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November 30, 2008

Illegal immigrants going home, and local labor market at risk


Faces of our fathers: The braceros' legacy of labor, a cry for justice


November 29, 2008  

Immokalee coalition community center hails opening


November 28, 2008  

Farmer's fight for immigration reform leads to honor


November 27, 2008

'A leap of faith': Nurse practitioner Brenda Via heads to California start clinic for migrant workers

A longtime Roanoker is going to help in California.


November 26, 2008  

Papen Farms faces U.S. Dept. of Labor fine


November 25, 2008

MEDFORD, Ore. George Ortiz didn't get a warm welcome when he arrived in the Rogue Valley late in 1943.


November 24, 2008  

Owed Back Pay, Guest Workers Comb the Past


New Boynton Beach apartments boast green design


November 22, 2008  

Farm Bureau says some apples left on trees


November 21, 2008  

Migrant education program given grant


Agriculture grows jobs, but pay doesn't sprout


November 20, 2008

Chile industry seeks tax incentive for farmers


Cradle of UFW movement earns national honor


Owner of Neosho company pleads guilty in federal pesticide case




November 19, 2008  

Worker housing addressed


The Secret Lives of Foreign Farm Workers


FLOC sends postcards to Reynolds American


November 18, 2008  

Farm Bureau not hopeful on immigration reform


November 17, 2008  

Migrant camp also to get new court, playground


40 Acres In Delano Become Historic Landmark

Site Served As HQ For Cesar Chavez, Farm Workers


November 16, 2008 
Guest worker program
Is Yakama plan a way to assure legal work force -- or just a new tax?


Farmers, business owners concerned about finding workers

November 14, 2008  

Quincy Farms to close, lay off 490


Two Manatee high schoolers D.C.-bound


Teaching migrant children sows challenges, reaps rewards


November 9, 2008  

Deported in Coma, Saved Back in U.S.


November 6, 2008
Wayne County activists protest federal raids on migrants

November 5, 2008  

City to seek input on farmworker housing concerns


November 3, 2008

Council set to hear about farmworker housing case again


November 2, 2008
Workers get free health checkups at plant

November 1, 2008  

New Pesticide Regulations Concern Berry Farmers



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