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February 18, 2018  

Civil rights chief clashes with Schuette on farm pay


February 17, 2018  

Owasco farm under investigation for worker living conditions


February 13, 2018  

Can providing childcare reverse America’s rising farmworker shortage?  

Without it, parents face the difficult choice of either bringing their kids to the fields or not working at all.


February 9, 2018  

Stemilt Ag settles farmworker class action for $464,000


February 8, 2018  

Affordable farmworker housing on track to open in Guadalupe by 2020


February 7, 2018  

Scott Farms earns state award for farmworker housing


February 5, 2018  

Yakima looks at fostering farmworker housing  

Tree fruit growers and a hops grower say they need housing for H-2A-visa foreign guestworkers, and the city of Yakima is considering a new zoning category to help them.


February 1, 2018  

L&I investigation says Sumas farm not at fault in farmworker’s death


January 26, 2018  

New housing option for farmworkers  

A new farmworker housing choice is being offered by a Seattle company. Small units are affordable and portable, the company says.


January 25, 2018  

Lawsuit filed for farmworkers fired after protesting unsafe conditions


Mexican workers file suit, accuse Whatcom County berry farm of threats, intimidation  

A federal lawsuit alleges that threats and intimidation of Mexican farmworkers last summer at a Whatcom County blueberry farm violated laws against human trafficking.


Foreign Workers Hired to Pick Blueberries Sue Farm

A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of about 600 foreign farmworkers, including some who staged a strike over working conditions at a blueberry farm in northwestern Washington last summer.


January 23, 2018  

NYCLU to Appeal Dismissal of Farmworkers' Right-to-Unionize Suit  

The dismissal “will not deter us from making sure that farmworkers enjoy the same basic rights as every other hardworking New Yorker,” said Donna Lieberman, the NYCLU’s executive director.



Farmworkers denied, again, as judge misreads the state Constitution


January 18, 2018  

Farm Bureau supports NYCLU lawsuit dismissal


January 17, 2018  

New York farmworkers lose bid for right to unionize  

New York Farm Bureau wins dismissal of lawsuit; NYCLU will appeal


January 11, 2018  

Farmworker shortage hits Monterey Bay


January 10, 2018  

Trump’s EPA Could Allow Teenage Workers To Handle Dangerous Pesticides


January 5, 2018  

Seasonal farmworker housing goes up in Central Washington  

At least a year behind its original schedule, Washington Grower League seasonal farmworker housing is under construction in Mattawa and is to open in April.


January 4, 2018  

Born in the U.S.A. and working in the fields — what gives?


January 2, 2018  

Curtis Dairy Farmer Accused of Racial Discrimination, Unpaid Wages

Boistfort Valley Dairyman Removed From Farm as Case Unfolds


December 29, 2017  

Farmworkers call for change in how Washington state processes injury claims  

Farm-labor advocates have gathered some 400 complaints from field and warehouse workers struggling with the state Department of Labor and Industries’ claim process or still suffering from injuries long after their claims were closed. L&I disputes that it is trying to minimize medical treatment


December 23, 2017  

Amid Thomas fire, farmworkers weather risks in Oxnard's strawberry fields


A business owner, a migrant farm worker: A tale of two Tennessee brothers


December 20, 2017  

Marana Unified helping migrant students succeed


State health agency adds chlorpyrifos to most dangerous chemicals list


December 19, 2017  

Schuette opinion: Not all farms must pay minimum wage


December 18, 2017  

Christmas tree cutters' labor fight shines light on holiday season's forgotten workers  

In the mountains of North Carolina, low-wage workers scored a hard-earned victory on safety and pay – but Republicans in the state are retaliating


December 13, 2017  

Working in farm fields during wildfire: 'It was full of smoke'


Farmworker Advocates Say New Pesticide Rules Not Strong Enough


December 12, 2017  

Women in low-wage US farm jobs say #MeToo


December 7, 2017  

Divided by deportation: Margarita Reyes Pacheco’s story is marked by immigration, family and hard work


Health Risks To Farmworkers Increase As Workforce Ages