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May 31, 2007
UFW says AgJobs could legalize 100,000 undocumented farmworkers on Central Coast

Farmers react to immigration overhaul


Women inmates start working in farm fields


Farm-labor plan divides workers' advocates
The United Farm Workers and activists disagree about whether it will improve conditions in the field.


May 30, 2007
A migrant worker's dream comes true
When Monitor readers first met Michelle Castillo in 2001, the 16-year-old was working at a farm in Illinois. Now she is about to enter a new field: education.


How many peppers can Prime Time pick?
Tour of farm fields enlightens guests on valley industry


Bush: Don't kill immigration reform


Helping farmworkers clean up


He walked for miles in their shoes
Migrant worker turned TPD officer knows just what to say


Debate Could Turn on a 7-Letter Word
Calling Proposal an 'Amnesty' Rouses Foes, Confounds Backers


Labor Won't Embrace Immigrants


Immigration 'vital mission,' Bush asserts in Georgia


Bush assails critics of immigration bill
Opponents haven't read the legislation and are engaging in 'empty political rhetoric,' the president says.


Bush Takes On Conservatives Over Immigration

May 29, 2007 
Mayor Assails Bill in Congress on Immigration


Immigration screening could snag too many workers
A system to verify the legality of every employee within 3 years -- key to the Senate's measure -- is controversial.


Senators unhappy with immigration plan

Businesses debate immigration compromise


Immigration-law challenges remain from 1986
Berta Olivares' lucky break came in 1986.


FLOC Expects Mexican Police Report on Santiago Rafael Cruz's Murder


Radical change expected on both sides
Guest worker program at center of conflict over latest immigration reforms

Minority caucuses question alien bill


Labor beef dragging on at Krug
ALRB expected to weigh in on dispute between winery, UFW


May 28, 2007
Gutierrez: Undo guest-worker change


Republican Skeptic Says Compromise Possible on Immigration Bill

Changes to immigration bill possible
Republican senators on opposite sides say they are ready to negotiate.


Even in recess, debate continues


Mexican Police Hold Suspect in Killing


Law reunited immigrant clan; bill would change it


Ripe for immigration reform


Immigration positions shift
Many Republican presidential candidates keep their distance from legislation that might be viewed as sympathetic to illegal immigrants.


May 27, 2007
Why Californians have huge stake in outcome of immigration bill


Recruiters Corrupt Guestworker Program


Mexico wary of immigration reform in U.S.
After yearslong wait for deal with Bush, observers fear that migrants will be worse off


Immigration reform creates unusual alliances


Many Employers See Flaws as Immigration Bill Evolves


Housing for farm workers


Republican Kyl's immigration stance splits Arizona


May 26, 2007
Meatpacking industry backs immigration bill


Why Guest Worker Programs Don't Work




Program helps children of migrants succeed
Day at Hartnell introduces them to life beyond high school


Supporters of immigration bill guardedly optimistic


Mexico detains 3 in FLOC activist's killing
Union, lawyers believe case 'fabricated'


May 25, 2007 

The Senate yesterday approved a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, beating back an attempt to remove it from the "grand bargain" immigration bill.


Video lures farm labor in West to Washington


Divisive Immigration Measure on Hold


Farmworkers' deal with restaurant owners may wither on the vine


Immigration Measure Survives First Week; Backers Are Optimistic


Fury grows over US immigration bill


Proponents stave off challenges to immigration bill


Freeze Curtails Migrant Education Funding


Immigration plan survives Senate challenges


Amendments to dilute immigration bill are defeated
The legislation appears likely to pass the Senate. Bush rebukes GOP critics of the bill.


Tomato growers reject McDonald's extra penny offer


Senate Votes to Keep Plan to Make Immigrants Legal


Immigration Bill Provisions Gain Wide Support in Poll


Senators hold off key challenges to immigration bill
They narrowly defeat an amendment to phase out a guest worker plan and endorse legalization plan.


Growers group balks at pay deals
Agreements to pay field workers more may violate antitrust and other laws, a tomato cooperative says.

