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AgJOBS Update and Action Alert for August 2007





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September 30, 2012  

County weighs potential farmworker housing spots


Bill demanding water, shade for farmworkers killed by governor


September 29, 2012  

Child farm labor in Oregon and the U.S.: big dangers, little change


September 28,

2012 State high court reinstates $2M in damages against local growers


September 26, 2012  

Manatee County educator rewarded for work to improve lives of migrant workers


House bill would change who oversees H-2A farm worker program


September 25, 2012  

Cesar Chavez, flawed hero of the fields  

Understanding his failings is as important as understanding his triumphs.


CAMP provides opportunities for children of migrant farm workers


September 22, 2012  

Low food prices could be result of children working long hours in fields


September 21, 2012  

Sutherland: AP code in need of definitions


September 20, 2012  

Wal-Mart Holds Secretive ‘Workerwashing’ Meeting in DC with Labor Advocates


Growers focus on need for immigration reform, ag labor


September 16, 2012  

Department of Agriculture announces grants to improve housing for farm workers  

Grantees will help prepare loan application packages


AP eyes housing rules for seasonal agricultural workers


September 11, 2012  

Housing for farm workers advances  

Visionary Builders secures $11.5M federal grant


As Common As Dirt


September 10, 2012  

Group highlighting plight of farmworkers in Florida 


September 7, 2012  

Wholesaler pays $650,000 in back wages; sues employment agency


September 5, 2012  

Feds clear Calif. regulators in civil rights complaint


September 4, 2012  

Decision to Ban Hazardous-to-Farmworker Pesticide Stands


September 3, 2012  

Keeping workers safe






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