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August 18, 2017  

Is there enough protection for foreign farmworkers in the U.S., including in Whatcom?


August 16, 2017  

Are half of California farmworkers undocumented?


Eighty farmworkers stuck in US fighting poor working conditions


August 15, 2017  

Heavily used pesticide linked to breathing problems in farmworkers' children


Many farmworkers in Whatcom County standoff are headed back to Mexico this week


Farmworker’s death to be investigated


As Wine Grape Harvest Begins, Calif. Growers Face Ongoing Farmworker Shortage


August 14, 2017  

U.S. Lawsuit Over Farmworkers Shines Light on Visa Program

As demand for temporary workers soars, Labor Department cracks down on living conditions described as ‘horror show’


August 12, 2017  

Farmworker’s death to be investigated


Planting the seeds for growth: Initiative teaches ESL to migrant farmworkers


August 11, 2017  

Sumas farm worker representative calls Sarbanand statement “a lie”


August 10, 2017  

Undocumented immigrants were leaving America's farms long before Trump


After one of their own sickened, farmworkers protest conditions at farm near Sumas


No Sanctuary, Fewer Farmhands: Coping With the Trump Agenda in America’s Dairyland  

In Milwaukee County, the debate over ‘sanctuary cities’ continues, while in rural Wisconsin, informal networks form to help immigrants avoid deportation


August 9, 2017  

Braceros Strike After One Worker Dies

Risking deportation, Washington state farmworkers protest dangerous conditions in the fields.


Death sparks labor dispute at Sumas berry farm


August 8, 2017  

Protesters demand accountability for farmworker's death, labor conditions in Sumas


Atascadero to get 60 units of affordable farmworker housing this fall


Amid Trump’s Immigration Crackdown, More Mexicans Get Visas to Work in U.S.

Demand in America is surging for Mexican farmhands, landscapers, hotel housekeepers and other temporary workers


August 7, 2017  

Sarbanand Farm workers fired following protest over co-worker’s treatment


August 6, 2017  

Santa Cruz County advocates decry farm worker housing rule over effects on children


Fundraiser to support affordable housing for ag workers


August 5, 2017  

Many migrant farmworkers face medical challenges, barriers to care


August 4, 2017  

Washington AG: Dump straight piece-rate pay for farmworkers  

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed a brief supporting separate hourly wages for time that piece-rate farmworkers spend on tasks such as moving equipment.


New York Farm Worker Suit Examines The Meaning Of 'Employee'


August 3, 2017  

Advocacy groups challenging this California state housing rule say it uproots farmworkers' children from schools


August 2, 2017  

'Milked' workers speak out about experiences on New York dairy farms


Farmworkers may have been exposed to pesticide, Gosford Road closed south of Highway 119


August 1, 2017  

Dole, Driscoll’s Tied to Watsonville Chemical Incident That Sickened Farmworkers


July 31, 2017  

North Coast growers head into grape harvest with labor shortage as their top concern


South Jersey Farm Workers Express Concerns to Sen. Booker


July 30, 2017  

A “sordid system”: Watsonville tour offers glimpse into farm workers’ lives


How Gilroy’s Christopher Ranch fixed its labor shortage: a pay increase


Can a pay raise fix agriculture industry’s labor crisis in California? Yes and no  

Growers need more workers. This is one farm’s solution.


July 28, 2017  

Guest worker visas a complex cure for vineyard labor shortage


July 27, 2017  

Farmworkers' lawsuit names business tied to Cervantes


July 26, 2017  

Senate Democrats take on Trump, introduce bill to ban pesticide linked to brain damage  

Farmworkers and children are most at risk.


July 25, 2017  

ICE raids, rhetoric make America view farmworkers 'as criminals again'

New report shows extent of ICE impact on New York farm communities


July 23, 2017  

How Cesar Chavez Pulled Off a Miracle

Fifty years ago, Chavez spearheaded the landmark California farm workers strike by listening hard, speaking plainly, and including everyone from field hands to wealthy liberals.


July 22, 2017  

Steven Mainster, a lifelong advocate for migrant farmworkers, dies at 76


Farmworkers Protest EPA’s Pesticide Ruling  

As part of President Trump’s campaign against President Obama’s environmental regulations, Trump’s EPA has rejected a proposed rule banning a brain-damaging pesticide


July 20, 2017  

Arguments in historic farmworkers' rights case heard Thursday  

Case would decide rights for tens of thousands of unprotected workers


The women confronting California’s farm conditions

Female farmworkers face sexual assault, pesticide exposure and low wages.


Can a Revamped Farmworker Visa System Prevent Abuses? Foreign nationals who work on American farms remain vulnerable to exploitation by employers who rely on a temporary agricultural visa employment program.


July 19, 2017  

American Dream: migrant farmworkers affected by changing immigration landscape


Bill seeks to extend H-2A program to all farms  

The H-2A-visa foreign guestworker program would apply to all of agriculture under an amendment in a security appropriations bill that passed the House Appropriations Committee.


Farmworkers Blast Governor Cooper for Signing a Bill They Say Hurts Their Ability to Unionize 


As California’s labor shortage grows, farmers race to replace workers with robots



New York Farmworkers to Argue in State Supreme Court for Right to Organize


July 18, 2017  

Panetta, other Congressmen push to put undocumented farmworkers on citizenship path


Amid Trump's immigration crackdown, demand for migrant workers increases in Tennessee


Farm worker advocates rally in Raleigh


July 16, 2017  

Two men drowned in manure ponds. And thousands of other farmworkers have died too.


July 15, 2017  

Her work is back-breaking. A rule that splits her from her kids is heartbreaking.


July 14, 2017  

Farm bill with anti-union language signed by Cooper


July 13, 2017  

Thirsty NC farmworkers get help carrying life-saving water


July 11, 2017  

Farmworker housing may get a subsidy boost in Napa


July 9, 2017  

Worker housing funded by Napa vineyards can’t meet demand


July 8, 2017  

Abuse and safety risks. 


Are immigrants taking farm jobs from US citizens? In NC, farmers say no.


Could a 7-year-old have picked the food you’re eating? The law says no. Workers say yes.


July 7, 2017  

Lawsuit Seeks to Win Organizing Rights for New York’s Farmworkers


July 6, 2017  

Advocates Concerned About Chemical Drifts That Sickened Central Coast Farmworkers


July 5, 2017  

As Arizona’s Demand For Migrant Farm Labor Grows, So Do Concerns About Fair Treatment


Migrant workers sue agriculture giant over pay


July 4, 2017  

Soaring labor costs confront produce growers


July 3, 2017  

Labor shortages leave some California growers searching for workers