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August, 2007




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August 31, 2007 
News goes from bad to worse for some local growers

Illegal workers face new federal offensive


Farmers finding enough workers

Observers say housing slowdown may have shifted some labor back into agriculture


August 29, 2007  

Ministry leader seeks Fla. sanctuary


Farmworkers Association leader criticized


Judge: FEMA and farmworkers can skip mediation


Oregon union sues over higher immigration fees   July change - Farmworkers claim a federal agency has excessively raised fees without better service


August 28, 2007  

Farming out Scappoose Bus tour markets Scappoose to Hillsboro’s Hispanic leaders


August 27, 2007  

Worker At Voluntown Tree Farm Says Pesticides Made Him Sick


Honoring laborers: Dia del Campesino puts focus on Mexican heritage


August 26, 2007

Immokalee farmworker activists take on Burger King


August 25, 2007  

'Guest worker' plan assailed

GOP legislators rip idea to open office in Mexico


Blueberry farms turn to mechanical harvesters


Festival to honor farmworkers Sunday


Crackdown on illegal workers stirs fear of labor shortage


August 24, 2007
Federal immigration rules upset apple cart

Coalitions unite behind farm workers for better wages


Feinstein goads growers
Senator asks Fresno farming forces to save

guest-worker bill and the U.S. industry.

Lake County's pear crop better this year thanks to labor pool

Tobacco workers sickened


August 23, 2007

Lawmakers clarify plan for migrant workers


Feinstein to push guest-worker bill

Senator to assure that farm legislation is a priority in today's Fresno appearance.


County: Vintner's farmworker camp is illegal


August 22, 2007
US farmers using prison labor
With tightening restrictions on migrant workers, some farmers are turning to the incarcerated.


Farmers question immigration crackdown


A more legal labor force?
Napa employers wary of federal crackdown

on undocumented workers

Help wanted: Guest workers
Lawmakers want state to recruit laborers in Mexico


Idea sounds 'real good' to Brighton farm family

Farr serves farm workers


Editorial: GOP Immigration Meltdown

August 21, 2007
Immigration crackdown threatens bumper

U.S. apple harvest

Employers brace for immigration changes


Farmer says crackdown could kill agriculture


Farmer pursues permits for
housing laborers


Plenty of Apples, but Possibly a Shortage of Immigrant Pickers

August 20, 2007
Employers wary of new crackdown on illegal immigration


Immigrant says his success not so unusual

August 19, 2007  

Migrants among few willing to work on farms


Worker is proud of his roots, both old and new


Almond ads face labor threat

Union wants to block Blue Diamond from taxpayer funded export program.  


For some farmers, harvest is all about finding workers


Immigration rules hit farmers hard  

Congress' delays on reform could hurt harvests


August 18, 2007

Businesses won't let immigration reform die


August 17, 2007  

Immigration reform draws mixed reactions from growers, field workers


Shoshoni mushroom farm reopens


Migrant schools will open despite dispute


Hurricane Dean Delays Vermont Pickers


Farm growers brace for flow of immigration letters

Under new federal workplace enforcement rules, California growers worry they might see their labor force dwindle.


August 16, 2007  

Farmers Fear Illegal Immigrant Crackdown


Crackdown on migrant workers worry local farmers


Migrant Medicine Clinic, Pantry Meet Needs Of Rakers


Farmer pursues permits for housing laborers


August 15, 2007
Locals brace for crackdown on hiring undocumented immigrants

New guidelines could cause farmworker shortage


Border no barrier for long-shot candidate

Dual citizen runs in U.S. for Mexican state governorship.


Student Action with Farmworkers advocates for N.C.'s migrants

Activists work on migrants' behalf in the fields and at the statehouse


August 14, 2007
Growers wary over immigration rules

Unsafe housing only option for farmworkers
Proposed shutdown of unsanitary trailer park highlights problem: Coachella Valley lacks decent, affordable homes


Crackdown on migrants could be felt in Manatee
Lack of local immigrant workers might raise cost of produce, says West Coast Tomato in Palmetto


Immigration Rules: An Economic Disaster?
Homeland Security's plan to crack down on employers will gut industries of workers and drive more immigrants underground, say opponents


Teams inspect more Coachella Valley trailer parks
Few details are released, but officials say the parks aren't in as bad a shape as nearby Duroville, which is targeted for possible closure.


Migrants' program looks safe for year


Chambliss: Border security crucial to addressing immigration complexities


Ripple effect from migrant crackdown feared in N.C.

