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March 31, 2007
Chavez legacy remembered in celebrations

Republicans undermine Chávez tribute


Cesar Chavez march honors the fight for migrant workers

ˇViva Cesar Chávez!

Cesar Chavez comes to life for students via gardening


Students march for a Chavez Day
About 500 converged on City Hall to promote the honor for the late labor leader and other causes. Turnout was smaller than last year's 40,000.


Students rally for Chavez holiday


'Viva La Causa' -- Chavez remembered


How labor leader inspired, empowered
Legacy of Cesar Chavez: Six stories of changed lives


Redlands honors Chavez
Actor Ed Begley Jr. on hand to celebrate icon


Immigration debate taken to Ellis Island


March 30, 2007
Classes on Chavez holiday bother some students


Cesar Chavez pilgrimage set for April 14


Guest-Worker Program Part of Government's Immigration Plan


Women guilty in migrant workers case


Scholarship helps migrant students further education


Labor leader's life honored
Hispanic community not deterred by rain in observing holiday


Honoring a Valley hero
Fresno program celebrates Cesar Chavez as his birthday approaches.


GOP immigration plan favors workers over relatives
The Senate proposal comes with strict stipulations that some advocacy groups say aren't feasible.

Cesar Chavez recalled firsthand at college forum


Remembering Cesar Chavez


Funding woes stall paychecks: Delmarva Rural Ministries CEO discusses difficulties


Remembering Cesar with Reverence and Realism

March 29, 2007 
Farm workers to march in memory of Cesar Chavez
Union will commemorate labor advocate


White House works behind the scenes for immigration reform
The administration has been meeting with key Republican senators to devise a consensus plan aimed at garnering wide GOP support.


March 28, 2007
Farmworker struck by machinery


César Chávez: His spirit is still leading


Judge criticizes state rules in Ag-Mart pesticide case

March 27, 2007
Immigrant-rights leaders say latest bill needs work


Chavez still relevant today
Students and others praise UFW pioneer at luncheon.


March to mark Chavez's birthday
The event is also a rally for immigration reform


Chavez's sister continues his drive to help others

March 26, 2007

Immigration Dance: Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back
Bush wants it badly -- so do business leaders -- and many

Democrats and Republicans are on board. So what's the problem?


Immigrant groups rally in L.A.
L.A.: Rival groups mark first anniversary of massive march.


New Immigration Bill Debuts, Activists Express Cautious Optimism

March 25, 2007
César Chávez: Yes, he did


Community set to celebrate Chavez


Dorm reform


March 24, 2007
Looking back, moving ahead
Organizers of last year's huge immigrant rights rally in L.A. reflect on successes and goals as they ready for Sunday's anniversary events.


March 23, 2007
Immigration reform goes before Congress


Bipartisan bill in Congress raises citizenship hopes for millions of immigrants


Immigration Reform Revisited
Bipartisan Bill in House Includes Guest-Worker Program


Chávez march spreading focus
Annual event to include coalition for immigrants


Immigration: Becoming 'legal' involves leaving U.S.

Doubts Arise on Immigration Bill’s Chances


Judge: Drop most violations against Ag-Mart
Company claims victory after judge recommends that nearly all the pesticide use violations brought against it be dismissed


March 22, 2007
Political pressures put immigration overhaul in doubt


6 women stood at forefront of farmworker movement


Kennedy-McCain partnership falters
Immigration bill on shelf amid campaign


New bill takes up immigration status


Warrants served in connection with migrant camp vandalism


Police search homes of activists
Minuteman leader, colleague targeted


March 21, 2007

Uneasy Alliance Over Legalizing Workers
Business, Labor Groups Lobby for Immigration Law


Another farmworker shortage feared
Produce growers are already signing up work crews,

increasing wages

New tactics disrupt illegal immigration
The Border Patrol is using an array of tools to cut

down on illicit border crossings. Interviews suggest

the crackdown is having an effect.

Legalization path planned
Bipartisan legislation expected to be introduced to

House later this week.

March 20, 2007
Kennedy says immigration bill will happen
California's Assembly Speaker meets with veteran

lawmaker as part of Washington lobbying trip.


As immigration raids rise, human toll decried
Arrests across US break up families

US authorities hold tougher line on hiring illegal

Criminal arrests, often of executives, quadrupled

in a year. But is it a tactic to pass a guest-worker program?

G.O.P. Candidates Confront Immigration Politics

March 19, 2007
Their battle isn’t over
Advocates keeping an eye on potentially

harmful legislation


The hidden cost of illegal workers
Low-skilled individuals, legal or illegal, cost

the government much more in services than

they pay in taxes.

McConnell eyes 'bipartisan' illegals bill

March 18, 2007
Collier commissioners’ immigration resolution blasted


MANATEE'S LATINO LEADERS: Health care expert

helps the infirm, powerless


MANATEE'S LATINO LEADERS: Journalist immersed

in migrant population


Farm workers, leaders continue struggle


Woman's arduous work supports 11 children


For workers, getting jobs is labor in itself


Hard Border: Crossing gets tougher


Gulf Coast "guest workers" claim that they were held in

"slave-like" conditions.

March 17, 2007 
Farmers ask for flexible guest worker program


Immigrant advocates gear up
Wish list of reform measures includes path to

legalization for most of the 11 million undocumented

migrants in the U.S.