Salazar defends immigration overhaul plan


Kennedy fights for fragile immigration deal



Senators battle for immigration pact


Ex-con jailed in April killing of farm labor organizer


Bush touts immigration overhaul


Some South Florida employers find fault with immigration plan


May 24, 2007 
Chambliss, Isakson push immigration reform


Graft Mars the Recruitment of Mexican Guest Workers


No. 2 Senate Republican Calls
for Passage of Immigration Bill


Immigrant group goes door-to-door for petition


Chertoff says immigration bill "bows to reality"


Chertoff to immigration bill's critics: Get real


Senate Scales Down Proposed Guest-Worker Program

Lott urges Bush to wield veto threat


12 senators work to decide fate of immigration deal


Senate slashes guest worker program


Senators alter migrant bill
Drafters warn that too much tweaking will doom divisive measure


Senate votes to slash guest-worker program


Testimony of Jonathan P. Hiatt Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and

International Law

May 23, 2007
Senate retains guest-worker program in 'bargain'


Immigrant bill could hurt employers more than help


Immigration debate continues in Senate
Bipartisan measure focuses on border security, temporary worker program


Worker program remains in bill


Guest worker program survives Senate vote
Despite critics, lawmakers keep major facet of immigration deal


Guest-worker program dodges its first bullet


Guest worker program survives
A bid by Democrats to throw out a key part of the Senate immigration overhaul is defeated. More fights are brewing.


County signs off on plan to repay farmworker camp renovation debt

Senate Votes to Keep Temporary Worker Program


Senate defeats guest worker repeal
Opponents tried to drop the program from an immigration overhaul bill.


Debate pits immigrants against U.S. workers
Pro-union Dems clash in Senate over whose needs prevail


Proposal For Guest Workers Survives


Farmers: Pickings slim for field hands

And hard-working Americans hard to find


May 22, 2007
Senate vote clears way for battle on immigration


Immigration Compromise Faces New Opposition
Proposal Stays Alive, But Foes Lie in Wait


Senate to open illegals debate


Senate leaders delay immigration action
A final vote was put off until June as the bipartisan compromise faces major obstacles. Both plan supporters and critics span the political spectrum.

Immigration plan moves ahead after Senate vote
Debate begins as lawmakers are split on this decision

Immigration Overhaul Sponsors Urge Rejection of `Poison Pills'


Immigration on docket
Senate agrees to give reform bill a close look


Debate is on; vote is put off
Action at least three weeks away; barrage of amendments expected

Immigration bill clears first hurdle; Senate begins debate


Critics in Senate Vow to Alter Immigration Bill


Raleigh bishop backs bill
Burbidge urges Catholics to push for immigration reform


May 21, 2007
Farmers push immigration reform
Legislation would help workers gain residency after working a certain number of hours


Cabinet secretaries defend immigration deal

Immigration Proposal Draws Mixed Reaction


May 20, 2007

Illegal Migrants Dissect Details of Senate Deal


May 19, 2007

Cautious reactions to new immigration plan locally


Kennedy urges support for immigration bill


Judge rules Ag-Mart responsible for substandard worker housing


Yum! Brands expanding deal with Florida farmworkers


Hispanics concerned about immigration plan
Community waiting for more information about deal to emerge


White House, legislators push immigration bill
Complex measure could see tweaks


Bush Says Immigration Bill Is `Comprehensive,' and Not Amnesty

Immigration plan attacked on all fronts


Agriculture firms study immigration proposal
A union that represents farmworkers opposes the guest-worker provision in the plan the Senate will debate.


Revised AgJobs heads for debate
Guest-worker plan for agriculture has been years in the making.


Account disputed in death of worker
Labor contractor denies report from UFW organizer.

Weld farmers: Immigration reform bill could help

Immigration Agreement Could Boost Economy

Fees, return home worry immigrants


Reaction to Senate bill fierce


Immigration-reform bill gains support Construction and agriculture officials are 'cautiously optimistic' that laborers would be treated fairly.

