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September 30, 2011  

Cultivating understanding

Staff visit orchard to learn about students they serve


September 29, 2011  

Farmworker housing to begin


Study finds grower dissatisfaction with H-2A


September 28, 2011  

Students, Teachers Push to Halt Methyl Iodide Use in California Farms



The fallout of failure


September 25, 2011    

Farmworkers not getting their due from buyers, coalition


September 23, 2011  


Ganging up on guest workers

Two bills in Congress would gut the H-2A visa program, replacing it with one more open to abuses.


Farmworkers sue Burger King, Subway for back pay


Editorial: Workers deserve back pay


Rights of Tobacco Farm Workers Go Up in Smoke in North Carolina  

The aptly titled "State of Fear" report describes the plight of tobacco farmers


September 22, 2011  

Farmworkers file suit against 4 fast-food chains  

Class action suit claims food chains reneged pay increase


Show them the penny: Farmworkers slowly getting extra tomato money


Tomato pickers sue Burger King, Subway buyer over promised wages


Union status for farm workers?


Vermont group files complaint over arrest of immigrants


September 21, 2011  

FFVA members focus on E-Verify at meeting


E-Verify anxiety: Local growers fear U.S. immigration bill


September 18, 2011  

Former farmworkers share their memories of the field 


September 17, 2011  

Farm workers sue Pescadero farmer over unsafe living conditions


September 16, 2011  

Sheep rancher sued for labor violations

Three workers allege employer withheld wages, took passports


September 15, 2011  

Migrant Workers in Arcadiana


Home of Cesar Chavez makes national historic place list


September 14, 2011  

California farmworker protections not going far enough?

Farmworker advocates say adherence to state rules to prevent heat illness remains sporadic at best.


Farmworker pay can be boosted at little cost to consumers


Migrant farmworker arrests prompt internal police investigation


September 13, 2011  

Federal officials delay bond issue for Homestead Housing Authority


September 12, 2011  

Sued by Farm Workers, Should J.D. Alexander Avoid Future Immigration Bills?


Congress considering migrant farm worker bill


September 9, 2011  

House considers bill to streamline foreign farmworker visa program


Center gives farmworkers’ kids needed help


Lawmaker Offers Plan to Lure Migrant Farm Workers


A Disposable Work Force: Farm Worker Advocates Push for Agricultural Worker Protectsion


Nation's farm states push competing guest-worker bills


Assembly passes bill sympathetic to farmworkers 


September 8, 2011  

New report on guest farmworker program highlights rampant abuse


Farmworker Justice on Wednesday denounced abuses 


September 7, 2011  

Tejano/Latino festival celebrates the legacy of Chavez  

The Saturday event in Old Town features musical acts, dancing, a car show, food and a bit of history as well


Field of broken dreams


Banned berry pesticide still commonly used


September 6, 2011  

Numerous migrant workers injured when van overturns


September 5, 2011  

United Farm Workers & Union March: Soles for SB 126


Farmworker protest turns to celebration in Sacramento  

Deal with governor a start, not an end to 'card-check' plan


September 4, 2011  

Mexican farm workers in Vt. fear federal program


September 3, 2011  

Deal could make it easier for farmworkers to unionize

A bill stemming from an agreement between advocates and Gov. Jerry Brown would let a state board certify a union if it finds a grower has acted illegally to affect the outcome of a labor election.


Bureaucracy Inaction: DOL Slowly Moves to Strengthen Child Farm Worker Laws


September 2, 2011  

Farmworkers march for union bill

Organizers are seeking card check


Tighter Child-Labor Rules on Farms Proposed


September 1, 2011  

U.S. seeks to strengthen safety rules for child farm workers


OSHA Must Adopt Standard to Protect Workers from Dangerous Heat Exposure  

Hundreds of Workers Dead and Tens of Thousands Seriously Injured During the Past 20 Years While OSHA Has Dragged Its Feet; In Petition, Public Citizen and Other Groups Urge Immediate Action


Housing Study Finds Cramped Quarters For Farmworkers In Walla Walla County



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