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June 30, 2007
Migrant worker reform lacking


Convicts replacing migrants in potato fields


Uphill battle seen for farm-field work force

Industry sets hopes on AgJobs proposal


Immigrants Work On as Bill Dies and Views Divide


Martinez rips those who voted to kill bill


June 29, 1007  

Farmers, others, seek to get remnants of immigration

bill passed


Mexicans Chide U.S. Over Immigration


Determined foes, heavy pressure decisive


Need for Cool-Down Drove Immigration Vote Switch,

Says GOP White House Hopeful


GOP's Standing With Hispanics Faces '08 Test in Wake of

Immigration Debate


Immigration bill stalls amid calls for 'enforcement first'


Reform likely not revisited for a while Immigration-bill

backers insist the issue isn't going away, but it may have

to wait till after the election.


Immigration advocates expect increased enforcement


Festival Celebrates Farmworkers


Immigration bill routed


Senate buries immigration bill In a defeat for Bush, the vote

may scuttle chances for major action on the issue


Bill opponents elated, backers pledge more efforts

Migrant rights groups say they will ask Bush to back a

moratorium on deportations.


Border reform dies in Senate


Immigrant issue is stuck in limbo


Facing long odds, Western growers hope to revive the

agriculture-only portion of the bill


Defeat Worries Employers Who Rely on Immigrants


Immigration bill's Senate defeat stuns Orlando advocates


Immigration overhaul dies in Senate


Backers say they will push forward

County, like much of nation, divided on Senate's defeat

of compromise


Immigration Bill Dies in Senate Bipartisan Compromise

Fails To Satisfy the Right or the Left


June 28, 2007  

Saving Pieces of Immigration Bill Lawmakers May Aid

Work-Force Levels; Some Want to Wait


Immigration bill's collapse may hit state's ag hard


June 27, 2007  

Senate Revisits Immigration Bill Foes Vow to Kill Measure

Within Days


After test vote, immigration deal has pulse Debate

allowed to proceed, with backers hopeful


Immigration Plan, Buffeted by Squabbles, Survives Initial



Skeptical Senate focuses on immigration – again

In a key vote, senators agree to reopen debate. But the fate of 27 amendments will determine whether the measure wins final passage.


Senate to debate immigration overhaul bill


Immigration bill passes key test, but hurdles remain

Make-or-break votes still pending as senators opt to debate measure


Senate votes to resume fiery immigration debate


Migrant ed graduates honored


Immigration Bill Clears Test Vote in Senate


Immigration bill back on table


Dwindling work force puts pressure on growers


Boxer's vote switch helps revive immigration bill

But as compromises on legislation pile up, odd alliance of

backers starts to fall apart


Growers feel the labor pinch


Gallo workers toss out UFW

After 125-95 vote, union accuses company contractors of

unfair influence


Guest Worker Program Isn't the Labor and Immigration

Panacea It's Cracked Up to Be

Just ask one of nearly 200 Thai workers who have joined

in a federal class-action lawsuit.


June 26, 2007

Guest-worker program doing well by migrants
Firm provides legal passageway to U.S. for thousands

of Mexican workers


States tackle migrant issue
Arizona's measure will be toughest in U.S. if it

becomes law


Family wins in court
But reprieve for tenants comes with a catch


Settlement Ends Workers' Suit
Guatemalans Say Imperial Nurseries Treated

Them Like Prisoners

No containing the grassfires


Migrant workers in area trafficking case 'feel at

home in New Haven'


Labor Coalitions Divided on Immigration Overhaul


Worker shortage takes toll on crops


GOP Immigration Fight Heats Up

June 25, 2007  

Illegal Immigrants Targeted By States

Impasse on Hill Spurs New Laws


Bill still faces Senate hurdles


Immigration Reform Could Be Key to Influential

Latino Vote in 2008


Outdoor Mass for migrant workers


Immigration debate returns

Lawmakers make positions known as topic is revived

on Capitol Hill this week


Pressure builds anew on immigration bill A Senate

showdown is expected this week on a proposed overhaul.

Bush calls the status quo 'unacceptable.'


