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February 28, 2007
Study says immigrants vie with earlier arrivals
Newcomers not taking jobs from U.S.-born workers


Inmates may step in as farmworkers


Aquarium honors migrant camp youth


Immigration seen as boon to natives
Influx helps create jobs, study says


Inmates fill labor gap for farmers
Stricter immigration rules spur growers to tap state prisons


Agencies differ on migrant law
County seeks wider role in helping feds tackle immigration


Death of local farmworker under investigation

Kennedy, McCain try again on immigration
Bill would keep fence, but ease way to citizenship


Legislation would strip benefits from U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants

February 27, 2007
Migrant workers fear backlash
Officials praise farmworkers for help identifying suspect


Despite push to expand guest worker program, abuses abound


Inmates to fill the void in farm fields
Pilot program to help farmers replace workers driven off by

state's new immigration laws.

U.S. Immigration Reform Bill Could Pass by July
A U.S. congressman tells the Tech Industry Summit that

Congress could pass an immigration reform bill by July.

February 26, 2007

More fruit growers ready to use guest-worker program

Labor contractor sues state

Hispanics do jobs others in U.S. "won't stand for"

February 25, 2007
Housing plan put on back burner
A grant will be returned, but agency isn't giving

up on farmworker assistance.

Immigration bill squeezes Democrats
Lawmakers must seek to meet needs of U.S.

labor unions, migrant workers

Illegal workers use fake IDs, Social Security

numbers to get Vermont jobs

February 23, 2007
Union misled farmworkers, state panel says
A labor board rules that the UFW didn't fully

disclose that some dues could be withheld.

Fla. businesses seek debate on immigration 


Immigration policies need revamping, panel says

February 22, 2007
Migrant arrests drop along the border


Orosi farm labor contractor fined after worker traffic deaths


Along US-Mexico border, not enough hands for the harvest
Arizona farmers cite tighter border security and limits on

guest workers. They're paying field hands $2 more per hour.

February 21, 2007
Follow the money: Officials ID sources, solutions

for housing overruns

February 20, 2007
Bill targets seasonal workers' insurance
On-the-job injuries could be covered


No evidence of federal roundups in area


February 19, 2007
Drug cartels want migrants' routes
Fight to control corridors on Arizona border

turns violent

February 18, 2007
Farm run by governor's in-laws employs

undocumented workers


Illegal immigrants prep for possible deportations

February 17, 2007
Farmworker housing vacancies threaten budget,

jeopardize opening of renovated camps


Ousting of migrants is short-term fix


House vote gives guest worker bill a big boost

February 16, 2007
Time for a History Lesson: the Real Story About U.S.

Guest Workers


It's warmer, but families still feel freeze
Thousands affected by citrus-damaging chill line

up at food giveaways in Valley.

1 dead, dozens treated in crash of migrant bus

and minivan near Miami


Michigan recruits migrant workers
Officials target areas in Texas in hopes of luring

farm workers to avoid harvest shortage.


Guest workers allege slavery locally


Tomato pickers rally at Burger King headquarters
Immokalee tomato pickers gathered outside Burger King's Miami

headquarters to protest unfair wages and working conditions.


Farmworkers urge Burger King to help improve work conditions

February 15, 2007
Coachella center to get money to help farmworkers


Following the Amnesty Trail
Leo W. Banks follows one of Arizona's most popular illegal

alien crossing routes and finds piles of garbage, trampled

public lands, angry residents and the suspected presence

of a vicious gang

Meatpacking injuries beef up union push


Study cites funnel effect for 20-fold increase in

migrant deaths


No farm worker aid for county
Governor's office says nonprofit in Riverside reported

no need here


Commission votes to continue work on decrepit housing


Florida farmworkers take aim at McDonald's


Views on migrant workers discussed

February 13, 2007
Flower farmers aim to stem pesticides
Some Colombia growers have cut use, but workers are

still at risk, consumer advocates say.

February 12, 2007
Immigrant sought higher wages in U.S.
Guatemalan worker could make 10 times

the money here that he earned at home.

February 11, 2007
Report: Mexican farm workers lack adequate health care


Immigration reform may or may not be issue in '08 elections


Bipartisan push revives farmworker bill
Senators reintroduce agriculture jobs act that would overhaul

guest worker program, enable undocumented workers to

become legal residents

Immigration activists discuss second boycott
Latino groups remain divided


February 10, 2007
Woman linked to Minutemen investigated in vandalism

Protestors gather at the park


Migrant March’s second trip along border looking

for immigration stories


February 9, 2007
OSHA cites surveyor, dairy farm in deaths


Son of convicted labor boss gets 6 years


Farm workers to receive $30,000 food donation


February 8, 2007
Impact of migrant camps is uncertain
4 illegal villages razed in 6 months


Suit to Charge That Nursery

Mistreated Laborers


New bills would provide more than

$1.2 billion to freeze victims


Migrant camp vandalism investigation continues

February 7, 2007
Farmworkers Face Eviction
Immigration Status Affects Dozens Of Families In Wasco


Burger King rejects farmworkers’ call to pay more for tomatoes


Arrests of illegal immigrants dip at border
Policy changes, troop boost cited as possible reasons


Growers back bill for legal workers


Wasco farm workers await Gov. Schwarzenegger's

approval to cease evictions

February 6, 2007
Migrant worker becomes mentor to youths
Tomas Carrillo uses his experiences to motivate his students


Funding for 700-mile border fence falls short


Burger King rejects request to raise tomato prices
Efforts to get Burger King to pay more for its tomatoes

and help improve farm-worker wages have failed.

The chain has rejected a request to pay an extra penny

per pound.


State policies trap Mexican farm workers

February 4, 2007
Mexican workers fear deportation in Vermont


Dorm For Workers Seeks City OK

Marchers protest immigration bills


Farm workers see hope in federal wage increase

February 3, 2007
Court: No discrimination

February 2, 2007
Democrats urged to address immigration
A comprehensive immigration overhaul and temporary

protected status for Haitians should be government

priorities, urged two Republican congressmen from Miami.

Forests eye new work model


2nd Migrant March will get personal

February 1, 2007
Farmworkers Sue Major Florida Tomato Producer For Back Wages


State to feed farm areas hit by freeze


Cold freeze costs farm workers jobs