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AgJOBS Update and Action Alert for August 2007




AUGUST, 2012

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August 31, 2012  

Assembly rejects farm worker overtime legislation


August 30, 2012  

Legislature passes flurry of bills


August 29, 2012  

We’re a nation of immigrants, not ‘guests’


August 28, 2012  

Farmworker Safety Bills Targeting, Punishing Employers Floats Through Legislature  

Bills give farmworkers right to sue, punishes employers with jail time and fines


August 27, 2012  

Manatee school board may seek $30,000 for migrant programs  

Money would fund programs for farmworkers


Senate okays bill to let farmworkers sue over heat


Guest worker program needed to provide agriculture labor


August 26, 2012  

Children of migrant farmworkers start school with disadvantage


Local farmers call for action against farmworker overtime bill; industry says it will cost workers


August 25, 2012

Agriculture producers face a dropping supply of harvesters


Farmers scramble to find workers as some face losing crops


August 24, 2012  

Brutal Farm Labor Complaint in Florida


Migrant workers’ lawsuit accuses former Wellington labor firm, crew leaders of abuse


Reporter picks fruit for a day at Unger Farms in Cornelius, learns what it's like to be farmworker


August 23, 2012  

Two Michigan farms accused of treating workers inhumanely


California's Harvest of Shame: 2012


August 21, 2012  

Farmworker bill would increase overtime pay


August 20, 2012  

State looks at farmworker heat rules



State needs to protect farmworkers


August 19, 2012  

Vista Latina: Working condition concerns persist for farmworkers


August 18, 2012  

Braceros planted deep roots in Ventura County


Chang Farm worker speaks of life in condemned house


Book casts new light on labor leader's legacy


August 14, 2012  

Farmers Struggle With Sudden Farmworker Labor Shortage

Farmers report 40% decrease in workcrews


August 10, 2012  

Farmworker shortage warnings come to fruition

Experts point to stepped-up border enforcement


Union, Ace Tomato in contract dispute


August 9, 2012  

University Provides Free Medical Care to Migrant Field Workers


Low-income housing breaks ground


August 7, 2012  

Palmetto adopts farm worker housing ordinance


Palmetto OKs farmworker housing ordinance


Blueberry Harvest Brings Hundreds of Migrant Workers to Maine


College students step into the field to help improve conditions for migrant farmworkers


August 4, 2012  

Children in the Fields: North Carolina Tobacco Farms

The fields of California are not the only ones filled with child laborers.





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