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APRIL, 2013

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April 30, 2013  

Why An Immigration Deal Won't Solve The Farmworker Shortage


April 28, 2013  

Farmers often cheat immigrants


April 27, 2013  

Farmworkers Dig Into the New ‘Blue Card’ Plan


April 26, 2013

House GOP Bill: 500,000 Farmworker Visas


Meatpackers included in U.S. bill for new guest worker visa plan


April 23, 2013  

Immigration reform won’t solve farm workers’ woes

Farm workers have been excluded from America’s labor laws and subsequent reforms


April 22, 2013  

Proposal would legalize up to 1.1 million undocumented farmworkers  

Sen. Dianne Feinstein plan puts farmworkers on a path to green cards


April 20, 2013

What’s Poisoning the Land Is Also Poisoning its People  

A new report finds that women farmworkers suffer from multiple

stressors, including lower wages and more exposure to pesticides


April 19, 2013  

Farmworker housing may be problem in immigration bill


April 18, 2013

Fate of the Immigration Bill May Hinge on Farm Districts


April 16, 2013  

In strawberry fields, immigration reform holds sweet promise


Perfection Is the Enemy of Reform


April 13, 2013

In Immigration Debate, a Focus on New York Dairy Farmers


Accord reached on farmworkers for immigration bill  

The deal would establish a new 'blue card' for workers already in the U.S. It concludes one of the last major components of sweeping legislation being drafted in the Senate.


Hatch helps broker immigration deal for farms, ranches


Immigration reform: Farm-worker compromise brings bill a step closer to Senate floor

Farmer and labor groups are voicing support for a deal on farm workers, but it’s just one piece of the complicated effort by both political parties to craft an immigration reform bill this year.


Immigration Debate Puts Farm Workers Union In Spotlight


Advocates for farmworker equality rally in Brockport


April 12, 2013  

Guest Workers' Flight Irks Sheep Ranchers  

With Some Shepherds on Special Visas Abandoning Their Flocks, Industry Joins Calls for Federal Immigration Overhaul


April 11, 2013

Worker safety stressed as valley awaits summer's heat


Immigration deal appears close


April 10, 2013  

Immigration talks bog down over numbers  

Before a draft bill can be completed, Senate negotiators must resolve differences over visas and pay for foreign farmworkers.


Salinas-area farmworkers rally in Washington for immigration reform


April 9, 2013  

Senate Talks on Farmworker Program Inch Forward


Female Farm Workers Gather in Washington, D.C.


April 8, 2013  

Setting The Record Straight On Farm Worker Pay


April 6, 2013

Green-Card Path Seen for Farm Workers


April 5, 2013  

Rain boosts farm worker heat prevention event


Agribusiness Push To Lower Farm Workers’ Wages May Undermine Deal On Immigration Reform


Immigration bill in limbo over provisions on what to do about ag workers


April 4, 2013

Farmworkers Crucial in Immigration Deal Short of a Deal


April 3, 2013

Immigration bill envisions new farm worker program


Labor shortage doesn’t improve pay for many farmworkers


April 2, 2013

Looking to the Labor

Cesar Chavez Day provides a good reminder for locavores to thank the farmworkers


April 1, 2013

Labor advocates say farmers discriminate against Americans


Farm Workers Celebrate Cesar Chavez Day By Marching and Lobbying for a New Immigration Process


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