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September 30, 2008

Truck hits van, kills six in rural Glades County


Granddaughter tells of Chavez

Efforts to unite farmworkers heard at IPFW


September 29, 2008  

Saturday clinic to teach migrant farmworker youths basic fishing skills


Interview with farm workers bears no fruit


Braceros celebrate labor victory Festival has special significance after Mexico agrees to reimburse workers


September 24, 2008
Immigration enforcement is changing, growers told at Naples conference


Health Fair Worthy Of A Celebration


September 23, 2008
Lawmakers, Advocates Call for Stronger Enforcement of Child Labor Laws

September 22, 2008  

Migrant students visit capital

Summer leadership program provides encouragement for future goals


September 21, 2008 
Guest workers: They're here legally to do what we won't


St. Basil and other churches welcome migrants into family


Farm worker thefts prompt state police to assess relations with illegal immigrants


Illegal workers given permits
7 arrested Mexicans free to find jobs after agreeing to aid probe


Hard on the wrists and the shoulders
Apple-picking is demanding work, but it pays good, legal wages to Mexican migrants


Farm work brings many to county

September 20, 2008
U.S. agriculture needs foreign workers, grower says

Fear grows in 3 N.C. counties suffering from tainted wells
No-longer-used toxic pesticides are a legacy of peach orchards that sprawled across the region in past decades.


Former farmworker wins a national award


September 19, 2008
McHugh legislation would help dairy farmers

September 18, 2008  

Mexico’s inquiry faulted; lawyer slams police work in labor activist’s murder


Nolan hosts back-to-school night for migrant families


Migrant workers sue farm, grower over benefits


September 17, 2008

Migrant education effort lands contract


'Okies' and today's farm labor: Some things don't change


September 15, 2008
FLOC slaying probe moves to Toledo
Human rights attorney to interview victim’s friends, co-workers


September 14, 2008  

Forum pushes migrant issues


September 13, 2008

Mobile care for migrants

St. Joseph’s medical clinic goes where the need is greatest


Award-winning photographer David Bacon sheds light on the rich history of the Mexican farmworker


Florida farmworkers exploited, even enslaved


September 12, 2008  

Forum to discuss immigration issues


Activists try again to rename Portland street after Cesar Chavez


VWS camps offer safe haven


September 11, 2008

Ag-Mart workers testify

Parents of limbless boy tell of being sprayed with pesticide during work


September 10, 2008

Board will hear Ag-Mart laborers

Hearing under way in pesticide case


Union holds its own in Case Farm strike 


Agriprocessors execs face state child-labor charges; two also charged by feds


Whole Foods agrees to pay Immokalee tomato workers more


September 9, 2008  

Supporters of naming Dallas street after César Chávez cite his ties to city


September 8, 2008  

Tomato farmer taking a risk in hard times


September 7, 2008
More Latinos in WNC now have their own farms

September 6, 2008

Equal Voice convention targets immigration issues


September 5, 2008

Waiting for water: Deal sought for use of pipeline

Officials hope for quick solution to water issue


September 4, 2008  

Feds raid Sun Valley, 18 workers arrested


Group secures support for housing

$15.6M in tax credits set for Mecca farmworkers' home development


September 2, 2008  

Five to plead guilty on charges of enslaving immigrant laborers


Farmworkers leaving the Valley in search of jobs


September 1, 2008  

Ag workers' labor honored

Greenfield event brings 9,000


Author goes behind the scenes of migrant labor


Event honors farmworkers

Organizers spread word about heat safety rights




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