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AgJOBS Update and Action Alert for August 2007




Octoberber, 2007

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October 31, 2007
Idaho labor chief urges extension after Congress clips special visas


Vermont town launches new immigration policy


Ag leaders look south for workers
Farm groups join with Central America leaders to solve labor shortage


October 30, 2007
Sen. Smith's Immigration Vote Draws Scrutiny

October 29, 2007
Farm camps full; one may stay open longer


Calls for Change: Demonstrators march to

Reynolds American, protesting farmworkers' conditions


Farm bill could spark fight over immigrant labor


Hispanic women pass along breast cancer awareness


Farm workers seek better conditions
Marchers said Sunday that the state’s migrant laborers deserve more pay, job security and safety.


October 28, 2007
Farmers say the workers do jobs hard to fill by U.S.-born


Se habla español
Delaware's horse racing industry depends on Spanish being spoken here


Computers head to migrant families in education effort

New center stands as tribute to work of 4 nuns

October 27, 2007
*Farm union targets RJR


Help for migrant workers may fall to charities


Immigration reform gets backing in S.C.
Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement of bill could give law boost


Local Student Alliance uses MySpace site to fight for social justice

October 26, 2007  

Report confirms Peri & Sons not at fault in ag chemical incident


Mayor quits Chavez debate


October 25, 2007
WB mayor speaks on immigration issues
Kathy Figley spoke recently at Leage of

Women Voters of Clackamas County

Immigration Raids Hurt Farmers
Farmers say an immigration crackdown is causing workers to flee and crippling operations. Now they're urging reform


DREAM Act, affecting children of illegal immigrants, fails Senate test vote
Senate defeats decision over immigration amnesty concerns


Invisible Fire Victims in the Canyons


Bill for Immigrant Students Fails Test Vote in Senate


Decades of devotion bear fruit in Apopka


Immigration laws dry up farming work force


October 24, 2007
Sens., farmers debate immigrant workers
Farmers: Discrimination issues, labor shortage are a large part of deciding whether to hire immigrant workers.


Thompson: Penalize cities, states soft on migrant issue


Thompson stirs rivals with immigration plan


Local farmworkers have long hours and low pay, study finds


Van purchase OK'd for farmworker transport


Study Finds Farmworkers Unaware of Job Protections


Kids Offer Harvest Of Holiday Cards


Sens. consider help for immigrants' kids


Migrant students face larger challenges than most children

October 22, 2007
Civil rights lawyers turns to immigrants
Bad news for exploitative employers.


New Web site offers comprehensive farm

worker information

Supes to vote on ag worker transports


October 20, 2007 
New Building For Migrant Student Programs
Students To Find Services Under One Roof


The Mexican immigration “crisis” affecting the nation – and Louisiana more and more


October 19, 2007
Jamaican hands harvest local fruit


'Gut check' for council: Interstate or Chavez?
Street name - The mayor sets an Oct. 31 vote, but commissioners hope to buy more


October 18, 2007

Employers Face More Confusion on Immigrant Labor

It's back to square one for companies -- with a long wait before any fix on immigration.


Field of study -- Learning the life of a migrant farm worker


Farm companies accused of illegally hiring foreigners, denying jobs to U.S. citizens


Senate's OK of visa bill brings relief Md. crab-picking businesses, foreign workers would benefit from measure


Workers Accuse Plant and Jobs Agency of Violations

Company says it has no records showing 2 migrant workers were on the payroll.


Groups sue Otero sheriff over migrant raid


October 17, 2007
Peekskill artist's farm exhibit benefits migrant workers

October 16, 2007  

Governor's veto will keep farm worker unions using secret ballots


Farm groups pleased with governor's vetoes


October 15, 2007
Migrant Students Often Struggle In The Classrom


October 11, 2007  

Effort to Curb Illegal Workers' Hiring Blocked


Migrant students facing English hurdle


Judge blocks plan on illegal workforce rules


Judge Blocks Bush Measure on Illegal Workers


Inland employers welcome immigration ruling


Class action filed

Immigrant ag workers claim labor contractors exploited them


October 10, 2007  

Judge blocks U.S. illegal worker crackdown


Feds file fresh lawsuit against landlord of migrant housing camp

Lawsuit alleges encampment is a health and safety risk.


Sweeps of migrant workers mean labor loss for local farmers 


Shedding light on a hero Cesar Chavez statue unveiled


U.S. Seeks Rules to Allow Increase in Guest Workers


October 9, 2007

Chiefs: Migrant law not our duty

Local-level enforcement saps resources,

they say


NorCal Farmers Worry Fruit Will Rot On Trees Store Owners: Produce Prices Could Rise


October 7, 2007  

Immigration raids drawing protests


U.S. lets in more immigrants for farms

The administration is quietly relaxing visa regulations because farmworkers are in critically short supply.  


October 6, 2007  

More ag worker aid

Governor signs bill for victims of big freeze


Fox talks about the migrant in each of us


Workers to learn about poison

The Farmworker Association of Florida gets a grant to train fern cutters on pesticide risks.


October 5, 2007
Immigration hot topic at daylong workshop


Judge throws out farmworkers' suit

on storm aid


Sí Se Puede (Yes, We Can)

October 4, 2007
Rally on Burger King
Groups visit Tallahassee during nine-day statewide tour about working conditions


Crowd split on renaming Interstate

October 3, 2007
County ag leader lobbies in Washington


Group brings fair trade concept to local farms


October 2, 2007
Judge delays ruling on effort to crack down on illegal labor
But he extends temporary order preventing enforcement.


Protest staged at local fast food restaurant

Vintner uses immigration program to bring legal workers to her fields


Farmworker Activist Arthur N. Read Wins 2007 Morris Dees Justice Award

October 1, 2007  

Benito Farm Labor Center set to open

Rent based on income of residents


Church celebrates Mass for workers

Hundreds attend at St. Mary of the Nativity

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