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September 30, 2006
Community rallies to help mom

Marlboro orchard harassed Jamaican workers, feds say

Congress OKs 700 miles of fence on border


Idaho Migrant Council celebrates birthday
Hispanic support agency changes name to Community

Council of Idaho to reflect changing mission; former director

wonders if core mission will be neglected


Border Barrier Approved
The bill, which calls for 700 miles of fence and beefed-up enforcement,

easily clears the Senate. It does not include a guest worker program.

Senate Passes Bill on Building Border Fence


California senators thwarted in push for farmworkers


Labor costs, rainfall sour sweet potato harvest


A plea to save state's farmers
Feinstein, Boxer say migrant labor scarce, fruit rots in the field


September 29, 2006
Border fence bill may race the clock
Senate near action, but issue would go back to House and

might not pass before elections.

Senate poised to approve fence along Mexico border


Border Bill Takes a Detour
The Senate moves to vote on a 700-mile fence, but a

farmworker program is now at issue.


Farmworkers get their day in the legal sun

Senate Moves Toward Action on Border Fence


September 28, 2006
Immigration reform shouldn't be held captive by politics

Senators' offices warm, cold to immigrant activists


September 27, 2006
States, Counties Begin to Enforce Immigration Law


Add-ons blocked from defense bill


Clergy push for broad immigration bill
Orange's Bishop Soto speaks out on Capitol Hill.


Border fence still roils GOP in House, Senate
Those seeking ways to legalize migrants say battle not over


Mexicans Hire Bush Advisor to stop US Immigration Reforms


Armey slams conservatives on guest worker plan


Lack Of Immigration Fixes Threatens Oregon Farmers


Woman needs dialysis, lacks funds
The illegal immigrant could die soon if she misses treatment


September 26, 2006
Speaker threatens to halt defense bill, demanding action

on immigration, court security

'Battle at the border'
Star Investigation: Along with tougher enforcement has come

a spike in assaults on border agents, indicating smugglers are

becoming more desperate


Ground blessing set for housing project
* A $23 million migrant housing project gets a ground blessing on Oct. 28.

Immigration Setback for GOP
A House-Senate panel refuses to add several controversial measures

to a Homeland Security funding bill.

Lots of talk, little action
Solutions elusive: Staunch views, unwavering principles at the line

and across the nation have politicians at a stalemate about how to

seal the border

Cultures divided by walls


Town, church decide sanctity trumps security


Fears Hinder Trafficking Law


Washington fruit growers hungry for more workers
Harvest losses - Farmers say border crackdowns have slowed

the flow of Mexican laborers to pick crops


September 25, 2006

Farm industry pushes Congress on immigrants


Questions remain on cost of border bills


Vote nears on 700-mile border fence
The Senate this week takes up a bill that would erect a security

fence along one-third of the US-Mexico border.

Former migrants take root
Hispanic residents stabilize populations, fuel business growth in small,

Downstate town

Deseret Morning News editorial
Immigration reform a must

Border Bills Come Down to Last Minute
There is bipartisan resistance to the House legislation before the Senate.

Much of it may die as Congress prepares for a recess in a week.

Safety-net clinic grows to catch more
Health - A center gets $600,000 to aid migrant workers and the uninsured


September 24, 2006
Farmworkers' glove campaign seeks path to citizenship

House rehashes immigration, border security bill
Lawmakers work to pass controversial legislation in smaller pieces


Migrant worker health clinic about to reopen


House GOP gains on border issues

Brothel operators get prison
A Central Florida group lured laborers to a Davenport home.


Welcome guests
Migrant workers fill indispensible farming roles


Homeland Security Bill Is More Style Than Substance, Analysts Say


Migrants' dry season
Crops falter as gas, immigration woes shrink workforce


September 23, 2006
New focus on field sanitation
E. coli contamination puts spotlight on outdoor facilities


Safety program reaches out to migrants


Farm spraying illnesses probed
Workers exposed to 'extremely toxic' chemical

urged to take urine tests.

