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AgJOBS Update and Action Alert for August 2007

September , 2007




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September 30, 2007
Film shows problems of farm work immigrants

Fighting for a penny more
Coalition's Burger King protest peaceful in Naples, met by deputies in Fort Myer


Employers brace for immigration rules


Border Patrol detains 22 at checkpoint


September 29,

2007 U.S. delays approval of farm pesticide


September 28, 2007  

Global Horizons verdict -- $317k to workers


Governor Douglas raises immigration issue


Senate leader drops pro-immigrant Dream Act


5,000 People Push For Road Name Change


Immokalee farmworker rights group to protest Burger King Saturday


*Unjust End


September 27, 2007
Migrants to protest against Burger King in Sarasota

Harvest goes mechanical

September 26,

2007 Ag-Mart must pay $500,000 to farm workers over housing conditions


EPA to approve new fumigant for crops


Hope fades for passage of bill to aid young illegal immigrants


September 25, 2007
Immigration raids hit farmers hard

September 24, 2007 
Work heat checks hailed as a success
Cal-OSHA campaign to enforce rules on water, shade touts summer with just one job death.


September 23, 2007
Coastal farmer gives a big raspberry to 'chemical strawberries'


September 22, 2007
State looking for new director for bilingual education

Kansas farm groups fear worsening labor woes


On New England's dairy farms, foreign workers find a home


September 21, 2007  

Arbor Lodge rejects new avenue name

Interstate - Residents vote against renaming the artery after labor activist Cesar Chavez


September 19, 2007
Immigration issue gnaws at growers


*Immokalee labor group organizes statewide

protest against Burger King


Farm labor recruiter testifies about Thai workers


In Napa, deus ex machina?

Nervous about a future without immigrant workers to pick the grapes, vintners flirt with mechanical harvesters. 

September 18, 2007
Nun celebrates 60th year in order


Feds take first step to shut down migrant

housing on Indian land


Teen survivor of fatal fire wishes family had lived, too

September 17, 2007
Congress quietly returns to immigration
A broad overhaul failed this summer, but an array of smaller measures is under discussion, including ways to legalize certain workers.


Farm needs revive immigration debate
Congress set to take up issue again as labor

concerns crop up

September 16, 2007
Canada offers migrant tips
Colorado looks north of the border for ways to draw workers


‘Señor, as in gentleman': UCD pays tribute to civil rights champion Cruz Reynoso


A real good article from the Orange County Register describing efforts to resurrect the AgJOBS bill this fall.

If at first you don't succeed, salvage, salvage again
Letter from Washington: Immigration reform proponents will seek to attach measures to must-pass legislation


September 15, 2007
Immokalee to benefit from a new family rental housing complex

September 14, 2007
UFW wants another way to organize
Farmworkers back a bill replacing supervised voting

with card signing. Business interests hope for a veto.

September 13, 2007
Investments urged to spur Mexico's growth
Mexican ambassador says jobs could curb

illegal immigration.


$6M settlement reached in deadly Immokalee

trailer park fire


Sessions braces for immigration showdown


Friends remember crash that killed 14


Growers confused by documentation ruling


September 12, 2007
Immigration Amendments Loom on Upcoming

Bills, Session Says

Immigration Reform Big Concern in Valley's Ag Industry


Plan A Is Out, Plan B Is In Guest Workers

Global Horizons ag-labor case goes to trial


September 11, 2007  

Activists eye Palmetto for migrant service hub


September 10, 2007 
Will the immigration crackdown work?
The feds are renewing threats of jail for those who hire illegals. But while the latest rules stir fear, there's little hope for enforcement or reform.


September 9, 2007  

New immigration rules bring few immediate changes


Farm robots may fill in for immigrant labor

New machines in development will have computing power as well as the ability to work with fragile produce


Farmers say “no-match” rule will hamper harvests


Fewer support plans to let illegal immigrants stay


September 8, 2007  

Farmers, workers worry over 'no-match' policy


Feds, migrants' landlord locked in duel


'It's a dream come true' Farmworker families call Independence's Colonia Amistad home


September 7, 2007

Farmworkers fear job loss in Social Security crackdown


September 6, 2007
Craig resignation leaves gap in
immigration, Latino issues


Labor official talks with farmers about critical

shortage of workers


Schwarzenegger attends farm worker rally at capitol

September 5, 2007 
Steamlining H-2As


Workers file lawsuit against Mattawa farm


New interest in automation of farms


Farms short of help at harvest


Short on Labor, Farmers in U.S. Shift to Mexico

September 4, 2007 
Migrants ready to start work
Area farmers rely on imported labor during harvest season


State's dairy farmers turn to Hispanic workers


Craig exit hurts an ag priority
Disgraced Idaho senator had been big advocate of guest worker legislation


Federal 'safe harbor' delayed
Judge wants closer look at new rules targeting hiring of workers


New rules may force stricter hiring practices


September 3, 2007
Closing the Pesticide Loophole

The future of farm labor organizing is in the cards


September 2, 2007  

The immigration debate ripens


Migrant reform logjam pays off Lobby groups profit as Congress demurs


Immigration rules hit farmers hard

Congress' delays on reform could hurt Finger Lakes harvests.


Immokalee Coalition hosts student group concerned about working conditions


September 1, 2007  

Huerta lauds Watsonville in fight for farm workers


The spoils of harvest
Too few laborers leave some orchards with rotting fruit


Group wants Burger King to pay more for tomatoes

A workers group is planning a rally in November to put pressure on Burger King to pay higher prices for tomatoes to improve migrant workers' lives.


Working for a Head Start

Migrant preschoolers benefit from program