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January, 2008

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January 31, 2008
Florida's fields dangerous playground for children of migrant farmworkers


No question, agriculture has a future in Southwest Florida


Farm-labor contractor to pay $2 million in restitution

January 30, 2008  

Farm workers' lawsuit names Zirkle fruit


More states to deny illegal migrants driver's licenses


Carlos Santana, Martin Sheen and Edward James Olmos Agree to Co-Chair Effort to Win National Holiday for Farm Worker Leader Cesar E. Chavez 


County supervisors set goal for more farmworker housing


January 29, 2008
Riverside County asks judge to put 'Duroville' into receivership


Obama takes big risk on driver's license issue


Judge delays ruling on whether to shut down migrant housing camp

January 28, 2008
Judge to rule on Calif. migrant housing


Business group counters moves against undocumented workers


NAFTA has helped Mexico, despite broad opposition

January 27, 2008
Where the candidates stand: Farm guest workers


Do migrants help or hurt?
Critics say loss of immigrants would harm the state's economy, but supporters of clamping down say Americans would benefit


January 25, 2008

Visa change hurts farmworkers, groups say

Debate swirls regarding jobs and immigrants


Farm housing 'fast track'

County planners race to help orchardists meet new federal rules


NAFTA Awakens the Ghost of Pancho Villa


January 24, 2008
FEMA rejects complaint by farmworkers


Controversial homes for seasonal workers OK'd

January 23, 2008
Clinton gets UFW backing
In Salinas, she makes appeal to Latino voters.


Protest targets new rule for drivers' licenses

Clinton gets warm welcome from Latino
The United Farm Workers union endorses her. One expert says Obama remains a relatively unknown entity.


Hillary Clinton gets UFW endorsement during stop in Salinas
She wants to put workers on path to legal residency


Clinton Wins Support From United Farm Workers


Workers tell tale of captivity in truck

January 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton due in Salinas Tuesday


January 20, 2008

The Great Debate: Illegal immigration


January 19, 2008  

Migrant advocate comes home to Hispanic Center


Valley labor contractor fined State acts after the death of farmworker in Fresno Co.; company disputes findings.


January 18, 2008
Group looks to document migrant workers' impact on agriculture


U.S. Sens. urge BK and tomato growers to boost farmworker wages


Florida Family Charged With Enslaving Immigrant Farm Workers

January 17, 2008

Most will keep Taylor & Fulton jobs


January 16, 2008
The lure of El Norte:  Like thousands of other ambitious young Mexicans, Eloy Francisco and Rosario Hernandez risked death to pursue a more promising future


BK May Lay Whopper On Florida Tomato Growers


Burger King eyes new tomato sources

January 15, 2008

U.S. judge says he may shut Duroville down
The jurist says he'll give the trailer park's owner until Jan. 28 to repair water, power and code violations at the 6,000-tenant site.


Visa cap cuts work force
Limits on seasonal employees vexes Maryland businesses


Baylor scientist's work often confirms the worst for families of missing Mexican immigrants

January 14, 2008
Dangerous game: Punctured water barrels, clashing views, terrorist talk inflame immigration crisis


Hispanic leaders expect voices to be heard


Wage increases hit some farmers
Minimum here is highest in nation


Farmers say 'si' to Spanish lessons

January 13, 2008
Foreign labor left in limbo
Who will do the work?


January 12, 2008
Migrants Critical To Berry Industry


Guest worker ruling praised
Some problems seen alleviated.


January 11, 2008  

Catholics play vital role in helping migrants to U.S


January 10, 2008

Dorms for citrus workers shot down


Farmworkers fight foreign labor changes

Recruitment rules under fire; Labor says proper notice given


Bridging language barriers: CCHS senior creates safety plan for migrant workers


January 9, 2008 
Council OKs housing project


Bean pickers sue S. Fla. grower over wages


Field laborers sue over wages


Law research finds U.S. farm workers hurt by guest worker visa process


Specter tells Farm Show crowd U.S. needs guest-worker program

January 8, 2008

Avon Park Beefs Up Inspection Of Rentals


Salinas farmworker advocates upset over housing demolition procedure  

Farmworker advocates upset over housing demolition


Polk County residents buck housing plan for migrant workers


January 7, 2008
Diaz claims conflict of interest by Migrant Council board chair


Agents uncover alleged migrant worker network


Seven states, seven months
Seventeen-year-old experiences job of a lifetime


Economic aid to give Mexicans, Central Americans work at home

January 6, 2008
Higher minimum wage not worrying farmers
Farmers donít sweat new minimum wage


Immigration law threatens Ariz. lettuce harvest
Companies could lose business licenses


Educators Provide A Good Start For 678 Highlands Children

January 5, 2008

Vans get farmworkers to the fields

Santa Barbara and Ventura counties say ride-sharing will keep unlicensed immigrants off the road.


January 4, 2008  

Kulongoski won't delay new license rules


January 3, 2008

Monsanto gets OK for housing next to new plant


January 2, 2008  

County to offer vineyard workers a lift


January 1, 2008  

Union decertified at vineyard  

UFW loses appeal of workers' vote at Richard's Grove and Saralee's Vineyard in Windsor


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