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December 31, 2008
Lack of 50-year-old stubs keeps braceros from back pay
Mexico agrees to cough up back pay, but many cannot provide proof


WWII guest workers from Mexico apply for back pay


Cal-OSHA to review handling of heat cases

December 28, 2008

Poultry champion blocks change

Powerful senator argued against Easley's safety provisions, and the plan died. Critics say that's business as usual.


Use of guestworker program continues to rise


Deadline approaches for bracero benefits


In the Trenches and Fighting Slavery


December 27, 2008  

Forgotten workers try to recover funds from Mexican government


A growing reason to take on guest workers

Citrus growers benefit from new federal rules


December 26, 2008
New Beginnings distributes new toys, hot food and staples during farmworker outreach

Guest worker changes proposed


December 25, 2008  

RCMA gets grant from local business


December 24, 2008
Bush signs farm visa changes


New law expected to protect migrant workers


Ex-braceros battle to claim earnings
Paperwork tangle involved


December 23, 2008
'An agent of change' at the Washington State Migrant Council


December 22, 2008
New migrant housing: Malaga-area Sage Bluff is ready for grower sign-ups

December 20, 2008  

Brothers receive 12-year prison terms in Immokalee human slavery case


Valley farmworkers have likely ally in Obama's pick for labor secretary


December 19, 2008

Judge removes owner of Calif desert migrant park


December 18, 2008

Farmworkers’ migration patterns shift as U.S. economy continues to sour.


December 16, 2008  


Bush rewrites the rules

Last-minute changes being pushed through by the administration, such as altering H-2A visa rules, are creating disasters that Barack Obama will have to reverse beginning Jan. 20.


December 15, 2008
A Cheap Shot at Workers


Employers look to Obama to deliver on immigration promise


Changing Faces in America's Dairyland


No Pangborn cherry camp next year

December 14, 2008  

The pickers' city


December 13, 2008  

Settlement claims are long and complicated


December 12, 2008  

U.S. farm labor rules revamped

Changes that will streamline the agriculture guest worker program aren't expected to have much effect in California.


Bush Unveils New Rules for Guest Worker Hiring


December 11, 2008

Group to honor late friend with scholarship


December 10, 2008

New rules make getting foreign farm workers easier


Middlebury Meeting on Migrant Workers


FBI probes treatment of Mexican workers in La.


Administration changes to farm worker hiring afoot


December 8, 2008
Chambersburg woman has worked many years to assist migrant farm workers


December 7, 2008
Ag vanpool speeds along into 2nd year

Fresno County teacher of year comes from farmworkers


December 4, 2008  

Farm Labor Jobs Surge


Yerington onion farm agrees to $56,000 EPA fine


Local congregation plans annual Christmas gifts for farmworkers


Chile industry big in county


Exodus of Migrants?


Tulare grape grower fined in sex-bias case


December 3, 2008

Labor Pains: St. Louis landscapers worry they'll be short Mexican workers to mow lawns and bag leaves


Subway to pay more for tomatoes Reaches agreement with workers coalition


Subway to pay more for tomatoes


Subway agrees to pay another penny per pound for Southwest Florida tomatoes


December 1, 2008  

Pickets say some sick workers not getting full assistance


Farmworkers union steps up RJR push


Decades later, Mexican guest workers in the Inland area struggle for proof



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