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February, 2009

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February 28, 2009
Farmworker union decries appointee


February 27, 2009

UFW fights firing of 8 workers by Tanimura & Antle


February 26, 2009  

Farmworker bill stifled in House committee 

Chandler sought to make it easier for employers to hire foreign guest workers


February 25, 2009  

Hillsborough Sheriff's Office Reaches Out To Migrant Workers


February 24, 2009  

Immigrants an increasingly important labor force in Wisconsin dairy


February 22, 2009

A ticket to America: 'sta bueno   The bracero and the boss played by the rules, and when they met again in Pacoima more than 50 years later, it was a hero's welcome for the rancher who helped a teenager get his green card.


In Loneliness, Immigrants Tend the Flock


February 20, 2009

Housing Proposal Will Get Review


Mixed verdict for rancher in migrant case  

Roger Barnett of Arizona must pay $73,000 to four immigrants after holding them at gunpoint, a jury finds, but he's cleared of violating their civil rights.


Farm Jobs Going To Residents Not Guest Workers


February 18, 2009
Jobs dry up for Valley farm laborers

Farmworker housing project receives one-year grant extension


Immigration reform advocates push forward in tough economy


February 16, 2009  

A new road to renaming a street for Chavez



Too many ifs hamper state labor recruiter idea


February 15, 2009

Area farm workers often must forgo safety to get to fields


February 14, 2009   

Economy's woes hit vineyard workers

Looking for work


February 12, 2009

Farmers back bill easing labor crunch


February 10, 2009  

Growers respond to human trafficking


Yakima tribal member's guest worker plan stalls


Activist quits water group's board after farmworker comments

His comments sparked dispute, Fresno protest rally.


Farms see big crop of workers  

Growers, once hurting for laborers, are benefiting from a migration as jobs in food service and construction dry up.


UFW presence at Visalia nursery on the line


February 9, 2009  

Farmers, labor clash over foreign workers  

Higher wages touted as alternative to importing help


Farm Workers Demand Apology from Environmentalist


February 8, 2009

Bills would let state step in to recruit foreign guest workers


Fresno's City Hall to be site of rally Environmentalist's comments about farmworkers incite.


February 6, 2009  

Crabbing's slim pickings

Shortage of visas means Mexican crab pickers may be shut out of Shore jobs


Controversial Comment about Farm Workers Outrages Community


Mexican laborers from WWII-era settle backpay case


February 5, 2009  

Workers cultivate new skills through nonprofit program


February 3, 2009  

Commission to determine fate of farm worker housing Proposed Palms of Pine Island project still being discussed


February 2, 2009  

Trafficking in the fields

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