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JULY, 2008

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July 29, 2008

Groups file suit over pesticide use


July 28, 2008  



July 27, 2008  

Activists fear new system will silence crime victims


July 26, 2008

California food industry fears impact of Bush's worker ID order


July 25, 2008  

Coalition of Immokalee Workers brings its tomato demands to Chipotle, Subway and Whole Foods


Lawsuit targets pesticide


Farmworker housing plan still not approved

Officials cite revisions sought by Limoneira since application


Summer education program helps migrant children keep up  


Guest worker program drafted for Washington


July 24, 2008  

Dead farmworker's employer fined


Farmworkers, state officials urge passage of water bond at Capitol rally


July 22, 2008

Zirkle Fruit reaches labor settlement
Selah company agrees to pay $102,000 to former guest workers

July 20, 2008

Farm laborers arenít finding work aplenty


Wenatchee area clinics are promoting services to migrants


Farm Labor Shifts from Migrant Workers to Locals


Michigan State attracts Immokalee students to migrant program


July 19, 2008  

States resist checking farmhand documents


July 18, 2008

Schools chief tries to take heat off farmworkers


Migrant ed program helps fight heat danger


New experiences excite kids in Head Start Migrant Education Program


Funeral arrangements pending for victims of canal accident


July 16, 2008

Struggling county farmworkers find assistance at fair


Dirty tap water worries residents of migrant housing


Farmworker who collapsed is on respirator in Bakersfield


July 15, 2008
Rantoul to expand summer migrant-education program


Students catch up at the Migrant Summer School Program


Pesticide reforms modest, thrifty


Fumigant 'Midas' wins conditional approval

July 14, 2008  

MIGRANTS TAKE HELPING HAND: English as a Second Language class offered


Farmworkers call for action against heat deaths Oaxacan festival honors those killed by heat


July 13, 2008

Orlando-area immigrant workers fight to hold the pennies they won


Immigrant Workers Vital, Va.

Firms Say Poultry Industry Seeks Better U.S. Screening to Cull Illegal Applicants, Avert Fines


Project Nomad offers summer school to migrant children


Patzimaro: An Upvalley vineyard, a tiny Mexican town


July 12, 2008

Safe water is scarce at Los Banos housing center

Migrant workers and their families are rationed fluids.


July 11, 2008  

Local School Benefits Migrant Families


State investigating third farmworker fatality in scorching weather


Elderly woman, vineyard worker die as heat intensifies


Tougher rules for common pesticides

Regulations require buffer zones around fields


Farmworker Housing Controversy


July 9, 2008
Proposed farmworker camp gets traction with ruling
Some feel development is excuse to rip up farmland.


The Right to Stay Home -- Derecho de no Migrar


Migrant Head Start turns 10 in Rochester


Bucking off Chuck
Death of 17-year-old pregnant farm worker incites campaign against Trader Joe's


July 8, 2008
Report says farmworkers continue to feel effects of wildfires
Better disaster preparedness needed, CSUSM researchers say


July 7, 2008  

Health fair helps migrant workers get in the know


Health care for migrants has grown


Suit: Stanislaus Company Moved Dead Worker's Body


Schools, immigrants adapt over time

Challenges great, but so are rewards


July 6, 2008

Ranchers feeling alone


Amid employer objections, policing immigration targets the workplace

Crackdowns refuel debate about enforcement strategies and reliance on foreign-born labor


Employers Fight Tough Measures on Immigration


July 5, 2008
Migrant program among best

July 4, 2008
Labor firm ordered to cease again
It was shut down temporarily after teen worker died


Local labor contractor reopens, then is shut down again
Company that had employee die of heat stroke in May, fails to meet state safety standards.


Justice issues orders moving farm case forward

July 3, 2008
Migrant camp hooked up to Fellsmere water after annexation


Workers often put in danger on overcrowded vans


Farmers get help with workers' visas

July 2, 2008

Amigos en Cristo receives $100,000 grant to spur donations
Grant part of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation initiative


July 1, 2008

Rehabilitation of Collierís Farm Worker Village moving forward



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