Catholic leaders say immigration raids scare people

away from churches


Women Embrace Migrant Roots

March 16, 2007
Immigration reform effort running on several

tracksHouse, Senate alliances change along

with the strategies for a comprehensive bill


After New Bedford immigration raid, voices call for

mercy and justice
The March 6 roundup of illegal migrants brings

immigration reform's ethical conflicts into focus.

March 15, 2007
Tighter border will boost 'guest worker' plan's chances,

Bush says


Bush optimistic on immigration law

Immokalee arson fire: Lawsuits filed against trailer owner

Immigration Reform: Bush's Big Promises
The President assured leaders across Latin America that

he would push for reform. Now, he has to tackle Congress

Some believe immigration reform best achieved in pieces

Workers hit by freeze receive 'bit of a silver lining'


Calderon makes border talk personal as Bush visit ends
Revealing he has relatives who work in the U.S., Mexican

leader pushes reform


Under the county’s roof
Housing authority takes steps for more oversight


Bush Leaves Mexico With Optimism, but No Agreements


March 14, 2007
Pesticide education programs target fern workers


Bush reassures doubtful Mexico on immigration


Students Spend Break With Farmworkers


Immigration tops agenda as Bush meets with Calderon
Talks indicate U.S., Mexico eager to solidify tie


Judge: Farm labor provider at fault
Weiser woman must pay $3,040 in damages, obtain

state license, bond

Hope seen in White House-GOP immigration talks
Discussions to craft a proposal are viewed as a sign

of progress in resolving the issue.


From Mexico Also, the Message to Bush Is Immigration


Guestworker Program Rife With Abuse
Not Workable for Reform Bill, Advocate Says


Program aids migrant kids


Guest Workers Fighting Back

March 13, 2007
Immigration debate squeezes some businesses


Bill would assure proof of farmworker insurance


Guest workers cheated, abused, new report says


Kennedy moves to spur immigration debate
The senator decides to bring back a bill from last

session for consideration.


Immigration bill could get jump-start


Deportation issue shadows Bush's visit
Immigration is a sore issue for U.S. ally; Bush

touts guest-worker program.

Capitol Hill closes in on immigration reform
Proposed bills would create a guest-worker program

and a path to citizenship for illegal migrants.

Shameful treatment of guestworkers


Report criticizes guest-worker programs


Kennedy, Eager for Republican Support, Shifts Tactics

on an Immigration Measure


Bush says he wants immigration deal


Film to detail life of migrant farm workers' child

March 12, 2007
Indentured Servants in America


Group: Guestworkers System Being Abused

March 10, 2007
Workers: Promise became a prison
Thai men sue N.C. contractor


Prisoners to Work Colorado Fields
Attempt to Supply Workers Is Criticized by

All Sides of Immigration Debate

March 9, 2007
Dairy farmer favors guest worker reform
Stable and fair system needed for immigrant

workers in U.S., he says.

March 8, 2007
Union pushes to keep farmworkers safe
Rally salutes six who died in N.C.


Migrant apprehensions down, deaths up


Students Intern, Learn on Farms


Freeze Curtails Migrant Education Funding

March 7, 2007
Senator Kennedy Will Reintroduce Immigration Bill


Employers break silence to fight hiring sanctions
Companies banding together to support a

guest-worker plan


Interview with Lori Elmer, Farmworkers' attorney,

Legal Aid of N.C.

March 6, 2007
Survey details lives of Coachella Valley farmworkers


Grief grips Immokalee
6 injured in fire remain hospitalized as friends,

neighbors mourn mother, 3 children


Survey says farmworkers scraping by
Three-quarters make less than $15,000 a year; cost of living high


Worst fear comes true
Mother afraid arsonist would kill her family


March 5, 2007
Building a border
U.S. officials want to make the 2,000-mile southern frontier

inhospitable to crossers. But terrain, weather and human

ingenuity have been tough on the technology.


Guest workers' dreams hit realities in the fields

March 4, 2007
Inmates Will Replace Wary Migrants in Colorado Fields


Texas bill targets benefits of immigrants' children

March 3, 2007
Island Arcadia effort to begin


Valley stop on the campaign trail
Democrat John Edwards backs disaster designation

after Valley's crop freeze.


Edwards looks to lock up union support in California


Pro-immigrant groups urge reform
Plans include rallies, pressuring lawmakers


March 2, 2007 
Students feel stifled by program


Bush's Last Chance on Immigration

March 1, 2007
Secrecy could kill immigration reform


Attacks on smugglers puzzle feds


White House renews effort to overhaul laws


Summer programs for migrant teens discontinued


Colorado to use inmates to fill migrant shortage
Tough laws passed last year against illegal immigration

have created a need for farmworkers.

Calderon plans broad reforms of immigration


Democrats weigh Bush support on immigration


Fresh start on immigration overhaul
Bush administration officials tell a Senate panel that border

security and bringing illegal workers 'out of the shadows'

are priorities.


Blueberry farm agrees to pay $40K for labor violations


Bush team plugs immigration plan
Homeland Security and Commerce chiefs back comprehensive

overhaul, but caution Congress to keep it simple.

Migrant worker advocates get support from Washington