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DECeMber 2015

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December 30, 2015  

Dover child-care center for migrant farmworkers to open $3 million expansion in spring


December 29, 2015


Stan Eury turned an obscure bit of immigration law into a mammoth federal program — and a lucrative business empire, importing hundreds of thousands of Mexican workers for legal American jobs. Except that some of the jobs weren’t real jobs, and an untold number of those workers may never have returned to Mexico at all.


Migrant farm workers: Taking American jobs or filling a need?


December 24, 2015

Gerawan Farms exits table grape business, affecting 2,500 workers


Report: Growers were coached by industry group to keep down wages of farm workers


December 22, 2015  

Questions loom over paid leave for piece-rate farmworkers

Oregon's paid sick leave rules have left farmers with unanswered questions about compensation for piece-rate workers.


Report: Farmworker’s death should have been prevented


December 17, 2015

Biting the Hands That Feed: New York’s Immigrant Farmworkers Face Appalling Treatment


Helping Farmworker Families Who Chase the Harvest


December 15, 2015

Farmworker housing approved by planning commission


December 3, 2015  

Lawyer: Foreign worker visas hold farm hands ‘captive’


Pesticides as bad for kids' lungs as cigarette smoke, study says


December 2, 2015  

Chavez, Huerta statues installed in downtown Napa


Housing for Immigrant Farmworker Families Remains Woefully Short


December 1, 2015  

“All You Americans Are Fired” The H-2 guest worker program, which brought in 150,000 legal foreign workers last year, isn’t supposed to deprive any American of a job. But many businesses go to extraordinary lengths to deny jobs to U.S. workers so they can hire foreigners instead. A BuzzFeed News investigation.




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