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January 29, 2013  

Healthy housing for immigrant farmworkers


Immigration, yes. Indentured serfdom, no

The dark side of immigration reform: A new "guest worker program" that's as close as we may get to modern slavery


January 25, 2013  

Two Farmworkers’ Daughters, Two Paths to Higher Education


January 23, 2013

Q&A: Considering Farmworker Health and the Affordable Care Act


January 21, 2013

Farmworkers travel to D.C. to keep spotlight on immigration


January 18, 2013  

Health Board Considers Cost Of Care For Migrant Farm Workers


Farmworkers more likely to develop illnesses because of inadequate food facilities in camps


As Immigration Reform Heat Up, Changes Proposed for Troubled Guest Worker Programs


January 15, 2013  

Immigration reform, finally? Might be easier    than gun control


January 14, 2013

The Human Cost of Fruits and Vegetables


January 11, 2013  

Bienestar's Juniper Gardens opens to provide affordable farmworker housing in Forest Grove


Agriculture Workforce Coalition Created

Group’s goal is to allow agriculture to speak with one voice in seeking immigration reform.


January 9, 2013  

Midd Kids' Documentary Shows How Vermont Dairy Workers Get Milked


January 8, 2013  

Lack of interpreters hampers farmworkers’ health


California farm labor law still a hot issue


January 5, 2013

Canada’s guest worker program could become model for U.S. immigration changes


January 4, 2013  

Local winery renovates farmworker housing


January 3, 2013  

Farmworkers, activists meet with Sen. Rubio's staff about immigration reform The coalition of Central Florida-based immigrant rights groups are launching a caravan and hoping to arrive in D.C. on Inauguration Day.


EPA Vagueness On Worker Protection Rule Sows Doubt Among Advocates




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