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October 31, 2008
La Clinica wins big grant
Kresge award is first from a foundation outside the region


October 30, 2008  

NYSSA ó Workers attending a meeting Tuesday at the Beef Northwest feedlot  . . . .


Chavez naming group submits signatures


October 29, 2008

Beef Northwest workers vote Nov. 7-9 on union


Santa Clara County supervisors to consider renaming part of Capitol Expressway in honor of Cesar Chavez


October 28, 2008  

Mexico expands eligibility for bracero payment


October 27, 2008

Braceros living in U.S. eligible for refunds


Farmers keep eye on immigration policy during election season


October 25, 2008
Mexican workers owed money from World War II

October 24, 2008

Nun develops community centers to serve Coachella Valley's Duroville, other migrant-labor neighborhoods


Farm labor contractor fined less than cost of the license he didn't buy


October 23, 2008  

Migrants honored for their successes at education conference


Consulate taking braceros' paperwork  


$17.3 million settlement doesn't help all braceros


October 22, 2008  

West Ottawa offers help to migrant families so students can continue education


Education Is Key To Success Story


October 21, 2008
Guest workers win in court over low pay
Increased rights from recent rulings in San Francisco and Atlanta, Georgia, may force a rethinking of this immigration program.


Weighing in on workers
In an effort to clamp down on illegal workers, the Yakama Nation is exploring plans to issue permits to non-Indians, similar to the federal government's H2A guest-worker program


Apple picker still at the top of his game

October 20, 2008
City to examine farmworker housing

October 19, 2008
Migrant education on the wane

October 18, 2008
Crack ring leader's home, labor camps auctioned


Labor violatorís camp goes on auction block

Smith food plant in U.S. Senate race spotlight

October 17, 2008  

Nursery will allow some migrant families to stay in housing


October 16, 2008  

Settlement Will Allow Thousands of Mexican Laborers in U.S. to Collect Back Pay


October 15, 2008 
Field work wanes, forcing migrant workers out earlier


Health care, education top issues for farm workers


Border Patrol's expanded operation irking farmers

October 14, 2008

WWII Era Braceros Win Access to Payroll Savings

Agricultural Workers Must File Claims With Mexican Embassy or Consul Office in U.S.


Disgruntled guest workers return home


Mexicans Can Seek Payments for U.S. Work in 1940s, Judge Rules


October 13, 2008
Farmworkers have fewer job options


Nearly two years after raids, questions remain

October 11, 2008

RCMA Centers Earn National Accreditation


October 9, 2008

State agrees to check farmworkers' papers


October 8, 2008

Farmworker housing plan gets final OK
Property owner donating land to construct 20 units east Ventura


October 7, 2008  

LI farmers worry over loss of workers


October 6, 2008

Migrant education on the wane


Duroville managers to present progress report today


October 5, 2008  

State considers cherry camp proposal


October 4, 2008  

Migrant Matrix helps agencies understand changing workforce


Guest worker program poorly run, critics charge


October 3, 2008
Jamaican minister prays, visits with apple pickers


Author does research as Yuma field worker

October 2, 2008  

Migrant work camp could be shuttered

County officials allow owner time to resolve road easement dispute


Governor vetoes several Valley-related bills

Farmworkers and raw-milk dairies are among affected groups.


Governor vetoes ag worker union bill


October 1, 2008  

Watsonville council incumbent Manuel Bersamin seeks housing options for farmworkers



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