Melting knot
Three views of the immigration issue in America


Immigration bill would have big impact
If the Senate's compromise passes, it could have implications in North Carolina for everything from food prices to the cost of new homes


Flak from both sides greets compromise immigration bill


Workers find fault with compromise

Immigrant Legislation Splits GOP
Right Lashes Out At Bush and Senate Over Compromise

Finally Heard: N.C. farmers lobbied hard

Immigrants greet plan with concern, confusion


May 18, 2007

Some see promise, others catastrophe in immigration overhaul plan
Fight now focusing on new criteria for permanent residency


Angling On Border Deal Already Starting


Grower's housing for migrant workers illegal, judge rules


Immigrant supporters skeptical of plan, concede it provides hope


Immigration bill faces a wall of opposition
Attacks from left and right suggest that the latest push for change, although representing a potential breakthrough, could again end in a stalemate.


Immigration deal gives citizenship hope to thousands of S. Floridians


Farmworker shortages addressed
Farmworker shortages that have left tons of fruits and vegetables unplanted or unpicked would be relieved under the proposed immigration deal.


Farm workers would get special treatment


Senators strike immigration deal
In North Carolina, thousands of illegal workers could become legal, and the impact of the bill is heavily debated in the state


Immigration deal hailed for farmers


Senators in Bipartisan Deal on Immigration Bill

State looks into working conditions of deceased farmworker

May 17, 2007

White House backs off alien safeguards


Democrats, Republicans seek immigration deal


Senate still locked on immigration


Iowan follows immigrant to border
His fiancee, a former Swift & Co. worker, chooses to return to Mexico over spending more time in jail.


Tougher line on enforcemen


Unlicensed contractor faces civil penalties in Idaho




‘Historic' Immigration Deal Would Alter Visa Allocati


Farmers descend on D.C. to push immigration reform

CNY farmers push immigration bill
Apple growers and others say they need foreign workers to bring in crop.


State farmers lobby for visa changes

Immigration Overhaul Is Closer to Senate Floor
Proposal Would Offer Route to Legal Status, Shift Preferences to Skilled Workers


Ag-Mart faces fine for housing violations

May 16, 2007
Major Shift in U.S. Immigration Policy Possible


Feinstein, growers push for farm jobs clause in immigration bill


Time running out to strike immigration reform deal
Sen. Mel Martinez remains optimistic about his package, but differences persist before today’s initial vote


Senate Immigration Agreement Closer as Negotiations Continue


Deal for reform proves a struggle
Negotiators reach agreement on some tough issues but are far apart on others. A vote on a bill is delayed until Monday.


Labor shortage hindering harvest
Advocates blame raids, call immigration system broken


Farmers push to join guest-worker immigration bill


Senate negotiators unable to reach immigration deal
Stalemate could force a vote to take up legislation from last year


Labor pains: Farm operators face challenges bringing more migrant workers to Conesville to detassle corn

'A lack of controls'
Audit finds major flaws at troubled housing authority


Senators Report Progress on a Complicated Bill on Immigration


Lawmakers Close in on Immigration Overhaul

Bush, Kennedy join forces on immigration


Latino Groups Play Key Role on Hill
Virtual Veto Power in Immigration Debate

Immigrant Arrests Prompt Worker Debate

May 15, 2007
Ag company, UFW sign $95 million contract


Conference told more immigrants employed on Wisconsin farms


Labor pool short for grape harvest


Businesses lobbying for brain, brawn

May 14, 2007
No immigration bill? Senate debates anyway
Lawmakers expect a vote, agreement or not.


Ag leaders lobby for immigration reform


Workers arrested at Thumb-area dairy farm deported to Mexico


Hygienist helps farm workers get dental care


Ag union fights secret ballots
UFW now says process allows worker intimidation.


