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February 16, 2017  

Rochester area would feel loss of migrant farm workers, says advocate


Lawmaker seeks to improve living conditions for farmworkers


February 9, 2017  

California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers


How this garlic farm went from a labor shortage to over 150 people on its applicant waitlist


February 8, 2017  


The East Coast Migrant Head Start Project offers a preschool program for the children of migrant and seasonal farmworkers and support for their entire families. Families and employers agree “it’s a blessing.”


February 6, 2017  

Law enforcement related to migrant laborers limited in rural areas


Dairy official: Most milk involves foreign workers


Senators press for long-stalled farmworkers labor rights bill


February 5, 2017  

Robot crop pickers cutting need for farmworkers  

Decline in immigration playing a role


February 2, 2017  

Department of Pesticide Regulation sued over “underground regulation” of cancer-causing fumigant


The Collapse of Organized Farm Labor


February 1, 2017  

Suffering in Silence:  Migrant Farmworkers Need Massage


Farmworkers’ perceived discrimination affects work experience, injury treatment 


Lawsuit targets new pesticide rules


January 31, 2017  

Farmworker goes from illegal immigrant to legal dairy foreman  

Dairy foreman who crossed the U.S. border illegally and later gained legal residency advises other immigrants to take advantage of the opportunity this nation offers them.


January 27, 2017

‘Buck stops’ with ag employer when it comes to pesticide safety  

A pesticide expert speaking at the Northwest Agricultural Show explains how new EPA worker safety rules will play out for producers.


Why Trump’s immigration actions worry Bay Area food businesses


Farmworkers, fearing deportation, ask Trump to consider their value in picking nation’s food


January 26, 2017  

Dairy Farmers Fear Loss Of Labor Under Trump Immigration Actions


January 25, 2017

For victims of 1948 plane crash, new book recognizes their loss


One of Miami's Oldest Organic Farms Accused of Racially Abusing, Underpaying Workers


Migrant Farm Worker Gets Rare Pulmonary Virus Due To Unclean Living Conditions


Northwest Farmworker Communities Wary Of Trump Administration's Plans


Court ends probe into alleged effort to keep farmworker wages down


January 23, 2017  

Ky. Tobacco Farm Settles Wage Claims By H-2A Workers


January 22, 2017  

He was called a nicolero. He’s going to jail as a slavemaster


January 19, 2017  

Undocumented immigrants pray, worry as Trump prepares to take office


January 18, 2017  

Farmworker decline, higher wages trigger specialty crop mechanization  

The decline in the number of Mexican workers working in U.S. agriculture is largely due to Mexico’s improved economy, plus Mexicans staying home due to the financial fallout from the U.S.’s Great Recession, says USDA-Economic Research Service economist Tom Hertz.


January 17, 2017  

Woman in illegal farm worker trial helped fill local labor void, witness says


January 15, 2017  

An uncertain, and sometimes grim, future awaits Washington’s aging Hispanic farmworkers


January 13, 2017  

California farm labor board chairman quits in anger


Farmworker visas more than doubled in state, nation in recent years


January 6, 2017  

Is California’s Ag Industry Worried About a Labor Shortage Under Trump?


January 5, 2017  

Growers Fear Farmworker Shortage During Trump Administration


Could Good, Affordable Housing Solve   Farmworker Shortage?  

As farmers in the West face labor shortages, some are finding that providing affordable housing is key to getting the help they need.


Mexican veterinarians sue Idaho dairy for human trafficking


January 3, 2017  

Napa seeks state law to raise local farmworker housing assessment 


January 2, 2017

EPA won’t delay new rule aimed at protecting farm workers from pesticides despite AFBF request