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December 13, 2017  

Working in farm fields during wildfire: 'It was full of smoke'


Farmworker Advocates Say New Pesticide Rules Not Strong Enough


December 7, 2017  

Divided by deportation: Margarita Reyes Pacheco’s story is marked by immigration, family and hard work


Health Risks To Farmworkers Increase As Workforce Ages


November 28, 2017  

NTSB: Florida crash reveals issues in transport of farmworkers; fatigue a factor


November 27, 2017  

California Supreme Court rules for farmworkers, and upholds binding mediation


California Farmworker Unions Win Battle to Ensure Contracts


November 17, 2017  

Gutting Guest Worker Rights: Migrant Labor Bill Cuts Protections


November 11, 2017  

Still silenced: Sexual harassment of farm workers rarely makes headlines


November 10, 2017  

As Trump targets immigrants, U.S. farm sector looks to automate


November 8, 2017  

Striking Migrant Farm Workers Win Settlement


November 5, 2017  

Strikes, work stoppages in Washington fields indicative of changing agriculture labor environment


November 3, 2017   'Third World conditions': Many Oregon farmworkers live in substandard housing

And advocates say new pesticide rules fall short of protecting their living areas


November 1, 2017  

The GOP Wants To Bring in More Migrant Guest Workers—But For Much Lower Pay  

Republicans say their new program will solve labor shortages. Migrant groups say it’s a “recipe for worker exploitation.”


October 26, 2017  

Growing worries: Tree fruit industry faces challenges from all angles  

From the lack of immigration reform and worker shortages to the Food Safety Modernization Act, tree fruit growers worry about their future.


October 25, 2017  

Ag Guestworker bill clears committee


October 24, 2017  

More farmworker housing planned in Washington  

While proceeding to build farmworker housing in Okanogan and Chelan, the farm labor association WAFLA also hopes to open a 150- to 200-bed facility in Cashmere, Wash., in 2019.


Expelling Immigrant Workers May Also Send Away the Work They Do


October 22, 2017  

UCF nursing students reach out to Apopka Farmworkers

Over 100 patients treated at free health clinic


October 21, 2017  

Civil rights leader Orendain honored

Founder of Texas Farm Workers Union recognized in Congressional Record


‘Legalized slavery’: Democratic Women’s Club of Santa Cruz County holds meeting on farm labor


October 20, 2017  

Hurricane Irma’s overlooked victims: Migrant farmworkers Jobs, homes, and lives are at risk when extreme weather strikes the communities that grow America’s food.


October 19, 2017  

On Strike: Migrant Workers On Visa Program Claim Unfair Pay


Immigrant Workers in Texas Could Fill Farm Vacancies, but They’re Trapped in the Valley  

Immigration checkpoints are keeping undocumented immigrants in South Texas while farmers in other parts of the state are desperate for labor.


Vidalia Onion Farmer Ordered to Pay $1.4M in Overtime Suit 

Georgia farmer of famous Vidalia onions ordered to pay $1.4 million in damages and unpaid overtime.


October 18, 2017  

No Sanctuary in Fire-Stricken California’s Immigrant Communities  

Toxic smoke, destroyed homes, and fears of deportation are hitting immigrant communities all at once across Northern California.


October 17, 2017  

Dairy Settles Hispanic Workers’ Claims Over Vermin-Infested Housing


October 16, 2017  

At Napa vineyards untouched by wildfires, the grapes must still be picked


October 13, 2017  

Picking the Last of the Season’s Grapes, With Fire Raging Everywhere  

Sonoma and Napa’s winemakers are already back to work.


Wildfires in California’s Wine Country Hit Vulnerable Immigrant Farmworkers


October 11, 2017  


Large agricultural interests are losing to anti-immigrant groups in the discussion over a revised temporary worker program to provide farm labor. Pro-immigration groups don’t like the bill either because it provides no path to citizenship.


October 9, 2017  

Farmworkers Want Pesticide Banned in Calif. After Trump EPA Refuses


October 6, 2017  

Long-time housing for migrant farmworkers closes


October 5, 2017  

Gov. Brown signs bill giving Napa permanent state funding for farmworker housing


The Jamaican Apple Pickers of Upstate New York  

Visiting under the H-2A program, which brings temporary agricultural labor to the U.S., Jamaicans have worked in New York orchards since World War II.


October 3, 2017  

Ben & Jerry's agrees to Milk with Dignity campaign


Ben & Jerry’s Strikes Deal to Improve Migrant Dairy Workers’ Conditions


October 1, 2017  

Foreign farmworkers’ unusual strike in Central Washington shows new labor muscle  

A strike and settlement in the apple orchards of Central Washington represents a rare flexing of bargaining muscle by foreign guest workers who form an increasingly important part of the farm labor force.