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October 30, 2012  

Farm workers press for millions in back wages


October 29, 2012

NorthCarolina's Tobacco Workers Stand to Benefit From State's Strong Farmworker Union


October 28, 2012  

Silos Loom as Death Traps on American Farms


October 26, 2012  

Congresswoman Moves To Crack Down On Children In Fields

Calls for Change on Capitol Hill Following NBC Bay Area Investigation


Hastings grower settles labor trafficking suit

The potato grower will pay workers directly rather than give the money to a contractor.


October 25, 2012  

Ex-worker sues longtime Collier grower, alleges it hired illegal aliens


October 22, 2012  

350 migrant children get school supplies they need in Myakka City


October 20, 2012  

Pesticide Threat Looms Large Over Farmworker Families


October 16, 2012  

$10 million for Duroville relocation released by state


October 15, 2012  

Gettysburg art exhibit puts a face to migrant workers


October 12, 2012  

Avon Park officials, farm workers meet to discuss migrant housing


October 10, 2012

Many Apples, Few Pickers

Shortage of Immigrants Keeps Washington's Growers From Cashing In on Crop


October 9, 2012  

Farm Workers’ Advocates Charge Hypocrisy in Obama’s Dedication of Monument to Cesar Chavez


October 8, 2012  

With Cesar Chavez monument, Obama reaches out to Latinos  

Thousands of people are expected to descend on Nuestra Reina de La Paz in Keene, Calif., on Monday as the president dedicates it as a national site.


October 7, 2012  

Obama to designate Chavez home as nat'l monument


October 5, 2012  

Wash. farm worker: I was forced to watch boss pee


Vt.committee considers migrant farmworker licenses


October 4, 2012  

Farmworker coalition signs Chipotle to higher-wage agreement for tomato pickers


Farmworker suffered heart attack

Autopsy completed Wednesday morning


October 3, 2012  

Obama to designate Chavez home as nat'l monument

Calif. home of Cesar Chavez to be designated as national monument


New farmworker complex in Piru has roots in Bracero program


October 1, 2012  

UFW Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Takes Stock Of Achievements And Causes Still Needing Attention 






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