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July 31, 2007
Can Business Solve the Immigration Mess?
After the federal government failed to pass immigration reform, states and cities are looking to companies to address the issue


2 plead guilty to contracting farm labor without license

July 30, 2007
Pesticide link to autism suspected
A state study suggests two farm sprays may

raise chances of having a child with the disorder.


Illegal immigration to U.S. flourishes in desert

July 29, 2007  

Expert says immigration shift is near

Lawyer is warning businesses


To get the necessary skills, agriculture looks overseas


Migrant school offers seasonal instruction


Migrant teens at higher risk to fail


Migrant children challenge schools


You can't eat what they don't pick


Ave Maria University awards full scholarships to two Immokalee High students
One of the students undocumented, ineligible for grants or federal aid


FARMER CITY ó Surrounded by corn about as tall as she is, Kali McMullen trudges through a muddy field and pulls off the top part of a corn stalk.


July 28, 2007  

Idea floated to name street after Cesar Chavez


A source of hope for migrants


July 27, 2007
Senate OKs border bill

Hazleton immigrant law voided by judge


Migrant hot line stirs up Hispanic leaders


U.S.-born kids were in foster care as parents fought deportation


UFW loses second local vineyard

Workers at Kunde-owned vineyard in

Windsor vote to decertify union, saying promised benefits did not materialize


July 26, 2007  

Immigration situation = 'agrivation'


For many Mexicans, migration is a two-way street


Senators trade jabs over border security bill

$3 billion legislation gets bogged down in political wrangling


GOP border bill fails in Senate

Amid bickering, the $3-billion plan is

derailed by Democrats, who oppose

far-reaching enforcement measures.


Claim pesticides sickened Tulare Co. workers probed


Border security proposal doesn't fly

Senators reject GOP attempt to add

enforcement measures to spending bill.


July 25, 2007  

Migrant family seeks pay from Wood County grower


Senators seek to move farm worker provision without reigniting war


Labor violations cost farms Inspectors find workersí comp, other infractions




July 24, 2007

Minimum wage called elusive for some

As the federal pay baseline is raised for the first time in a decade, some analysts say it isn't enforced strictly enough.


Impending crackdown on illegals suspected


July 23, 2007  

Temporary Workers, Lasting Impact


Migration a two-way street for some Mexicans Working in U.S. gives chance to save money


K-State seeks grant for migrant program

U.S. Education Department denied KUís request for similar funding last year


Agriculture dependent on migrant workers


Poor housing plagues migrant workers


July 22, 2007  

How migrant labor helps local farms survive


Living in the shadows: An illegal immigrant tells what life is like and why he's going home


Mexicans in Florida share a rite of death 


July 21, 2007

Ag worker bill revived after defeat of immigration reform


Grape harvester illustrates mechanics of labor debates

A harvester joins the immigration debate, taking its makers with it


July 20, 2007  

Bush suggests lack of guest-worker program could trigger labor shortages


Heat rules ignored, workers say

Employers 'laugh at the law' on outdoor protection, farm labor groups contend.



Immigration Non-Harvest


July 19, 2007
Farmers Hurt By Lack of Immigration Reform

Assert rights, activists urge immigrants
Illegal residents are counseled on how to avoid detention


Clock ticking for guest workers
Small businesses press for extension of seasonal visa program


Groups meet for clarity on new immigration partnership

July 18, 2007

Parade lawsuit dropped; fee waived


Farmworker honored for rescuing coworker 


Workforce reduction: Hundreds of Pilgrim's Pride employees face layoffs if they can't produce paperwork to verify their legal status


July 17, 2007  

United Farm Workers sign first Oregon contract It is state's largest agricultural work agreement to date


Idaho Farmers Seeing Labor Shortage


Interns hit the Fields

Study helps identify migrant and seasonal farm workers' needs


Boardman dairy, laborers approve pact
Collective bargaining - The first such large contract in the state could open the way for other farmworkers


July 16, 2007  

Threemile Canyon Farms Signs Union Agreement


Potential deportees lying low




July 14, 2007  

Growers blame Global Horizons for labor violations


Yakima Valley farmworkers win $1.8 million in lawsuit


Skagit County migrant workers have better housing


July 13, 2007  

Ag labor union creation bill OK'd

Assembly passes measure to let workers sign cards instead of voting in secret.


Program introduces migrant workers to possibility of attending college


Heat deaths on farms draw little notice


Quincy school caters to children of migrant workers


Dreams of steady work fade for Hispanic workers


Suit yields $1.9 million in damages


July 12, 2007

Fair provides free medical screenings to migrant workers


Gregoire to work on open border


Center for migrant children half-filled


July 11, 2007  

For farmers, inmates step in for migrants


Bill would honor UFW founder Chavez

Measure aims to preserve key sites in labor leader's life.


Immigration interests look to new ways to satisfy concerns


Recognition for Cesar Chavez advances

The House approves legislation to give national status to key locales in the farmworker leader's life.


DOC pilot program working well

Farmers, inmates happy; a second crew will be out in the fields today.


July 10, 2007  

Bridgeton sued over May Day parade fee


Farmer Who Underpaid U.S. Workers Fined


Dairymen, growers learn that warrants aren't required for raids


July 9, 2007  

Greenfield migrant ed shines From aquarium to Washington, D.C., they're on the move


Workers Say Pesticides Made Them Sterile


Farmers fear strict laws, lack of reform may spark labor shortage


The migrant trail through Mexico

As the debate over immigration policies continues in the United States, the number of illegal immigrants heading to the US shows little sign of decreasing.


Migrants, industry hope for a reprieve


Immigration debate finds itself in play

Advocacy groups are using video and board games to advance their agendas and influence public opinion.


College filled her mind and heart


July 8, 2007  

Immigration Groups Slow the Push for Change


July 7, 2007  

Grant helps migrant students

Program helps more students qualify for college


Farmers eye immigration bill  


SPECIAL REPORT: Immigrant job safety


July 6, 2007
Migrant Head Start program arrives in Fallon

July 5, 2007  

Thai workers in Utah caught up in human trafficking probe Asian community rallies for aid


July 4, 2007
Gilbert farmer: Migrant-hire law will hurt agriculture

July 3, 2007  

House Republicans vow to take the offensive on immigration


Governor OKs toughest migrant-hire law in U.S. Napolitano cites inaction by Congress


U.S. Wheat Farmers Face Grim Harvests as Immigration Bill Dies


July 2, 2007  

Migrant student numbers dip


Migrant education program serves important role for many students


Businesses target failed immigration bill


Community Says 'Thank You' to Farmworkers


July 1, 2007
Enforcement effort continues against illegal immigrants

Assessing documentation creates a challenge for farmers


Help wanted: Farms can't fill jobs


Texas economy braces for immigration bill impact


After Billís Fall, G.O.P. May Pay in Latino Votes


Immigration proved too hot to handle It seemed like the time was right for reform, but a lot has changed since the 1986 overhaul.