Revived Immigration Bill Faces Tough Week


Senators Renew Debate on Immigration Bill


Diverse group of advocates shapes national reform


Senate immigration bill is back


Brockport welcomes back migrant workers


Wanted: Workers who will labor for less


Guest worker obstacles


Planned worker ID called vulnerable

Effort to control immigration could boost identity theft


First-person: A day as a farmworker in SLO County -

Hard and dirty work

Nine hours of chopping and boxing vegetables, hoeing

weeds and moving pipes leave a Tribune reporter with

sore muscles and a newfound regard for produce and the

immigrants who toil in the field


Need for immigrant workers in dispute


June 24, 2007
Is it work Americans won't do?
Heart of immigration debate is question of jobs and

who'll fill them


Immigration legislation's No. 1 threat is possibly on AM dial


Bush Urges Congress on Immigration Bill


Immigration bill ignites grass-roots fire
The conservative group NumbersUSA has seen its

numbers skyrocket. Activists pressure wavering senators.

Expert: Many farm workers illegal


Who will pick the crops?

June 23, 2007  

Federal funds secured for farm worker skills training program


Officials: Jump in immigration arrests not tied to 2006 protests


Mexican migrants make sacrifices in wine country


Immigration debate includes political theater
Tactics reveal the human face behind intricacies

of the policy dispute.


Celebracion del Campo Swells at Christmas Hill Park

Shrinking crop of migrant students?

Cherry growers: Picker shortage will be the pits


Migrant education changes drastically


June 22, 2007  

Local farmworkers plead for reform


Immigration rules hamper custom grain harvesters


Key vote nears on immigration Opponents vow to

kill Senate bill


Officials rescind eviction notice Freezing winter temps

kept many out of work


Immigration concerns were heard, group says


Hutchison says she won't vote to revive immigration bill  

Texas' senior senator says she cannot sanction illegal

immigrant 'amnesty'


Immigration Reform Affecting NM Farmers


Bush and Sessions in sync in Alabama

In a move that could help them both, they put aside

their differences on immigration for a fundraiser for

the GOP senator.


Jornada offers class during harvest time


Kennedy makes push for immigration bill


Feds blame plant's safety shortfalls in fatal accident


June 21, 2007  

Labor opposes immigration bill


Immigration amendment stirs criticism


Alamance farmers tout guest worker program


Senate makes new try for immigration bill Key vote

expected Friday, but many senators are barred from

adding amendments.


AgJobs bill stalled in senate


No one injured in Weare migrant camp fire


Immigration bill in four easy pieces


Big Ag Enlists Robots to Pick High-Hanging Fruit


Immigration Lifts Wages, Report Says White

House Asserts Only Least-Skilled Native Workers Are Hurt


Critics say pesticide panel's too political


Program turns farmworkers into farmers, fosters small



Both sides target Boxer in immigration debate The California

senator remains on the fence over a comprehensive

overhaul measure.


June 20, 2007
Reluctant Dems on Immigration Reform


Program Turns Farmworkers Into Farmers


Immigration Supporters Step Up Lobbying as

Senate Bill Stalls


New bill puts border security first
GOP group hopes tougher plan will scuttle Senate bid


Education key for migrants


Immigration-law enforcement bill pitched in House
Republicans offer guest worker plan, but no path to citizenship


Senators Webb, Tester, McCaskill are key votes


White House Report Lauds Immigrants’ Positive Effects


House bill puts border security over immigration


Dem poll finds tepid support for immigration bill


June 19, 2007
Union Seeks Role in Guest-Worker Program


Immigration vote a juncture for GOP


Critics Take Aim at Heart of Immigration Bill


Updated immigration bill gets shot before the Senate


On migrant plan, GOP leaders keep their distance from Bush


Braceros air back-pay problems
They take complaints to Mexican official visiting Fresno.


Health project targets migrants

Despite Bush’s Promises, Georgians Remain Skeptical

About Immigration Bill


Farmworker visas touted
UFW, immigrant activists say foreigners can help

safeguard food, provide other important services.


June 18, 2007
McConnell unsure of immigration bill


College struggles to give away $1.5 million in aid

Education - PCC's Rock Creek campus offers help for migrant

students to attend college, but few seek it


Florida Immigrants Take Concerns To White House


ICE raids protested


June 17, 2007

Anti-illegal immigration groups rally against bill

Rallies at the Nixon Library and Huntington Beach pier

draw supporters.


