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February, 2008

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February 28,

2008 Coalition presses growers, chains for better wages


February 26, 2008  

Visa changes could bring more foreign workers


Sweet corn “nightmare”


Agriculture veteran speaks on migrant labor issues


February 24, 2008  

Health care for farm workers focus of conference


No more sweet corn?

A little more than 75,000 workers come to the U.S. on H-2A visas, though up to an estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants work on U.S. farms. As area farmers deal with the need for labor, they are also confronted with housing issues for temporary workers


Konopnicki's guest worker bill passes committee


February 21, 2008  

Magic Valley dairies working on immigration reform


City OKs $2 million to shelter migrants

Catholic Charities gets building grant


Proposed Bill Signals Hope for Farmers and Trouble for Rights Groups


February 20, 2008  

Farmworker shelter project gets partial funding  

Group to seek architectural drawings


February 19, 2008  

Reform backers arrange forum

Immigration advocates to tell what's at stake in upcoming election


Five Minutes With Dan Fazio, Washington Farm Bureau, On Labor Issue


February 18, 2008
Farmworker house awaits approval

February 17, 2008  

He crossed the U.S. border, into the maw of a machine


February 15,

2008 Puerto Rico Department of Education Pays U.S. Over $19 Million to Settle False Claims Involving Migrant Education Program


A model development?

Collier leaders travel to Arcadia to check out new project


Farmworker plan attacked by all sides



February 14, 2008  

The vote offers a voice


February 13, 2008 
U.S. farmers short on migrant workers move to Mexico


3 Named to Manage Calif. Migrant Camp
Judge Names 3 to Help Find Solutions for to Health, Safety Violations at Calif. Migrant Camp


Migrant workers: Could we survive without them?


Immokalee housing upgrade good idea but plan needs more work, county says


State to rethink 271 charges in Ag-Mart case

February 12, 2008
Judge orders probe of Duroville park, delays decision on closure

February 11, 2008  

Yuba-Sutter's Cesar Chavez


Fight is personal for Farm Workers' director


February 9, 2008  

Where have the immigrants gone?

Oklahoma law targeting illegal workers had some unforeseen results


Some farms oppose ch anges in ag-worker program


Many in state cool to farm fix Enforcement's key in Bush plan.


February 8, 2008  

Some Arizona lawmakers want state-run guest worker program


Othello Green Camp fined Poor living conditions for migrant workers cited


Reforms May Effect Immigrant Labor In GA


On the Border: The 'Virtual Fence' Isn't Working

Presidential candidates talk big about security to the south, but so far electronic surveillance costing millions is doing little to keep illegals out


February 7, 2008

U.S. guest worker proposal: Locally, plan sprouts hope

Bush administration’s plan to streamline the program has Central Coast farmers seeing more opportunities


Changes proposed for farm guest workers

Skeptical advocates and growers prefer a plan to legalize illegal immigrants.


Changes Planned In Visa Program For Farmworkers


Proposal would lower foreign worker pay


Ariz. seeks to reshape immigrant farm labor

Governor urges update of federal visa program


American Farm Bureau Encouraged By Labor Proposals


Farmworker rule changes proposed Some critical of wage, housing provisions


White House Moves to Ease Guest Worker Program


February 6, 2008

Deputy U.S. Agriculture Secretary Chuck Conner said Wednesday farmers will welcome the proposed changes in rules for hiring foreign migrant workers.


Overhaul set for guest-worker plan


February 5, 2008  

Bill targets farm-labor ills


February 3, 2008
Senators to unveil farmworker bill
The effort is a way to help farmers obtain labor.


February 2, 2008  

Migrant widow wins case against Loyd Farms  

Jury awards $75,000 in suit over man's death


Freeze Was Berry Bad News


February 1, 2008  

Growers told immigration reform unlikely before 2010


Farmers Use More Legal Guest Workers




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