FLOC Outraged
That Suspect in Santiago Assassination
Freed by Mexican Authorities




FLOC Director of Mexico Operations Castulo Benavides and FLOC President Baldemar Velasquez
talk with police after the assassination of Santiago Rafael.
Nuevo Leon authorities have shown little interest in
investigating those whom FLOC suspects of being behind the murder.

On November 17, one of the suspects in the assassination of FLOC organizer Santiago Rafael Cruz was freed by Mexican authorities.  Eduardo Rodriguez Cervantes was captured by the Border Patrol when he tried to enter the U.S., and was handed over to the authorities of the State of Sonora.  Sonora authorities reportedly notified authorities in Nuevo Leon, who are supposedly investigating the murder of Santiago Rafael, but freed Rodriguez a few hours later.

FLOC is extremely concerned about what took place.  “This omission by the authorities does not help the advancement of the investigations,” indicated FLOC president Baldemar Velasquez.

FLOC has been asking the Mexican federal government to take over the case Santiago Rafael because the authorities of Nuevo Leon has shown both inefficiency and disdain for conducting a serious and transparent investigation.  Nuevo Leon officials have been shown to have corrupt ties with criminal elements, which FLOC suspects are involved in Santiago's murder.
  The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has ordered Mexico to provide for the security of FLOC personnel, but the lack of a complete investigation leaves FLOC staff and members in a constant state of fear.

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Please write Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and ask that the Mexican government conduct a thorough and open investigation of the assassination of Santiago Rafael.  See Justice for Santiago for details.

Thank you for your support!  As always, all the gains for justice that FLOC has been able to achieve over the years has been because of the strong support of people like you who believe the values of human rights that we all hold should be a reality.

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