Feds tighten eligibility rules for migrant students


Farmers say export food, not workers
Immigration reform could deprive area farmers of workers


Made in Oregon . . . with plenty of help from Mexico
From farming to construction, illegal workers are ingrained


Protest backs migrant workers


Hess loses labor fight


June 15, 2007 
Immigration Bill Has New Life In Senate
Parties Compromise On Amendments


Senators plan to revive immigration bill


Senate Reaches Agreement to Revive Immigration Legislation


Bipartisan Senate group plans new push for immigration bill


Stalled immigration bill heads back to floor


Senate forges immigration deal


Senate strikes deal to revive immigration bill
Agreeing to trim the number of amendments, immediately

fund enforcement significantly improve the legislation's chances.

Deal revives immigration bill chances


Labor board rules against Krug winery
Winery to face charges in firing of 27 workers in 2006


Senate Leaders Agree to Revive Immigration Bill

June 14, 2007
Krug v. UFW decision due Thursday


UFW vote bill clears hurdle
Legislation would remove use of secret ballots


UFW bill clears state Assembly review


EPA fines Del Monte $25,000 for improper pesticide use at Kunia


FDA initiative to clean up tomatoes


Agency helps migrant workers find a place to call home
Housing shortage is ever-present, service agency says


June 13, 2007
Cherry growers get peek at the future


Bush presses GOP on immigration bill
Rebellion has him on unfamiliar turf


Most Americans Back Stalled Senate Immigration Bill, Poll Shows


GOP pushes Bush for commitment to border security
Some of the senators call for emergency bill to spend

billions on enforcement


Large majority supports path to citizenship
A poll finds 63% of all respondents, and 65% of

Republicans, back the controversial measure.


Bush's Senate visit fails to move GOP on immigration bill

Bush seeks support on immigration bill


Immigration raid pushes Oregon into thick of fight
As President Bush presses for reforms, agents arrest

167 at a Portland plant, escalating the national debate


Immigration crackdown tears families apart


Bush Strikes Out on Immigration


June 12, 2007
Mexico courses teach migrants American ways


McConnell offers hope Senate will revive immigration bill


Bush to Lobby Senate on Immigration; Reid Says Bill May Return


Farm bill may win migrants mattresses


Sen. urges immigration bill revival


New Woodland apartments are home sweet home to farm workers


Immigration seen as paramount problem for U.S. farms


Pro-reform Advocate Underwent Immigration Transformation


Bush hasn't given up on immigration bill


June 11, 2007
Farmworker transit plan gaining speed


Stalling of immigration bill dismays advocates


Unions fight against abuse of migrant laborers
Mexican and US organizers are risking their lives to

prevent guest workers from being swindled by

unscrupulous 'recruiters.'

Craig, Crapo still think immigration bill may pass
Lawmakers differ on reform package, but Crapo now

backs colleague's AgJobs plan to help Idaho growers

Migrant workers gain clinic


June 10, 2007
Irish, Latino Catholics march for immigrant rights
Participants call for revival of reform bill that failed in Senate


CSI Congress: Who slew immigration bill?
Both parties had "their hand on the dagger"

The ambitious compromise that Sen. Ken Salazar

helped craft fell prey to blasts from both extremes.

It could see resuscitation in fall.

Fewer peaches, fewer workers in Georgia
Frost killed nearly 80% of the state's crop.

One town faces a summer without its annual

influx of Latino laborers.

June 9, 2007

Talk of Resurrecting Immigration Bill Begins as Autopsy Goes On


Immigration bill's backers see hope
Senators say measure needs more debate


Immigration foes claim victory
But Cabinet officials are hopeful Senate will revive the issue

Revival of immigration bill before 2008 seems unlikely


Specter remains optimistic about immigration overhaul

Immigration defeat threatens N.C. crops


Immigration reformers don't give up


Undocumented workers stay on job, out of sight
Failed bill leaves them hoping Congress will revisit legalization.


Migrant reform bill sees denial
Some are hopeful a revival will be quick


Immigration bill takes a step back


June 8, 2007
A Failure of Leadership in a Flawed Political Culture


Immigrants disappointed over defeat


Immigration bill derailed in US Senate
Effort to cut off debate fails in blow to Bush


Immigration reform deal stalled, but not dead


Bush Must `Get to Work' on Immigration, Martinez Says


Immigration Bill Supporters See Glimmer of Hope
The immigration bill that incited a whirlwind of debate on

Capitol Hill in recent weeks crumbled on Thursday in a

dramatic Senate vote. Yet backers of the bill, heavy with

fatigue and exasperation, vowed to revive it.


