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April, 2008

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April 30, 2008  

Event focuses on sexual abuse of female migrant workers


Worker erosion: Grower trims operation over stricter immigration laws


April 29, 2008

U.S. push to get more farmworkers in visa plan draws criticism


Burger King gets farmworkers' petition


Duroville trailer park allowed to stay open

A federal judge Monday ruled that 20 critical changes, including infrastructure overhauls, must be made at the site. Most see the ruling as a 'happy ending.'


Orlando vigil will protest treatment of immigrants


April 28, 2008  

Farmworker coalition to visit Burger King headquarters Monday


Burger King VP puts self on grill

Daughter says dad wrote anti-coaltion postings


April 27, 2008  

Bandanas Raise Awareness Of Abuse Among Female Farmworkers


April 26, 2008  

Sanchez puts down roots, spends her days helping others


Union and states try recruiting farm workers in Mexico


Senate OKs farm worker aid


April 25, 2008  

Court upholds award in abuse of fieldworker


UFW protests improve working conditions for south Monterey County laborers


Group warns of farm labor shortage  


April 24, 2008
New pesticide rules posed
Farmworkers' advocates say $1.6 million plan misses mark


Florida ranks among top 21 states for immigration-legislation activity
A report puts the state in the top 21 for bills proposed, but change likely isn't imminent.


Duroville residents fear park closure


States' lawmakers take on immigration


Students take health care to farms

April 23, 2008

Center offers child care for migrant families


Grilling Burger King


April 22, 2008

Duroville overseers recommend park stays open

US attorney's office wants Thermal park shuttered in the next 120 days


US Congress debates expanding controversial visa program


Gavel cuts Bruce short Springs legislator silenced after 'peasants' remark


UFW co-founder left mark on county

Chavez remembered for giving workers a voice


Migrant Workers' Kids Return to Child Development Center


April 21, 2008
Local companies struggle to cope with shortage of seasonal labor

April 20, 2008
Tucson school studies Chavez


Slavery? Let's find out

April 17, 2008  

Farmworker Family's Ag-Mart Settlement Amount 'Significant'


Federal immigration agents raid Live Oak chicken plant


Oaxacan activists visit local migrant workers  


April 16, 2008

Florida tomato growers mistreat migrant labor, U.S. Senators argue


Senators Hold Hearing On Tomato Picker Pay


Tomato pickers' pay-probe sought


Modern Slavery in Immokalee


System enslaves tomato pickers, detective says


Settlement likely today for limbless son of agricultural workers


Immokalee farmworkers have Congress’ attention


April 15, 2008  

Immokalee in the spotlight at farmworker wage hearing


U.S. Senate panel to hear testimony about tomato workers


April 14, 2008 
Oregon farm workers take their beef to Whole Foods markets

April 13, 2008
Protesters march to Burger King in support of Fair Food

April 12, 2008  

Guest workers sue employer, say rights violated  

Business owner says he is the victim


No place to call home: Planada farmworkers' housing project once again delayed


Tomato pickers feeling spied on
Aide says infiltrators have been at meetings


April 11, 2008
Health fair serves S.J. farm workers


Playful donation made to migrant tots

April 10, 2008

RCMA Grant Is A No Go



April 9, 2008 Fla.

House urged to pass immigration bills


Farmers Crossing The Border - To Mexico


Farmworkers Sue to Block Use of Four Toxic Pesticides


April 8, 2008
Guest-worker bill bars entrants already in AZ
Businesses call it further hurdle to finding good labor


Panel likes guest-worker proposals


As summer nears, seasonal businesses feel the heat

April 7, 2008

Bandanas shed light on field plight


Baca seeks national Chavez Day


Farm labor pool all but dried up  

Tougher immigrant rules leave farmers without many options


Crabbers want pickers but get politics instead
Crab season is here, but last year, Congress let expire a law allowing foreign workers to return


Waiting For Congress To Act
Delay On Temporary Worker Visas Pinch Businesses


Harassment Issue To 90 Percent Of Surveyed Farmworker Women


April 6, 2008  

Few options, timing running out for Olathe farm dorm


Hispanic worker program raises questions


A bitter crop sown in climate of fear


April 5, 2008  

UFW workers return to Krug

Contract accord reached after almost two years


Chavez's legacy inspires Guadalupe youths


April 4, 2008

Duroville overseers will advise court on progress in reports next week


April 2, 2008
Panel delves into the life of Cesar Chavez
Co-workers of farm union leader recall experiences Co-workers of farm union leader recall experiences during CSUCI discussion


Field of Study
ETSU exercise focuses on tough work of country’s farmworkers


Immigration Issues End a Pennsylvania Grower’s Season


Labor group protests outside Chipotle’s headquarters


April 1, 2008  

Many of area's children have farmworker ties


Where U.S.-Mexico border fence is tall, border crossings fall


Farmworkers rally on Chávez Day


Crowd honors memory of César Chávez


Walkout a civics lesson

Students marking Chavez Day learn price of protest




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