Attorney general’s office: Migrant funds ‘misused’


August 13, 2007
Lack of Workers Poses Threat to Olive Harvest

Farm Workers Dwindle As Deportation Fears Climb
Legal, Migrant Workers Scared Away, Farmers Say


Immigrant measures stir hiring concerns
Some say federal moves are overdu


August 12, 2007

DOC's inmate program gearing up for the harvest

DOC chief anticipates going statewide with long-term inmate farmworker program.


Immigration laws lead to worker shortage Colorado's crackdown on illegal immigration sends a much-needed work force packing.


Fewer trying to cross border

New rules could deter more Mexicans


Stricter border controls mean shortages of labor locally



Teens' deaths hit migrant workers hard


August 11, 2007  

Farmers Call Crackdown on Illegal Workers Unfair


U.S. unveils illegal-hire rules

Firms that don't comply can be prosecuted


Farmworkers tell EPA about chemicals


Feds go after illegal workers

Firms face fines if they ignore warnings about false Social Security numbers.


For employers, cost to be high for illegal hires Business groups, immigrant advocates, unions decry moves


Farmers object to feds' hiring crackdown

Plan to go after businesses that use illegal workers will cripple state's agriculture, they say.


Immigration rules may hurt economy

Crackdown on employers could cause havoc in agriculture, healthcare and other industries, Chertoff acknowledges.  


Plan cracks down on employers

Package of 26 initiatives includes accountability when it comes to workers' documentation. Lawmakers from both parties question if this is the right course.


Immigrant rules raise fears for Fla. Business


New immigration rules will force undocumented workers to be fired


Crackdown on illegal immigration has Florida growers worried about labor shortages


Fake IDs catch up to laborers

Bush administration to crack down on Social Security fraud by targeting immigrants, employers


August 10, 2007

Immigration crackdown worries employers


Administration Announces Stepped-Up Immigration Enforcement


Field General


White House signals immigration reform is dead


Crackdown to focus on illegal hires

White House seeks stricter control of border, immigration 


Immigration reform draws mixed reactions from local growers, field workers


Administration plans immigrant crackdown


Feds probing D.C.’s migrant education grants


New Plan Steps Up Immigration Enforcement


August 9, 2007

Immigration debate: Firms warn of lack of workers

Federal crackdown could force firings across the state.


In Boston, Chertoff laments failure of immigration reform


Impact of new immigrant rules unclear

Social Security review prompts worries


Gillibrand at farm forum

Congresswoman talks agriculture with public during firehouse event


Immigration A County Concern


Flames kill farm worker inside burning Goleta bungalow


U.S. job market getting tougher, migrants say


Illegal Immigrant To Brain Surgeon


Proving Worker Status Poses Burden to Farms


August 8, 2007
Farmworkers, FEMA sent to mediation over housing

Immigration ID rule rankles Florida industries


Growers OK money for farm camps
Nearly $10 per acre to pay for migrant farmer housing


Government Set for a Crackdown on Illegal Hiring


August 6, 2007  

Hundreds turn out for Farmworkers Fiesta


August 5, 2007

Migrant workers enjoy new accommodations, courtesy of Red Gold


Farm workforce shrivels

Plenty of plums but not nearly enough workers to pick them has farmers anxious about harvest time in central California's San Joaquin Valley. Worries are similar for apple orchard operators in Washington.


Agencies build bridges between two cultures 'Thank You' program for area farm workers provides services.


Migrating Dental Care


Tobacco pickers extend tradition


August 4, 2007  

Bridging cultures at migrant camp


BAKERSFIELD - The United Farm Workers Union is asking the agricultural industry to stop violating farm workers’ rights.


Rules on illegal workers stir fears

Farming, restaurant and other industries would have to scramble for laborers under planned regulations, critics say


After-school program reinstated at Homestead migrant camps


Pesticide applicator fined $9,000 for spraying accident


Republicans hardening stance on immigration


August 3, 2007  

Church gathers items for migrants


Migrant program prepares students for success in school


In Central America, child migrants now face perils alone

Youths are increasingly making the risky journey through Mexico to the US without parents.


Immigration issue arises at farm tour


Migrants, Amish face high injury risk


In Increments, Senate Revisits Immigration Bill


Talley Vineyards to release special wine for farmworker charity


August 2, 2007

Douglas County will extend `temporary' farmworker housing


Orchard blaze may have been a ‘hate crime'


August 1, 2007

Migrant worker wins $1 million, keeps working


Unions to sue EPA over pesticide made by Dow Chemical subsidiary


Lawsuit expected to challenge pesticide use Court action will seek to end use of a substance critics say caused farmworker illness.


Migrant policy group stresses

English Study suggests new instruction program to ensure workers compete globally.


EPA faces suit over farm use of once-banned insecticide