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January, 2007




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January 31, 2007
Labor Uncertainty Worries Farmers
Farm Bureau Warns of Bankruptcies Without

Immigration Reform


Grower sued by migrant workers
Suit claims pay less than minimum wage


January 30, 2007
Evans gets 30 years; wife still awaits sentencing

for labor camp role


Shift immigration enforcement focus from borders

to employers, activists urge

Farm groups are optimistic on overhaul of immigration


Police investigate alleged vandalism at migrant camps


January 29, 2007
Education dilemma for illegals
Some pinning hopes on passage of DREAM Act


Raids point to call for reform


Speakers call for other ways to help illegal immigrants
Activists wary of boycotts


In Exchange for Records, Fewer Immigration Raids
Businesses Skeptical of New Federal Program


January 28, 2007
Agency sharing called key to ID theft, migrant woes

Bill Targets Employers' Illegal Hiring


Pro-immigration lobbies paying big money, but success elusive


January 27, 2007
Unions Split on Immigrant Workers


Labor group demands minimum wage apply to

farm workers


Labor camp owner given 30 years in prison
Ronald Evans sold homeless workers crack and beer

at his labor camps.


Farm boss gets 30-year term
A camp owner who exploited destitute, homeless men

by recruiting them for his labor camp was sentenced

to 30 years in prison on Friday.

Migrants threaten to sue over pay
Farm workers want higher minimum wage


January 26, 2007
Immigration lobbyists spend more
Lobbying likely to continue as leaders consider proposals


Naples tomato grower loses sexual harassment lawsuit


Workers hurt by freeze get aid
More than 12,000 left without jobs; state sets up

19 centers to provide immediate relief

January 25, 2007
Immigration advocate sees hope in Bush speech


GOP renews 'amnesty' defiance


Congress inching closer to immigration reform, lawmakers say


Latinos debate Bush's speech

Agricultural firm, five women settle sexual-harassment suit


Democrats Demand Bush Deliver Republican Votes on Immigration


Bill: Labor contractors must prove insurance
Workers' comp would be required for farmworkers

Utahns hopeful for immigration reform
Citizens on both sides of the debate look for a resolution

January 24, 2007 
Bush's words on immigration split Hispanics


Both sides criticize Bush on immigration


Blowing the whistle on illegal immigrants
Tired of waiting for Washington to enforce immigration laws,

small businesses have begun taking their competitors to court.

Gov. opens assistance center in Escondido

January 23, 2007
Senators propose changes after Swift raid


Migration reform to top Bush address
Dem-led Congress raises plan's chances


Students gather warm blankets


Senators rally on raids
Actions show firms need help screening immigrants,

they say

January 22, 2007
Freeze will dent relief agencies' supplies


Migration reform to top Bush address
Dem-led Congress raises plan's chances


January 20, 2007
Bill may allay fears of illegal workers


Freeze aid a hot topic among lawmakers


Farm worker help on the way
Lawmakers vow assistance following freeze


Farmers fear workers won't return
Tighter border restrictions could mean fewer

migrant laborers later

January 19, 2007
Alliance backs immigration overhaul


Panel supports farmworker transit

State opens centers to help workers hurt by cold


January 18, 2007
Recent bill to help agriculture, immigrants


Governor's aid plan lauded
Immigration status won't have bearing on eligibility


Freeze leaves many without work

January 17, 2007
Migrant workers sue over pay


MTI program seeks cold-weather gear for migrants

January 16, 2007
CSU profs trade barbs over MLK Day speech


Sowing Fields of Hope
Student captures art contest, plans career


January 15, 2007
A friend of farmworkers
Bishop to step down Friday, but his support for Immokalee

workers has left a legacy of advocates from religious groups


Immigration advocate to lead House panel


Immigrants send hope


City, county study van pools for farmworkers


Farmers adjust to uncertainty of migrant labor force
Cornell expert says U.S. workers' aversion to manual

field labor exacerbates problem

January 14, 2007
Nun: Human trafficking is 'alive and well' in U.S.


