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April 29, 2007
Don't march or rally on boycott day, activists counsel region's immigrants


Hundreds rally for immigration reform in Houston


Bush takes another run at the border
Speaking in Miami, he raises the immigration issue in a bid to regain some momentum on domestic policy.

Feelings mixed as marches near
May Day plans stir both eagerness and concern. L.A. braces for throngs at the two events, which reflect the splintering of migrant-rights activists.

Moving in and moving on


Analysts: Tough political road for immigration reform


Scores march in St. Helena for immigration reform


A festive support group of hundreds
Immigrants find strength in numbers at Solidarity Sunday


Valley Hispanics debate direction of rally


Spring heralds return to the fields


April 28, 2007
Immigrant workers to rally Tuesday

Carlsbad panel supports shelter 'concept' for farmworkers

April 27, 2007
Anniversary of big immigation march subdued


New Pesticide Restrictions


Harvest is great but workers may be few
Farmers wonder if laborers will return to the growing fields

April 26, 2007
The urgent need for AgJOBS legislation

April 25, 2007

Protect FLOC staff, panel tells Mexico


Swift exec blasts federal program for doing a poor

job at weeding out illegal employees


Supes want cities to help cover farmworkers camp costs


April 24, 2007
Immigrant activists plan repeat May 1 rally


UT helps migrant students gain education

April 23, 2007
Good farm hands hard to find
Central Valley farmers fear shortage of migrant

workers will affect harvest


United on immigration, Democrats divide voters


Immigration issue fuels season of back-room deals
Letter from Washington: Senators meeting with

White House officials to try and reach agreement on a bill.

Another migrant worker killed in Orange County

School boycott, march pushed for May 1


Guest-Worker Debate: Human or Mechanical Labor?

April 22, 2007
Job raids dampen plans for rallies
Organizers say fewer immigrants will turn out this May 1.


April 20, 2007
FLOC pushes for action in man's slaying
Union leader believes death in Mexico tied to corruption


Monte Vista raid shakes Colorado's farm groups
Immigration agents arrest 22 at potato plant


No funds for farmworker transit planned

April 19, 2007
Fatal car crash in Boynton leads to deportation risk for 39 immigrants


Fla. lawmaker: Shift blame for illegal immigrants to employers


FLOC Expects Mexican Police Report on Santiago Rafael Cruz's Murder


Woman dies after bus toting migrants hits her

Agencies answer farm workers' plea
Winter freeze creates difficult times for many


After McDonald’s Victory, Labor Activists Target Burger King

April 18, 2007
Congress working on immigration, again


Farmworker Coalition Returns Triumphant

April 17, 2007
What's the big deal about an extra penny?
Nothing. Unless you pick this:


Group calls for migrant rallies

April 16, 2007
Bipartisan immigrant bill called a 'lie'
Tucson rights group says legalization path in plan is too strict


Bush, Business Target Republicans in Last-Ditch Immigration Try

April 15, 2007
Braceros monument pays tribute to Lompoc's pioneering farmworkers


Pickers get this break


Spring brings farm labor troubles to Michigan


Chavez march lauds labor icon


Immigration bill gets mixed reaction
Supporters, opponents question its effectiveness.


Impact of immigrant marches uncertain


Immigrants get promise of reforms
Bill will pass, Emanuel tells rally


April 14, 2007
Bishop praises farmworker deal
McDonald's agreed to pay more for tomatoes to help the pickers


Farmworker advocates protest Burger King

April 13, 2007
Union rep's slaying called revenge
Sean Mattson
Express-News Mexico Correspondent


Immigration bill turns less friendly to millions of illegals


Farmers Feel Labor Shortage


Immigration Reform Has A Shot In 2007, But No Sure Thing

April 12, 2007
Immigration, drug abuse, environment are key conference issues


Cannon addresses immigration


Immigrant needs, woes: Cannon meets in Utah about the AgJobs bill


Farmers put their hopes on guest-worker program
They say under the fed's present plan they are losing production


Fielding convicts
Is Pueblo County's new prisoner labor program a solution

to farmers' staffing woes or a shortsighted mistake?


April 11, 2007
FLOC worker from Toledo killed in Mexico

Farm-labor union employee killed in Mexico
Toledo organization unpopular for aiding migrant workers


Housing agency hopes for all-time highs at farmworker camps

April 10, 2007
McDonald's to pay penny more per pound of tomatoes


Bush renews border-law pitch


McDonald’s, farmworkers agree to pay hike


Bush touts 4-point border plan
President again pays visit to Yuma area, hails improvements

McDonald's ups tomato ante
Chain agrees to pay workers who pick its tomatoes a penny more per pound


Migrants harvest tiny raise, big win
McDonald's case could set standard


April 9, 2007
President Renewing Efforts on Immigration
Plan for Overhaul Faces Battle in Divided Congress




Bush giving 'guest workers' another shot


McDonald's agrees to increase pay for workers who harvest its tomatoes

April 8, 2007
Migrant march in LA protests Bush proposal


National honor for Cesar Chavez is pushed
Two bills in Congress seek a monument to the farmworker icon.

'It's time,' Rep. Hilda Solis says.

Two shot in extortion of farmworkers

April 7, 2007
Community to help migrant workers
Tents, sleeping bags and blankets are needed.


Avondale mushroom workers vote against union; some vow appeal


State lawmakers consider health care for legal immigrant children


April 6, 2007
Families feel the freeze squeeze
With no work, some fear losing their homes


Activist urges MJC students to build on Chávez's work

April 5, 2007
Agency hopes change of hands will help fill farmworker complex


Bush heading back to border
Nearly year after boosting troops in Yuma, operation has mixed reviews



April 4, 2007
Border policy tension mounts

April 3, 2007
State explains rules for farmers, farmworkers


Remembering the leader of the struggle
Saturday's march and rally to honor Cesar Chavez began at City Hall


Work permit measure floated


Border cops favor worker program


Bush, GOP senators trim border fence goal

April 2, 2007
Salinas march, rally call for immigration reform
Event marks anniversary of the birth of Cesar Chavez


Residents honor Cesar Chavez on birthday at local park


Rally, march mark farmworker leader's legacy


Official pushes for immigrant work permit
Chico lawmaker says bill is a 'stopgap measure'

until federal government figures out its stance

and acts on illegal immigration

April 1, 2007
Marches keep Chavez's goals alive
In San Jose and elsewhere, rallies celebrate the life of the civil rights leader


Marchers honor civil rights, labor activist César Chávez
Sixth annual event draws more than 100 people


Chávez marchers fewer but just as vocal


Leaping through language barrier


Marchers pay tribute to farmworkers' strife


March celebrates life, spirit of farm union founder


150 march in memory of Cesar Chavez


La Causa Lives ; March in memory of Cesar Chavez


Lasting tribute to Chavez
Playground takes shape in Salinas


One year after students walked out


Marching for change
Sacramento events celebrate life of Cesar Chavez as

they call for action to carry on his work