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AUGUST, 2008

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August 31, 2008

Nonprofits to build new farmworker rental complex in Immokalee


August 30, 2008

Immigrant Farmworkers Get Legislative Support


Harvest Season Means Parents Away From Children

Program Helps Children Of Migrant Workers


Bill boosts aid to ag workers hit by drought

Also headed to desk of governor is bill to ease farmworker union voting.


August 28, 2008
Labor contractor gives up license after heat death


Central Coast contingent lobbies lawmakers to change farmworker union elections.

August 27, 2008

Head Start suspects profiling by immigration officials

Group says officials track illegal migrants outside centers


USDA: 500,500 workers hired on farms are illegal


Opinion: EPA's Sluggish Response


August 26, 2008
Illegal Immigrants Targeted in Home Invasions


Pilgrim's Pride chief joins voices calling for immigration change

August 25, 2008
PCUN president fights for fairness
He is motivated by discrimination he saw against parents


Clinton praises UFW
New York senator stops in Fresno on her way to the Democratic convention.


Thousands gather to recognize ag workers

Farmworkers union chief wants change in voting


Program ensures immigrants learning, legal
The local Pennsylvania Migrant Education program is one of the most successful in the state when it comes to the number of students who go on to further their education.


August 24, 2008 
UFW speech echoes past
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reminds of union's early days.


August 23, 2008

Coroner confirms: Heat killed farmworker


Lawsuit highlights conflicted views on "guest workers"


August 22, 2008  

Dysart Migrant Head Start Center's classes reach out to kids Giving youngsters a head start


Feds Crackdown Hits Illegal Workers At Oahu Farm Farm Leader Says Finding Workers Difficult In Hawaii


Farm workers with visas sue over conditions


August 21, 2008
In California's fields, risks rise with the temperature


Farmworker heat deaths increase
Crackdown seems to have little effect


County weighs criminal case over farmworker housing


Hoping farmworker film reaps goodwill
Assemblyman Nuñez makes a movie about field hands to persuade governor to sign a bill to ease unionizing.


Farmworker agency closing Omaha office

August 19, 2008
U.S. farmers see how their employees live back in Mexico
As a backlash against immigrants grows, one group aims to build understanding by sending Midwestern farmers south of the border for 'cultural immersion.'


California could change farm worker union votes

August 18, 2008  

Farmworkers' celebration in Ogden highlights hope of opportunity


August 17, 2008
Homeowners against palmetto berry pickers in Lehigh Acres
To residents, it's trespassing; to pickers, it's survival


Clinic gives farmworkers primer on health

August 16, 2008  

Indigenous Central Americans increasingly fill ranks of farmworkers


Recruiters fill the void after immigration raids


August 15, 2008

Bracero stories sought

Scholar working on dissertation on community


State farmworkers face low quality of life, study finds Homelessness, subpar housing are main concerns


August 14, 2008

Cal-OSHA penalizes 2nd labor contractor over farm heat rules



Duroville managers must come through on their promises Improve living conditions for migrant workers


Orosi farm labor contractor's license revoked   Department of Labor acts after two traffic accidents cause deaths and injuries.


Farmers: Immigration raids imperil harvests


August 13, 2008
Tomato farm's donation completes shoe drive goal


Migrant camp invaded

August 12, 2008
State fines Galt contractor $77,900 for safety violations


Study looks at health of farmworkers
MICASA follows everything from aches to diabetes in laborers.


August 11, 2008  

Clackamas County Head Start caters to migrants' kids  

Nearly 40 children attend the new program


August 10, 2008
Michigan farms have plenty of workers this summer as economy drives migrants back to the fields


Custom harvest crews keep time with seasons


Migrants feeling pinch

Food drive helps laborers who have little agricultural work this season

August 9, 2008

Court rejects part of Fla. migrant housing ruling


August 8, 2008

Farmworker project nears completion


Housing improves for farm workers


August 7, 2008

Migrant rights advocate detained by Border Patrol


Healing the Workers: Agency provides migrant farmers with health care


Group sows seeds of hope for migrants


No visa exists for simply working at Agriprocessors


August 6, 2008  

Some without seat belts in 10-person crash


Classroom in the Cherry Orchards


Head Start plants seeds for a fruitful future


August 5, 2008  

Judge takes attorneys to task in Duroville case, cites 'failure to communicate'


August 4, 2008
Isle immigrants face felony counts
Illegal aliens arrested in Waipahu could serve time in prison before being deported


August 3, 2008
Deported, by U.S. Hospitals


Actions being taken to make Duroville safer

August 2, 2008
State probing 12 possible worker heat deaths


Region’s growers worry about new EPA rules for soil treatment


Kids get Head Start


Labor pains
Migrant workers in Conesville say they've been left stranded after being unjustly fired, but the owner of the labor camp tells a different story


August 1, 2008
Farmworker Head Start growth on tap

Agents arrest 43 Mexican immigrants


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