Education key to fighting trafficking
Experts stress staying alert and learning

signs of human trafficking


Program helps farmworkers receive education

and better-paying jobs


Dancing Nun Fundraiser

January 13, 2007
Bill would aid immigrant farm labor
Workers' 'blue card' could lead to residency in U.S.


Border bishops prepare for World Day of Migrants

State fights pesticide accidents
Budget increase aids efforts at regulation


January 12, 2007
Panel: Immigration laws could affect Pa. farmers


Seasonal workers a growing concern


Leases denied due to farmworkers' immigration status


Citrus Grove Accident Torments Family


Big hopes for guest worker bill
AgJobs would give undocumented laborers temporary

residency card


Immigrants will rally Sunday for reform


Immigrant farm labor bill may be way to legal status


January 11, 2007
Second try for farm labor bill
Valley ag interests back plan stalled by immigration furor.


Lake County farmer pleads for workers
Scully joins senators in D.C. backing bill to legalize migrant laborers


Activist calls for equality for immigrant workers

L&I drops farm labor licensing proposal


Backers begin push for guest worker bill

Cannon's immigration bill may pass in '07


Bracero revival could be stirring


A path to citizenship for farmworkers
California's senators introduce a bill creating a 'blue card'

for illegal immigrant laborers they say are essential to

bringing in U.S. crops.

Guest worker bill reintroduced

January 10, 2007
Growers to back guest worker program
Legislation would help ease labor shortages, backers say


Co-founder of United Farm Workers to speak


Growers pushing legislation to ease farm labor shortage


Plow under growers' dodge


U.S. farmers burdened by immigration: Reuters poll

Second try for farm labor bill
Valley ag interests back plan stalled by immigration furor.


January 9, 2007
Hispanic leaders call for reform on immigration within 100 days

January 8, 2007
Farm Bureau chief wants an overhaul of labor system
Recent plant raid a major talking point during SLC convention


Farmers group focuses on need for legal workers


Solving undocumented migration a complex problem


Oregon's pesticide reporting system takes root
Some data will be used to track effects on health


Border fence cost could reach $49 billion, study says


January 6, 2007
Workers making voices heard
Centers sprout, help immigrants speak up, while

many employers push to increase the number

of green cards and work visas issued


CNY dairy farmers visit the village of their Mexican laborers


Taking injustice personally
Rather than touting his past civil rights successes,

Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center

is finding new causes to back

January 5, 2007
Swift raids slice $30 million, packer says
The costs will come in finding and training workers to replace

1,300 rounded up at six plants in an immigration crackdown.


N.C. judge sides with Ag-Mart


County retreats on illegal migrant tenant law


California investigation clears UFW-linked charities

January 4, 2007
Lack of Rules on Protective Gear Brings Suit Against Labor Dept.


Immigrant Processors Fall Behind
System Overwhelmed Even Without 'Amnesty,' Guest Workers


Group makes no decision on immigrant driving issue
The task force says more study is needed on whether

people in Iowa illegally should be given privileges.


Wanted: Local Enforcers of Immigration Law
Questions Remain, but Regional Jail Is Likely Agency for Job to

Be Shared With Federal Government

Farm tragedy yields $4.2M award
Jury finds employer, landowners negligent in 1998 death of

farmhand overcome by gas from Copake silo

Marshalltown students worry after Swift raid
For those who had family members taken, it's 'like a death,' a teacher says


Apopka nuns seek money for community center


Immigration first
Broad reform of broken system priority for 110th Congress

Alarm bell rung over U.S.-Mexico benefits pact


Ruling benefits Ag-Mart
State vows to still pursue case involving pesticides


January 3, 2007
Immigrants' birth rights

January 2, 2007
EPA facing lawsuits over pesticide rules


Congress is set to revisit immigration


No Americans Need Apply? Work Ethic Questioned

January 1, 2007
Nonprofit is Helping Farm Laborer With Medical,

Living Assistance After Stroke


Immigrant groups set for charge in Congress
Local immigrant advocates are gearing up for

a fresh push on comprehensive immigration

reform in the new Democrat-controlled Congress,

which opens for business next week.