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MARCH, 2012

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March 31, 2012  

500 turn out for Cesar Chavez march despite continuous rain


More than 160 gather to march for César Chávez Day


March 30, 2012  

Feds seek historic status for key sites in Cesar Chavez's life


Remembering Cesar Chavez


March 29, 2012  

Labor Department official Jim Mooney among honorees for farmworker efforts


March 28, 2012  

Cesar Chavez and farm workers get respect from U.S. Labor Department


Farm Workers Get Beat Up in Florida Fields and the US Senate 


Judge Says State Regulators Broke Law on Methyl Iodide 

That may have been a factor in why Arysta LifeScience, the maker of the toxic pesticide used on strawberries, pulled it from the market.


March 26, 2012  

Do Children Harvest Your Food?

The Harvest, U Roberto Romano's poignant film, forces us to think about where our food is coming from. Today, nearly 500,000 children as young as six harvest 25 percent of our crops.


Labor department recognizes Cesar Chavez and other giants of the Farm Worker movement


March 25, 2012  

Editorial: Fixing farm-worker visa program is a no-brainer


March 24, 2012  

Central Valley, Merced area workers back hot weather bill


Vt. Senate poised to pass farmworker ID bill


March 22, 2012  

Controversial strawberry pesticide pulled from U.S.


March 18, 2012  

Artist unseen: Art by undocumented Vermont farmworkers


March 16, 2012  

Relationships lasting legacy of shuttered Farmworker Housing Trust 


March 10, 2012  

RFK widow joins Fla. farmworkers on day 6 of fast


March 5, 2012  

Tomato Workers Fasting in Front of Publix Headquarters

Farmworkers call on grocer to sign tomato agreement.


March 2, 2012  

Farmworker advocates sue Green Bay sauerkraut cannery




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