September 22, 2006
Pickers Are Few, and Growers Blame Congress

Spray sickens farm crew
Potent pesticide sends dozens to hospital


September 21, 2006
House to Tackle Border Security Measures

Congress Resumes Immigration Efforts


Piecemeal immigration plan futile, panel says


House passes plan for photo IDs


GOP Advances Enforcement-First Approach for Border
The Senate will consider a 700-mile fence, and the House OKs

a measure on photo IDs for voters.




G.O.P. in Senate Narrows Immigration Focus to 700-Mile Fence


September 20, 2006
Border Fence Must Skirt Objections From Arizona Tribe

Border-fence bill moves to Senate floor
Lawmakers want to add provision to help agriculture companies get workers


Immigration hassle: Lots of apples, slim crew of pickers


Ag-Mart workers land in poor housing
Ag-Mart workers land in crowded, squalid housing


Border fence bill to move forward
Dems signal they won't block vote


Guest-worker programs: Unhappy history haunts new plan


September 19, 2006
The sweet fruit of all his labors
Phil Glaize doesn’t just grow apples — he’s an advocate for

an entire industry


Hudson pair face deportation
Couple transported, employed illegals for work on farms

Spinach scare hits Salinas Valley hard
Crops being plowed under; some workers already being laid off


Farmworker smugglers to be deported


Low-paid illegal work force has little impact on prices


Frist calls for vote on border fence
Senate majority leader agrees with House GOP that security come first.


As harvest nears, farmers face labor shortage


Migrant Clinic works to reopen


Virginia Garcia expands with grant

September 18, 2006
Finding Harvesters
Facing tight labor market, immigration policies, worried

Coachella Valley growers watch crops ripen
Immigration Reform Efforts Reinvigorate Support for

Guest Worker Program
Immigration reform efforts have renewed support for a

simplified guest worker program.


As U.S. debates guest workers, they are here now


Mexican immigrants who don't speak Spanish growing in number


University of Washington awarded $6.8 million to improve workplace

health and safety in agriculture


September 17, 2006

Company officials are targeted in fight against illegal hiring


Injured illegal workers often left with nothing
He came for the American Dream and found an American nightmare

No rush to claim cash for ER bills
Hospitals cite ethics, red tape as obstacles


September 16, 2006 
Farmworkers learn about health options
Conference puts spotlight on Valley resources


Time for ag labor reform

Bush unsure of immigration timetable
President says he doesn't know when Congress will pick up issue


September 15, 2006
Watsonville mushroom plant worker electrocuted in what

police say is 'tragic accident'

Idaho potato farmers looking for labor while squeezed by

immigration reform debate


House again votes to build 730 miles of fence along the border


Rural Legal Assistance under investigation


Republicans rally around border wall


Fencing leads border security plans


House Votes to Boost Border Security;

Broader Immigration Issues Remain

September 14, 2006
House GOP tries again for fence along U.S.-Mexico border

House Republicans Will Push for 700 Miles of Fencing on Mexico Border

Migrant Workers Part of Economy But at Risk For Abuse
Some officials say landlords ignore housing regulations,

charge higher rent when it comes to renting to migrant workers.


Legal matters


Local migrant education gets funding boost


Chipotle Targeted By Labor Coalition
The group initiated a successful campaign against Taco Bell.

Farmers face labor shortage


GOP seeks border fencing
Lawmakers planning series of immigration bills before Election Day.


Church leaders speak out against immigration sweeps
Arrests, deportations in Santa Cruz area part of national drive

On Eve of a Vote, GOP on Both Sides of Fence


September 13, 2006
Migrant reform: 9/11's role debated


GOP reaffirms a tough stand on immigration
House Republicans again rejected Senate pairing of border

security with a guest-worker program.

House GOP says border protection measures on way


Immigration issue revived
Republicans aim for legislation to tighten borders


Progress seen in border security
GOP legislative leaders hold forum to emphasize enforcement first.


Deaths in van capped brief, bleak quests for better lives


Farm Worker’s Clinic closes its doors


High-anxiety grape season
Late crops, so-so yields and possibility of farmworker

shortage has vintners on edge

September 11, 2006
Farmers say harvest raids are badly timed
Lack of migrant workers hurts at picking time


September 10, 2006
Latino Activists Put Faith in Ballots
As immigration rights leaders assess gains and losses since

rallies last spring, they turn their focus to the recruitment of

1 million new voters.

