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November, 2007

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November 28, 2007  

Employers Say They Have Trouble Filling Tough Jobs


Burger King donates $25,000 to migrant association

Immokalee farmworker rights group ready to protest outside Burger King HQ


November 27, 2007
Local farmworker supporters honored

November 26, 2007
Capital column: Big week ahead on farmworker front

November 25, 2007
Justice Seeks Delay in Court Challenge to Immigration Plan
Bush Administration Says It Will Modify Crackdown on Employers Who Hire Illegal Workers


Shuler immigration bill's chances uncertain

Language barrier still divides Pierson

November 24, 2007  

New migrant program helps boost graduation rates


Tomato accords peeling apart


November 23, 2007
Portland's street name debacle casts long shadow
Amid hurt feelings, council caps Chávez flap, keeps city law


Agriculture industry anxious over outcome of farm bill
Many worry reforms will hinder ability to hire foreign workers.


Guest worker rules challenged

November 21, 2007
Grand opening heralds farm worker housing in Soledad

November 20, 2007
Groups: employer sanctions law will hurt agriculture, consumers


House seeks worker checks on legal status

November 19, 2007
Tomato growers: We're not bad guys

November 17, 2007
New MIDAS pesticide a touchy issue for worker advocates, scientists

November 16, 2007
City's pick for Chavez street: 4th Avenue, not Interstate
Portland commissioners vote 4-1 to rename the downtown


Murder in Mexico

November 15, 2007
Guest worker program: Are we treating them like guests?


Govt. seeks changes in ag worker hiring

November 14, 2007 
Migrant Advocate Fosters Hope


California farmworkers struggle after fires
Wildfires leave farmworkers in precarious financial situation.


SSA Decides It Will Not Issue Employer No-Match Letters This Year


Finding workers theme of Farm Bureau meeting

November 13, 2007
Coalition honored for war on slavery
Immokalee group wins international award


Foes threaten suit on Interstate name change
Chavez vote - The City Council is expected to approve the renaming on Thursday


Attorneys: Migrant conditions poor

November 12, 2007 
Michigan relies on shrinking migrant worker pool


Use of guestworker program up in state

November 11, 2007
Migrants' needs not being met


Anti-illegal immigration law affecting agriculture sector


Do migrant workers live in squalor?


More inspectors for migrant housing funded by state


When guest equals ghost
Documented foreign workers often suffer abuses; enforcement lacking


Sides find scarce common ground


‘No-match' letters delay a relief to farmers

November 10, 2007
Farmers: Tough stance on immigrants would hurt


November 9, 2007  

Border issue vexes Congress


November 8, 2007
Hispanic entrepreneur tells students of opportunities


Agriculturalists talk immigration at Fresno forum
Two Valley businessmen win honors during conference on water shortages, air quality issues.


November 7, 2007

Chertoff pledges to fight border security lawsuits

Farm bill fails to take on labor crunch

Farmworker housing review moving very slowly


5 Charged In Holdups, Shooting 


November 6, 2007  

Jury considers punitive damages against Dole Plaintiffs in lawsuit say the food company deliberately exposed workers to a dangerous pesticide. The defense rejects that idea, saying the firm acted responsibly to guard the field hands' health.


Tomato growers decry extra penny per pound


Deal to pay more to tomato pickers in question after Florida growers balk 


Dole must pay farmworkers $3.2 million Nicaraguan field hands win lawsuit alleging that a pesticide used to boost banana production made them sterile.


Immigration pulls at the roots of family farms


McDonald's farmworker raise fought by growers


‘Los Arboles’ owners apply for waiver

Waiver application would likely open ‘Los Arboles’ to rent-assisted occupants 


Paper rebuts reports of farm labor shortage Growers and labor groups question UCD economist's findings.


Farm Labor Shortages: How Real? What Response?


November 4, 2007
Compassion patrol
Benjamin Ruiz survived a 40-minute electrocution. He lost his legs and his arms to the terrible burns. But he didn't lose his faith or his will to live. He has deeply touched a group of St. Paulites who have become his surrogate family. And their devotion.


Fence's presence felt
Residents on both sides of one border crossing say barrier is doing what it was intended to do


November 3, 2007
Help Wanted on Guest Workers
Oswego County orchard operator seeks improved process


Piquing interest in learning: Computers, homework program helps children of area farm workers

November 2, 2007
Suit claims discrimination favoring undocumented

Old guest-worker bill may finally get vote


November 1, 2007  

Farm bill may boost guest workers Labor provisions could be tucked into ag legislation.


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