October 2005





October 30, 2005
After explosion, farmworkers find safety net in shreds

October 29, 2005
Wilma an 'agriculture disaster' to Collier, Hendry counties


Publix punishes Ag-Mart

October 27, 2005
Mexico Sets Payment for Ex-Guest Workers


Wool growers want to make hiring away herders a crime


October 26, 2005
Sexually harassed farmworkers often unaware of rights

Damaged tomato crops in Immokalee idle workers waiting on jobs


GOP Senators Try to Unite on Immigration Overhaul


For some, all lost
Hurricane Wilma wrecked crops in S. Fla, putting an already vulnerable population of impoverished migrant workers at risk


Immigration Bill on Senate Floor “Very Early” Next year, Frist Says


October 25, 2005
Their better lives ripped to shreds
For the migrant farmworkers who grind out a living in Florida's fields,

Hurricane Wilma destroyed homes, jobs and dreams.


October 24, 2005
Wilma Wreaks Havoc on Florida Farm Workers

October 23, 2005

Palm City residents, state, DuPont disagree

over cancer concerns, cost of public water

October 22, 2005
 Publix drops Ag-Mart tomatoes

October 20, 2005
Government agencies learn to understand farmworker culture


October 19, 2005
Find voices for migrants

Major cocaine charges at camp

October 18, 2005
Special legislative committee to probe farmworkers' concerns


Legislative panel studying plight of migrant workers in Florida


October 16, 2005
Ag-Mart: Questions not asked tell more than ones that were
Paper relied on unscientific study in article about company


October 15, 2005
Migrant panel to push rights


Grower plans to fight state violation charges


Broken promises, shattered dreams
Migrant workers flock to storm-ravaged Gulf Coast for good jobs.

Instead, many of them are exploited, Florida advocates say.

Out Of The Fields


October 14, 2005
 Plant City vegetable grower AgMart hit with record fine


Editorial: Immokalee farmworkers
More information needed following deformed births


Ag-Mart also accused of violations in N.C.

October 13, 2005 
State fines Ag-Mart $111,200 for pesticide violations


Pesticides not tied to defects


Health officials: Pesticides not likely at fault for birth defects

October 12, 2005
Gregoire pushes AgJobs with growers and workers in Yakima


Wash. Governor Backs Farm Labor Bill

October 11, 2005
Farmworkers’ exodus from county leaves growers in bind


October 10, 2005
Pesticide Case Is Upping the Ante
A poisoning trial pitting two brothers comes as farm activists,

regulators seek stricter controls.


Migrants cashing in on wild berry harvest
Saw palmetto berry pickers say they're trying to make a living,

but others say they're stealing.


October 9, 2005 
Thai farm workers seek equity in strange land

October 8, 2005
Chemicals suspected in deformities
State must act, advocates maintain


October 7, 2005
Mayor in Georgia criticized for flying Mexican flag for slain farm workers

October 6, 2005
Grower makes right call to restrict pesticide use


Grape Grower Agrees to Pay $1.7 Million
For Off-the-Clock Federal Wage Violations


October 5, 2005
Three Held In Fatal South Georgia Attacks
Investigators Believe Gang Targeted Immigrant Workers


October 2, 2005
Farm labor camp problems: 'Out of sight, out of mind'

October 1, 2005
 Tomato grower drops suspect pesticides


Immokalee packing house sued over sexual harassment claims


Tomato grower eliminating use of some chemicals


Baby Carlitos to get free care at Shriners Hospital