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AUGUST, 2009

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August 31, 2009  

Economy affects farmworkers


Farmworker union bill lives, dies with governor


April 29, 2009  

Farm owners face visa counts


August 27, 2009 
Ferndale foie gras farm kicks out senator
Workers 'exploited,' Majority Leader Espada says


Farm Workers Sue New Mexico for Workers' Compensation Coverage

August 25, 2009

Espada doesn't duck: State Senate troublemaker does right by farmworkers


Tempers flare between state agencies over farm workers' civil rights violations


State agency hears testimony on treatment of farm workers


City Council seeks to limit housing occupants


August 22, 2009

From fields to space shuttle Ex-migrant worker part of crew


August 21, 2009

Snyder labor housing facility feted at Open House


August 20, 2009  

New Apartments Cater To Farmworkers, Low-Income Families


Latina leader leaving Líderes Campesinas to earn master's


August 19, 2009  

Loxley police seize Mexican laborer's life savings despite lack of criminal charges


August 16, 2009  

Migrant camps morph into communities

Housing complexes for farm laborers and other workers are shedding their old patterns and stigmas.


August 14, 2009
Snyder Livestock Company to host open house at new farm labor housing facility

August 13, 2009  

Former employees sue Pasco dairy


Migrant workers' children try out jobs in healthcare


August 12, 2009  

Virginia Garcia Center serves up honors and plans for new building


August 11, 2009  

NC Blueberry Farms Cited For Employing Children


August 10, 2009  

Fatal Sunshine: The Plight of California's Farm Workers


Government fines farm in worker death case


August 9, 2009  

Group's mission is to help E. Shore migrant workers


Migrant workers find job security

Most Americans spurn farm work and other manual labor jobs.


Migrant crosses the border twice for a better life


Sodus residents take stand for illegal farmworkers


Michigan's number of migrant students declining


August 7, 2009  

MTA launches Farmworkers Transportation Program


Chautauqua audience gets glimpse into César Chávez's legacy


August 3, 2009  

Moorhead program helps migrant students


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