Immigration reform bill dealt major blow
Measure 'on life support' after Senate rejects

motion to limit debate

Immigration overhaul implodes
Bill pulled from floor after failed move to end debate

Homeland Security handling investigation of Colfax dairy farm


Immigration bill fails key cloture vote


Senate immigration bill on the ropes
Lawmakers can't agree on how to handle amendments.

Reid plans to pull the measure and move on to other business.

Immigration bill on life support


Senate Abandons Immigration Bill


Immigrant Bill, Short 15 Votes, Stalls in Senate


Immigration bill shelved

Employers angry as talks fail


Immigrant bill killed in divided Senate


June 7, 2007
The Case for Amnesty


Immigration bill survives fresh set of amendments
Tempers grow short as package faces a key vote today


Othello migrant camps evacuated


Immigrant Measure Survives Challenges
Senate Vote Could Come Tomorrow


Immigration deal suffers a potentially fatal setback


Farmworkers' housing overcrowded, inadequate


Senate Rejects Most Efforts to Change Immigration Bill

Second thoughts on support for bill
Immigrant advocates say they may no longer back

compromise legislation.

Farmers urge Congress to legalize farmworkers now
Ag jobs bill could be OK'd separate from reform


U.S. Senate Faces Crucial Vote on Changes to Immigration Law


Migrants taught condom use


State's farms cultivating migrant labor


Immigration Bill Survives Major Challenge

June 6, 2007
Reid Says He Will Seek to End Debate on Immigration Bill


Immigration bill drags amid partisan sniping

Democratic Leader Seeks End of Immigration Debate


Senate GOP threatens filibuster on immigration bill
Texas legislators among those who want amendments

heard after Reid moves to pare list
June 5, 2007
Corn demand rekindles old occupation
Ethanol boom puts rural teens back to work in the fields for

company owned by DuPont




Opinions, Far Apart, Underscore Immigration Bill’s Obstacles

Valley's berry growers short on field pickers
Labor - Early rains and warm weather produce a strong crop,

but farmers can't find workers to harvest all of it

Life's a peach
Program lifts children of migrant families


Amendment threaten immigration bill


Illegals bill stems traffic only 25%


Fiscal lift, burden in immigrant legislation
Congressional report cites costs for decade


Reid says he'll work to limit amendments to immigration bill


Housing for Immigrants


Farmworkers' Housing Overcrowded and Inadequate, Paper Says


Southern growers fear loss of workers


June 4, 2007
Oceana County businesses feeling pinch of shortage


Calif. growers back immigration bill provision
It gives some workers green card eligibility


Two GOP lawmakers, South Carolina's Graham and Arizona's Kyl, take a calculated risk in backing the Senate bill.


Many employers are ready for immigration reform
Change is overdue, they say, but verification proposal causes concern


Guest workers have a long history in U.S.
Temporary programs become source of permanent labor force


June 3, 2007 
Migrants see abuse in guest worker jobs


Shattering Stereotypes About Immigrant Workers


Man bridges gap between field and courtroom


Many plant roots at Tierra Nueva
An award-winning housing development for migrant

farmworkers in the San Luis Valley makes an effort to

attract more workers.

Employers Oppose Hiring Provisions in Immigration Bill


Migrant workers: illegal or important? Migrant workers:

illegal or important?
Arrests leave Granby onion farm scrambling to find help

to harvest crop in July.

June 2, 2007 
Safeguards take effect for workers toiling in heat

June 1, 2007
Prayer vigil held for equitable immigration reform


Business' Tepid Take On Immigration Bill Grows

Cooler Still As Senators Tinker


UFW pushes to prevent chemical exposure to farm workers


Immigrant advocates object to 'draconian' provisions in Senate bill


Graham says new immigration law would aid state economy
Senator says bill vital for food supply


Immigration bill debate extends into June;

CF attorney says passage doubtful


States fight for farmworkers as border tightens


Immigration bill foes protest
Activists rally outside Chambliss' office


N.C. farmers say U.S. needs immigration reform