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March, 2008

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March 31, 2008  

Yakima Valley orchards monitored for drifting pesticides


Company Making Wine To Honor Cesar Chavez



March honors activist's efforts to better lives of farmworkers


Area growers support new farmworker program


March 30, 2008  

Marchers pay homage to Cesar Chavez


Chavez seen as a role model

Hundreds gather in Oxnard to acknowledge the activist


Fresno Cesar Chavez march draws 100 -- minus politicians, plus a cause


Immigration issues endangering agriculture's future


March 29, 2008

Showing link between food, immigrants


Student community service day honors Cesar Chavez


Farmworker pride

Group gathers in Anderson to celebrate civil rights leader Cesar Chavez


Celebrating life of Cesar Chavez


Chavez legacy extolled


Workers share pesticide fears


Back to the farm for jobs

Laid-off workers line up for limited number of spots


March 28, 2008  

Breakfast honors legacy of Cesar Chavez

Events to recognize civil rights leader


Migrant workers' stories to celebrate Chavez legacy


Cesar Chavez honored at CSU 


Farmworker housing discussed in Immokalee


Gettysburg panel: Congress has no interest in fixing immigration


March 27, 2008
Housing shortage for workers hurts El Dorado farm industry, officials say

March 26, 2008

Historic leader shows support for social justice


Supervisors question farmworker van pool


Major Pa. tomato producer quits, blames Congress


March 25, 2008
Suit over limbless boy, 3, settled


Appeals court rejects Canyon County's immigration suit


Farmer shutters tomato operation
A burning political issue will change the landscape at Keith Eckel’s farm.


Major tomato grower ends crop, lacking workers


Couple settles with pesticide firm


Ag-Mart Produce settles lawsuit over farmworkers' deformed baby


Parents of child born without limbs settle with tomato grower

March 23, 2008  

Court dumps lawsuit targeting companies that hire illegals


Labor shortage grows desperate for area farmers

Relief sought in state measure, but say U.S. reform needed


Farmers support pilot program

Others say it opens door to exploitation


Region’s growers, worker advocates cautious about guest worker reform


On the trail: For farmers, too few migrant workers, not too many


Illegal border passage more perilous  


March 22, 2008

César Chávez: Area events to honor late labor leader


March 20, 2008  

Top tomato farm ends production


Foreign workers key to success on S. Tier farms

Farm owners praise employees, but face many legal hurdles.


March 19, 2008  


AQ microcosm of immigrant shifts in America


House panel approves farmworker bill


March 18, 2008

Ramshackle Duros settlement poses problems not easy to solve for Riverside County or federal court


Farm workers lack housing in El Dorado County


Hardee County Denies Farmworker Housing Request

The Hardee County Commission has denied a site plan to build a 150-bed farmworker housing complex near Crewsville Road. However, the debate over migrant housing has only just begun in Hardee.


March 17, 2008  

Fruit growers protest revised housing rule


Chavez's grandson speaks

Paul Chavez hopes to create national holiday


March 16, 2008  

APOPKA, Fla. -- They pick your lettuce, oranges and strawberries


Immigrant advocates fear restrictions will backfire


March 14, 2008  

Laid-off worker says Salinas firm didn't try to rehire him


2 states consider guest-worker programs  




Ignored and Cheated Farm workers earn nada in America's green bean capital.


City students celebrate Chavez legacy

March, service projects help youth take late labor leader's words to heart


March 13, 2008 
Complaint filed against grower

March 12, 2008

State panel hears local testimony on immigration


March 10, 2008

Migrant Population Declining


March 9, 2008  

Students Get a Close-Up Look At the Life of a Migrant Worker

Lectures Aim to Broaden Perspectives With Practical Lessons


Migrant students find success  




March 8, 2008

Old Bikes Offer New Opportunities To Some


States rush immigration bills Hundreds of anti-illegal immigration laws in works, but few likely to stick


March 7, 2008

Farmworkers want U.N. intervention

Nobody helps with their illnesses traced to pesticides, so they ask for intervention based on racial bias.


Catholic school cancels labor leader's talk

Parent and a website contend United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta is unfit to talk to students because of her abortion views.


March 6, 2008
Student group say Burger King is responsible for "modern-day slavery" in Florida

March 5, 2008

Minutemen question Carlsbad's farmworker shelter funding


Catholic elementary school snubs farmworker activist


Immigration crackdowns scare growers


. . . never really thought about the poor working conditions endured by migrant workers who pick the fruits and vegetables she eats - until her seventh-grade class started studying them.


March 4, 2008  

Committee seeks Chavez moniker for Hall school


Farm worker building sits empty in Olathe


March 3, 2008
Human smuggling ring with Fort Pierce ties is back in court

March 2, 2008
Bracero laborers seeking wages


Labor leader a 'role model' for women

AFSC activists gather from around the nation for a local ‘toxic tour’


Labor at the heart of immigration debate




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