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NoVEMBER, 2009

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November 30, 2009

The off season

Occupancy rates down slightly at farm camp from 2008


November 26, 2009  

This must be New York's final harvest of shame: Let us finally protect exploited farmworkers


Attorneys say grower wrongly fired 50 farmworkers


November 25, 2009  

Growers squeezed as wait continues for immigration reform


November 23, 2009  

Vermont Delegation Backs Guest Worker Program For Farms

Critics Say Fed Crackdown 'Pretty Sad'


Feds scrutinize dairy farms in sweep for illegal aliens


November 22, 2009  

Former farmworker receives award for excellence



John's harvest of shame: Senate boss Sampson must not block justice for farmworkers  


November 21, 2009  

Migrant Tea infused with giving spirit


November 20, 2009  

Food bank reaches out to migrant farm workers


Schools deliver 60 gift baskets to migrant families


November 19, 2009  

Immigration Agents Raid Vt. Dairy Farms


Foreigners on the Farm: Vt.'s Reliance on Immigrant Workers


November 18, 2009  

Legendary activist visits local students


Haitians targeted, fired illegally at three Immokalee tomato packing houses, suit claims


November 16, 2009

Mystery remains in fatal tractor accident


November 15, 2009  

Town Once Known as Inclusive Is Riven by Housing Dispute


November 13, 2009

'Window of Opportunity' for Immigration Relief


November 11, 2009

Farmworker housing a long time in making


November 10, 2009  

Wisconsin farms use more migrant workers  

UW study shows 40 percent of dairy laborers in state are immigrants


November 9, 2009  

Locals protest for better wages, conditions for tobacco


Mushroom Farm Workers Rally At Quincy Courthouse


November 8, 2009  

Salinas Valley schools perched near pesticide-sprayed farmland  

Despite safety regulations, some worry the two don't mix – period


Stable farm labor seems elusive in global economy


November 7, 2009

Coming together for better education

Conference to focus on migrant students


November 6, 2009  

Farm Workers In Peril


Department of Labor to growers: We’re watching


Saturday health fair in Fellsmere to kick off opening of new Farmworker Association office


November 5, 2009  

Gallo and Farm Labor Contractors First in Agriculture Industry to Receive Cal/OSHA Golden Gate Partnership Award


November 4, 2009

H1N1 outbreak hits migrants

Cuts left few state inspectors to deal with spread in camps


Intolerance, poor conditions scaring off migrant workers


Review: 'Immokalee U.S.A,' powerful, but misses a bigger opportunity


Mushroom Farm Workers Want Help To Keep Business Booming


November 3, 2009  

Growers' labor violations seen as 'wake-up call'


Man sentenced in Maine on illegal alien charges


November 2, 2009  

They do the work we won't


Health care, sick days, schooling among issues for laborers


Migrant workers struggle to survive, some with family states away


November 1, 2009

State sends prosecutor its findings on Atalissa


A painful way to make a living, but for some migrants, little choice





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