Crowd marches in solidarity for migrant rights


Both sides of immigration issue make their voices heard


The fuss over farm labor
Florida farmers and farmworker advocates worry about

a chronic shortage of laborers if Congress fails to pass

legislation legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants


Farmers scurry to recruit workers
Growers blame immigration-law impasse and tight border controls,

but other factors may play role


September 9, 2006
Farms' harvest: lack of workers
Growers claiming new immigration laws root cause

Photographer lured to teeming fields
Book project takes root among migrant workers who

return to Ohio farm


Frist Stresses GOP's Immigration Efforts
He Admits Legislation Is Dead for Now and Focuses on

Successes in Funding

Necessary workers
Mexican migrants fill gap in the workforce on southwest

Montana farms, ranches


Day laborers stand idle
Disconnect blamed on poor communication from growers, r

efusal of jobless to accept low wages

September 8, 2006
Immigration rally falls short


House tackles border, not reform
The House GOP leadership stuck to its guns on a strong border

enforcement bill, likely dooming any hopes this year for

comprehensive immigration legislation.


No More Deaths
Migrant-aid group celebrates legal win

Immigration Overhaul Takes a Back Seat as Campaign Season Begins


As Congress stalls on immigration, a backlash brews


House GOP Makes Border Security Its Priority
Plans for a hearing next week indicate that work on a larger immigration

overhaul will have to wait until after midterm elections in November.

400 protest bill on immigration

September 7, 2006
No pickers for pear bounty

Worker shortage


September 6, 2006
Judge clears two immigrant helpers

Impassioned immigration forum focuses on families


A harvest of doubt for farmers
As investigators grow more aggressive in policing migrant

work force for illegal aliens, some fear their crops may wither in the fields


House Republicans Defy Bush on Immigration Ahead of Election

The arduous road to a guest worker program
Emotions running high, political will running low; must be another

immigration reform debate.

September 5, 2006
Protesters In Tampa Call For Immigration Reform


Few at immigration rally
Demonstrators significantly short of 10,000 organizers had hoped for

Experts say exodus of illegal immigrants could stagger economy


Pro-migrant rallies fail to bolster voting rolls
Registration drives prove difficult without funds from major parties.


Farmers feel targeted by overrides of inspections

Immigration crackdown impacts farmers
Farms that rely on migrant workers find it tough going this season


Immigration a hot topic as lawmakers return


September 4, 2006
Laborers' numbers worry farmers
Slim pickings: There's worry in the fields as the influx of necessary

laborers slows to a trickle

Ag workers take a step up to better pay and benefits
A job in construction is first; next rung may be their own business

East Naples day-care center survives scare, stays open
The newly rechristened RCMA Youth Haven Child Development

Center will serve 60 children daily ranging from infants to 5-year-olds.

Some ID Theft Is Not for Profit, but to Get a Job


Spreading the word to female farmworkers
A group teaches women about their rights in the fields


September 3, 2006
Hired Hands: Breaching the border
Thousands start the perilous trek with offers in hand from U.S. employers.


Training protects workers in field


Humane Borders: It's about saving lives


A Labored Solution


Life of Hard Labor: Utah's 'Invisible' Work Force
A SPECIAL REPORT: Most of the state's farmworkers earn low

wages and receive no health benefits, and many will be in

the fields Monday.

The Summer of the Death of Hilario Guzman


September 2, 2006
Immigration controls cause worker shortage
Farmers at a loss for laborers


Farm Labor Bill Spreads Seeds of Dissent
The contentious legislation would require contractors to include

growers' names and addresses on farmworkers' pay stubs.


South Korean immigrant gets more than $10,000 from UFW fund

Growers, camp prepare for migrant workers to arrive
Smaller apple crop doesn’t necessarily signal fewer helpers


September 1, 2006
Migrants' exploiters to be sentenced today
The Hudson couple have pleaded guilty to holding illegal laborers

in a camp and skimming their pay.


Why this immigrant rights march is brought to you by Miller