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AUGUST, 2013

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August 31, 2013

Bill would help farmworkers collect back wages


August 30, 2013  

Kids may have picked food for your Labor Day picnic


August 26, 2013  

State's farm labor costs increase 36% in a year

The overall cost to grow crops rose 23% from 2011 to 2012


August 25, 2013  

Back-breaking work: Who pays when a worker is hurt?


August 23, 2013

Union, Gerawan Farming go head to head


August 21, 2013  

N. Mich. farm will fight lawsuit over pay, housing


August 20, 2013  

Tacking Health Care Costs Onto California Farm Produce


Berry Pickers Call For Boycott Of Sakuma Brothers Farms


August 19, 2013  

Berry farmers seek to rescind 'hot goods' settlements


Assembly narrowly passes Steinberg's farm worker contract bill


August 15, 2013

California Farm Bureau Federation


California farmers look to immigration bill to fix problems


August 13, 2013

Hillsboro farm worker emigrates from Mexico to escape poverty: Faces of Farming


August 12, 2013

Legal advocates for employees and employers are engaged in a public debate


August 11, 2013  

Farmworkers get respite, but not from worry

Crop woes, scant work weigh heavy at annual Fremont event


August 10, 2013  

In rural Maine, rise of the machines pushes out migrant pickers


August 9, 2013  

Why more migrant workers are choosing to stay in Michigan


Migrant and seasonal farmworker population grows along the Lakeshore, declines in Kent County


Check-passing highlights rare farmworker pension program


August 7, 2013    

After Immigration Bust, Herb Grower Tries A New Path


August 4, 2013  

Toxic fumes blamed in Macon farm worker death  

16 others injured at Macon County farm facility



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