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January 27, 2011  

Study details farmworker pay


January 26, 2011  

Farmworker immigration issue could come to a head this year


Proposed card check bill alarms California agriculture


January 22, 2011  

Worker's death costs Merced Farm Labor $263K; biggest farming fine ever


State closes Merced Farm Labor Firm not meeting heat safety rules, state says


January 21, 2011  

Editorial   Send help for farmworkers, too


No prison time in teen farm worker's death


Exeter farmworker couple's nine children all went to college


Plea deal pending in pregnant farmworker's death


January 20, 2011  

U.S. aid likely, farmers are told

The record cold weather has created a hardship on farmers and farmworkers in South Miami-Dade County.


January 19, 2011

Improved economy has many Latinos returning to Mexico


After Long Fight, Farmworkers in Florida Win an Increase in Pay


January 17, 2011  

Migrant housing opens soon in rural Franklin Co.

The first paid for funded migrant farmworker housing project in rural Franklin County should be open in time for this year's asparagus harvest.


January 14, 2011

EDC to ask county to support on-farm worker housing


January 11, 2011

Farm workers protest violations at E. Washington dairy

Demonstrators petition lender to hold farmer agribusiness accountable for alleged labor violations


January 7, 2011  

US farm workers and families in crisis


January 6, 2010

Record-breaking January freeze cost farmers and taxpayers millions in lost crops and sinkhole damage


January 5, 2010  

Multimedia project focuses on modern 'Harvest of Shame'


January 3, 2011

Pesticide foes look to new governor for help: Methyl iodide faces court and political challenge


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