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October 30, 2006
Agroterrorism training hits immigration roadblock
Undocumented workers are key to monitoring food safety

but U.S. policy excludes their preparation


Club points Sandy toward trust
Kiwanis - Fears are set aside as Latino and Anglo service

groups learn to work together and value cultural differences

October 29, 2006
Dad sees clinics named for child

October 28, 2006
Growers hope to harvest a good recovery


Bishop blesses site of new farmworker housing project




$21M housing project opens doors

October 27, 2006
Hierarchy Of Health In Farm Workers In The US

October 26, 2006
Border walkerís journey comes to an end
Despite protest, Bush expected to sign bill to build border fence


Workers for all jobs ó and all season


Bush to Sign Mexico Border Fence Bill


October 25, 2006
With shortage of workers, apple crop falls on rotten times


Immokalee will never forget hurricane's fury

Charity to build Arcadia farmworker homes

October 23, 2006
Churches struggle over immigration


National Guard works the border
Lots of new roads and ditches, but has illegal migration slowed?


October 22, 2006
Farmers fight worker shortage
Colorado's new, tougher immigration laws are taking a toll,

two Pueblo farmers say.

October 21, 2006
Workers on Spratt farm part of federal program
Company rents land, uses H-2A for seasonal employees from Mexico


Meeting examines farmworkers' impact
Discussions focus on ways to provide aid


Labor shortages ruins some Weld County fields


October 20, 2006
Migrant workers scarce in western Michigan


State proposes boosting scrutiny of farm labor contractors

October 19, 2006
Mexican government helps immigrants finish educations


Farm labor center gets an upgrade
Camp in midst of expansion


Consul: Migrants wrongly left out of debate

October 18, 2006
U.S. Immigration Reform Likely In 2007

October 17, 2006
Migrant farm workers, activists protest McDonald's during visit


UNM migrant program funded for 5 more years
Program receives $1.9 Million


Some Democrats Send a More Conservative Immigration Message


GOP keeps immigration on agenda
Ads portray Democrats as soft on the issue


October 16, 2006
Recall of notorious migrant sweep lingers


Reaching out to new arrivals
While immigration stirs anger, a Delaware town has found peace.


October 15, 2006
New group joins battle for border
Minuteman chapter targets area's illegals


October 14, 2006
Migrant workers victimized


Police: Sex sellers preyed on migrants
Farmworkers in Cayuga County robbed after buying sex, police said.


Is Immigration Enforcement Affecting Farmers?


October 13, 2006 
SR forum focuses on immigrations' health
Experts say community less likely to seek appropriate treatment


October 12, 2006
Determined to work illegally

Bush reaffirms border fence support


Calif. Gov. Vetoes Farm-Worker Protection Bill


Saxton ads fuel scrutiny of farm's labor
Immigration - Attacks on Gov. Ted Kulongoski over

illegal migrants draw attention to the GOP hopeful's past


Immigration raids crimp New York farms: lenders


Hearing grills farm enforcers
Officials called '0 for 5' at forum on E. coli tied to spinach.


October 11, 2006
WSU gets grant for students from migrant families
University will receive $20 million during the next five years

to help students who otherwise might not go to college.

Opponent of border wall begins 200-mile protest
Innkeeper feels the viewpoint of South Texans is disregarded, so far


Bush mum on immigration as GOP candidates vow to be tough


October 10, 2006
Fence Meets Wall of Skepticism
Critics Doubt a 700-Mile Barrier Would Stem Migrant Tide


Tough working trip


Officials Brainstorm Immigration Solutions

October 9, 2006
Students give back to migrant community


Pink Hillís Rivera named Migrant Teacher of Year

October 8, 2006
New 'Berlin Wall' finds few fans on the border


New security is no challenge

Farm worker shortage feared
Feds get tough on hiring illegal immigrants

The tide is turning
Peaceful river belies national furor over border security


Shortage of migrants puts farmers in crunch
The apple harvest is here, but help was slow in coming.

Are tighter immigration rules to blame or a tighter job market?

Either way, Michigan's growers are hard-pressed for help.

October 7, 2006
Farmworker's family gets $180k from insurance in

heat death case

Bush celebrates Hispanic heritage, pushes guest worker program


October 6, 2006
Border fence `a step in the right direction'


Mexicans say border wall is offensive, won't work

Who will work the fields?
The strawberry harvest is months away, but new

immigration policies and a worker shortage in California

have farmers asking the question.


October 5, 2006
Bush signs bill to beef up border security
Measure includes funds for 700 miles of fencing


Federal agents arrest 28 farm workers


Seasonal worker supply dwindles for S.C. farms


October 4, 2006 
Speaker focuses on problems facing immigrants

Border Security, Job Market Leave Farms Short of Workers
Growers Frustrated by Delay in Agriculture Legislation


Bill Requiring Pay-Stub Info Is Vetoed


October 3, 2006
Bishops protest wage


Mexico implores Bush to veto border fence bill
President likely to sign off despite the lack of plan

to legalize migrants


Apple harvest under way


October 2, 2006
Congress blasted for not passing major immigration bills

Migrant lawsuits tell of grueling work


October 1, 2006
Nature could trump border seal

Ag labor shortage still looms


Fence plan won't solve problem, some say

Mexicans See Good and Bad Side to Wall
There's much talk about the void migrants leave behind,

but the planned border fence still chafes.

October, 2006
Borderline Catastrophe
How the fight over immigration blew up Roveís big tent.