassment of farmworker women:
An important issue which SMFS has taken up a year ago at a public meeting and one which will be reconsidered. Program called "Esperanza" launched by Monica Ramirez Guererro of the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2006.

Multi-cultural Festival:
To be held at Manatee Technical Institute on Nov. 18th, 2007. Free fundraiser to support farmworker families in crisis. Call Esperanza Gamboa at 751-7947 for information.

Penellas Support Committee:
Our sister organization, another branch of the National Farm Workers Ministry, has issued a call for the filling of vacant leadership positions. We should consider how we can relate to that organization- perhaps with some joint endeavor.

Migrant Service Center:
A building proposal for Bradenton to serve as a center of information and perhaps some housing is in preparation. Kate Hennessey will follow up by indicating our support and she will report back at our next Board meeting on November 3rd.

Send me your corrections and comments of the minutes and let me know if you plan to attend the next Board meeting.

Marvin Mills
secretary, SMFS