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December, 2007

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December 30, 2007
A voice for the voiceless


Immigration an issue, even in small-town Iowa
Hispanics reviving fading economies as state's migrant debate heats up before vote


December 28, 2007
Vineyard Workers Services ready for new year


Children of migrant workers face their own difficulties


Workers may not always wish to stay near work

December 27, 2007
Migrant activists manage few wins

December 26, 2007
Illegal workers a necessity for some farmers, but not all

December 25, 2007

Immigrant Crackdown Falls Short
Despite Tough Rhetoric, Few Employers of Illegal Workers Face Criminal Charges


Mechanized harvesting may take over N.M. chile
Lack of labor, foreign imports forcing change, farmer says.


New law gives labor-starved Yuma more challenges


Illinois Migrant Council urges cancer screenings for farmworkers, Latinos
Non-profit group helps state's farmworkers, many of whom are migrant Latinos, get access to free cancer screenings and other services


Mexican ritual draws dozens of children

Catholic church youth group on mission to help migrants


Migrants do variety of labor

December 24, 2007  

Immigrant laborers a benefit to farms


Tomato Pickersí Wages Fight Faces Obstacles


Immigration in the heartland is heart of debate


December 23, 2007  

Mobile clinic brings the doctors, services to farmworkers


Dreams of returning home sustain Guatemalan immigrants


December 22, 2007  

Farm labor contractor faces suit over hiring  

Firm schemed to avoid using U.S. workers, group says


December 21, 2007

Sheriff: Scams Helped Illegals Drive


Judge tours migrant housing camp  

A hearing on the fate of run-down trailer park is scheduled for January


December 20, 2007

Labor camps get a boost


McNeal presents received


Ag Contractors Accused of Corruption

Lawsuit says ag company stole from farmworkers


Judge tours Thermal mobile home park


Pioneer Hi-Bred settles migrant workers federal case out of court


December 19, 2007
Farms fear shortage of foreign workers


Slave labour that shames America
Migrant workers chained beaten and forced into debt, exposing the human cost of producing cheap food


Judge May Not Step in to Halt Arizona Law


Flaws emerge in pesticide law

December 18, 2007
Burger King as Scrooge


Low-income units coming to Royal City

Homes are for farm workers 



December 17, 2007 
Longtime chief of state migrant council fired


Bringing holiday cheer to migrant families


Illegal workers on state agenda Six bills target illegal immigration in Florida as national efforts stumble.

December 16, 2007

Grant approved for farmworker van program


December 14, 2007
Latinos report migration anxiety


Ag workers group suing for more details on guestworkers


Pesticide dangers topic of speech

December 13, 2007

Immigration solution? Dairy hiring firm helps bridge vexing challenge


December 12, 2007  

Immigration's bedfellows find they actually can share the blanket


Migrant housing construction almost complete


December 11, 2007  

St. Louis firms fear economic hit if guest worker visa program not renewed


Swift Raid Impact: Labor shortages likely will continue  


December 9, 2007

Former illegal awaits a more open immigration policy

Miguel Ruiz, who now creates jobs, wants more open immigration policy


'Deadliest migrant trail in U.S.' is right on Tucson's doorstep


Move to honor Chavez hits a roadblock

In Portland, Ore., naming a street after the activist proves difficult. A series of hostile meetings ends in an impasse.


SAVE Act, lack of reform are real threats


December 8, 2007  

McConnell touts ID cards to guarantee guest workers here legally


December 7, 2007

Family accused of enslaving workers at Immokalee camp


December 6, 2007

Migrant workers settle labor lawsuits


Battling for workers


Businesses want foreign labor visa plan to grow Opponents see practice as model for creating guest worker program


December 5, 2007  

U.S. gets tougher on illegal hiring

Homeland Security Department plans to appeal a federal judge's ruling that blocked efforts to target workers with inconsistent Social Security data.


Gordon's reverse on police migrant rules stirs debate


Businesses' push for guest worker plan faces resistance


December 4, 2007 
School and employer reach out to migrants

December 3, 2007
Rot in the Fields
As farmworkers become scarcer, Congress dithers.


Wash. Growers Focus on Labor Needs


Legal foreign guest workers caught in middle of immigration stalemate
Thousands could lose jobs unless Congress revises work permit law

California Tries to Reach Out to Punjabi Farmworkers

D'Arrigo-UFW pact sprouts after 32 years


December 1, 2007
Hundreds protest Burger King over farmworker wages, working conditions


Protesters target Burger King
Beef is over wages and treatment of farmworkers


Church, school to offer Manatee migrants merry Christmas


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