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NOVEMber 2015

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November 30, 2015

San Luis event to aid farmworkers


County wants state subsidy for farmworker centers


November 20, 2015  

EPA’s New Farmworker Pesticide Standards Leave Unanswered Questions


November 19, 2015

Plant City's Fancy Farms sued by Honduran workers who say recruiter exploited them


Death in The Fields  

Advocates watch over the farmworker community, ensure safety laws are followed


Report alleges local farming labor violations


Lexington County farm allegedly employed hundreds of illegal immigrant workers


November 18, 2015

Florida Berry Pickers Are Left Out of Talks Affecting Their Lives


Death in The Fields  

Six California farmworkers died in the summer of 2008 after laboring in the heat. Lawsuits spurred change.


November 17, 2015

For Migrant Farmworkers, Educating Kids Presents Wrenching Choices


Death in The Fields  

California farmworkers suffer more heat deaths and illnesses than any other workers in outdoor industries


November 16, 2015

In Florida harvest most farmworkers will be migrants


November 15, 2015

Legal loopholes put lives of migrant workers at risk


November 12, 2015    

H-2A to increase as immigration stalls

The Washington Farm Labor Association expects to see a continued rise in use of H-2A workers since immigration reform is stalled in Congress.


Georgia grower-shipper settles federal wage suit for $485,000


November 10, 2015

Sheepherders protest Dept. of Labor wage plan as inadequate

The Labor Department recently released its final rule, calling for increasing shepherd pay up to the federal minimum wage, currently $7.25 an hour for a 48-hour week — over $1,500 a month — over the next few years.


November 9, 2015  

Inside The Life Of An Apple Picker


November 8, 2015

Jerome Jobs: Immigration Laws Big Deal for Jerome's Dairies


November 6, 2015

6 migrant farmworkers killed as bus hits bridge in Arkansas


Memorial planned to remember Yates farm worker on anniversary of his death


November 4, 2015

City gives nod to FHDC proposal on Park Avenue


Sonoma Not All Sunshine for Vineyard Workers

A new report demonstrates just how tough life is for those working in the vineyards of Sonoma.


RCMA celebrates 50 years of child care as Barbara Mainster plans retirement as executive director



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