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October 31, 2011  

Kentucky Farmworker Programs Inc. opens Georgetown office


October 29, 2011  

Editorial The Other Jobs Crisis


October 28, 2011  

EEOC sues South Georgia farm, alleges discrimination against U.S. workers


Oxnard march highlights plight of female farm workers


October 26, 2011  

Skilled apple pickers needed to avert disaster


Federal Judge Throws Out Discrimination Complaint Against Six Hawaii Farms


Editorial   So Much for the Nativists


October 25, 2011  

On edge of paradise, Coachella workers live in grim conditions


Farm labor leaders gather in bid to preserve Cesar Chavez's legacy


October 24, 2011  

Dispatches from a TEDx gathering on farmworkers


RISKY DECISION: Young immigrants sometimes must choose between work, school


Settlement for South Florida tomato pickers leads to dispute among their advocates


Fear is Biggest Obstacle, Says Farmworkers’ Union


200-plus jobless seek farm work in Alabama


Community forum planned Oct. 25 will gather testimony on safety of Illinois farm workers 


October 23, 2011  

Jobs aplenty Americans don't want


October 22, 2011  

Farmworkers health fair draws hundreds


Florida farmworkers and their allies demand higher wages at Trader Joe's


Anti-illegal immigration bill stokes backlash in Alabama fields

Farmers in states like Alabama that have passed strong anti-illegal immigration laws are fighting back, saying they are losing labor and that US workers are unwilling to take up farm work. 


October 19, 2011  

IPhone app backs farmworkers' aim


Lee’s bill would extend stay for immigrant dairy workers, sheep herders


October 18, 2011  

Immigrants hired at N.C. farms even as locals lack jobs


Captive Labor on the Farm


October 17, 2011  

Gov., Farmworkers Discuss Policing Policies

Good Meeting With Gov, Say Farmworkers


October 16, 2011  

Congress considers fix for farm worker shortages in Henderson County, US


October 13, 2011  

Legal Aid files complaint over farmworker conditions


October 12, 2011  

NC Legal Aid files complaint that faults state's oversight of farmworker living conditions


October 11, 2011  

Rick Perry's Opposition To Pesticide Regulations Helped Launch His Political Start


California has new law to stop intimidation of farmworkers


VSU students help migrant farm workers


Memo shows how state caved to industry pressure on pesticide, environmentalists say


National Group Hoping To Put An End To Children Working In Fields


October 10, 2011  


Wanted: Guest worker reform

With farmers struggling to find legal labor, we hope federal lawmakers find a way to benefit both employers and workers.


Farmers say stricter immigrant screening could hurt their businesses


Workers sue McDonald’s over penny per-pound pact


October 9, 2011  

Gov. Jerry Brown signs farmworker bill


October 7, 2011  

Alabama immigration law: Farmers get new help for harvest


October 6, 2011  

Meet The Child Workers Who Pick Your Food


October 5, 2011  

Hiring Locally for Farm Work Is No Cure-All


October 4, 2011  

Stop, look at march on knees


Feinstein pushes five-year guest worker program

Farmers fear labor shortage with E-Verify


Orleans may seek grant for farmworker housing


October 3, 2011  

Migrant school leaves one less worry for farmworker parents


Lungren pressing for farm worker provision in E-Verify bill

Rep. Lungren’s amendment provides for a guest worker program that would enable agricultural operations to hire seasonal work.


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