May 13, 2007
Mother of 11 With a Cause


A law without enforcement


Bush urges action on immigration bill
President hopeful bipartisan talks will bring reform

Migrant advocates seek alternative resolutions


Immigration change back on Senate agenda
As senators prepare to try yet again to overhaul immigration laws, negotiators haggle to craft a compromise bill acceptable to the House and the president.


Immigration Gyrations
Capitol Hill gears up for another raucous debate over reform


May 12, 2007
Senate set to debate immigration complexities


Visa plan troubles activists
Guest-worker proposal emphasizes job skills


Woodland school hears Chávez tales: Brother of

farmworker leader shares stories


Impact of Swift raid still being felt

May 11, 2007
Senate Democrats frustrated with immigration talks


Immigration Issue Gridlocked, Representatives Say


Lawmakers struggle to reach agreement on immigration

May 10, 2007

U.N. expert: Fla. migrants' tales 'worse' than expected

Immigration blossoms into issue

Immigration deal likely in jeopardy

Bush urged to step in as clock ticks


Reid Forces New Senate Debate on Immigration

He Would Revisit 2006, But GOP Is Warier Now

US Immigration Overhaul May Hit Farms

Senators stalled on immigration

Democratic leader plans to open debate on a policy overhaul on Monday.


Democrats push for debate on immigration ideas

Kyl to Dems: Don't dig in heels over immigration

Senate Dems start push for immigration reform

Sen. Kyl guiding reforms

GOP stalwart helping to craft bipartisan bill


May 9, 2007
Farmworker Justice Praises Rep. Baca's Leadership on Farm Bill

'Bargain' aims to deal with border, then guest workers

Ag-Mart denies charges; Despite setbacks, state isn't giving up on pesticide case

May 8, 2007
Incumbent challenged over immigration 

Christians eye immigration reform


Farms fear worker shortfall
Crackdown on immigration has many growers worried about short harvest season


A plan to pay for farmworker overruns
To end funding fiasco, cities, county share costs, rely on grants from state, vintners


New Coalition of Christians Seeks Changes at Borders


Corruption Leads to Deep Debt for Guest Workers


May 7, 2007
Study: County has nearly 7,000 farmworkers 

Church celebrates win by migrant workers
Tomato pickers' conditions improve with agreement


May 6, 2007
Housing back for migrant workers
More occupants expected


In an onion field, two lives intersect
One is a U.S. college student whose parents left behind the rice paddies of Laos. The other is a Mexican migrant who toils in Georgia's fields. Their encounter exposes two sides of the U.S. immigration experience.


Next up: immigration solution


May 5, 2007
Calderon the toastof Cinco de Mayo


Reforms may bring change to migrants' school funding
Bush concerned by flaws, possible fraud in states that get money.


A day of remembrance
For these farmworkers in the field, Cinco de Mayo is much more

than a day of festivities.

May 4, 2007
Senators push immigration talks
Clock is ticking as majority leader intends to bring bill to floor by May 14.


Mexican migrants' union demands action after murder

Some Demos consider floating own immigration plan

May 3, 2007
Growers want immigration reform to guarantee legal workers


Colo. coalition seeks changes in work visas
Builders, landscapers and hotels want to see immigration reform include visa adjustments.


Senators push immigration talks
Clock is ticking as majority leader intends to bring bill to floor by May 14.


Murder of union organizer alarms workers, activists

May 2, 2007
Hundreds carry the rally cry
Immokalee workers join others from across the nation in support of immigration reform


100 march to plaza to call for immigration reform
Workers, a few students, seek action in Congress


Immigrants, supporters raise voices for legalization
They stage a rally at Lake Eola Park as part of a national effort to bring about change.


Rallying for immigration reform


Protesters urge Congress to offer residency to illegal immigrants


March draws fewer people
Debate must continue, participants say


May 1, 2007
Immigration rally seeks to spark change

Many firms closing for Latino march
Government urged to cut back on raids

Rally today in SLC aims at immigration reform


Immigrant march today at 2 p.m. in Immokalee
Last year's march in Fort Myers drew about 75,000 people


Rallies to mark immigration protests of '06


Rally highlights immigrants