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November 30, 2011

Farmworkers get $915k for Fresno Co. wage settlement


Okla. Labor Comm. Mark Costello says proposed US child farm worker rules attack rural farms


Lindsay woman earns Farmworker of the Year award


November 28, 2011  

Farmerworkers gain housing option in Forest Grove


November 27, 2011  

Visa, tax worries add to burden of Jamaican farmhands in NH


November 24, 2011  

UVa law students helping migrant farm workers


November 17, 2011  

Kingston pitches bill to streamline guest-worker program


Jack Kingston seeks to revamp guest farm worker program


November 16, 2011  

Scammed In Laos, Trapped in America


November 11, 2011  

Feds rip mismanagement of Homestead farmworker housing

The federal government says the Homestead Housing authority heaped benefits on employees while making a shambles of the units they managed.


November 10, 2010  

Garcia honored for work in farmworker health care 


November 9, 2011  

Fieldworkers’ Nutrition Problem

Winter spells time off for field workers—and less money for food


When Ozone Drops, Farm Workers Step Up the Pace


November 7, 2011

Tough Alabama laws weaken farmers' workforce,

forcing some workers to flee


More ag firms offering health care to workers


Western Growers report underscores lack of labor


November 5, 2011  

Farm workers plead for equal wages


Visalia event celebrates, educates farmworkers


November 4, 2011  

How Alabama’s immigration law is crippling its farms


Migrants' woes: bed bugs, foul toilets, illness


Watsonville Migrant Head Start gets national recognition  

Education program focuses on children of farmworkers who follow crops


Florida farms buffeted by global economy


Washington farm workers say picking pay is rotten


November 3, 2011  

Union Denounces Subhuman Conditions in Farmworker Housing


November 2, 2011  

Farm workers abandoned after refusing to work for next to nothing


November 1, 2011  

Florida tomato pickers: Trader Joe's is rotten


Group wants action to prevent NC farmworker deaths



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