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November 30, 2006
Quincy leasing land to Migrant Head Start
Parents could learn English at new site


November 29, 2006
Binding mediation in farm labor upheld
Salinas union calls case 'David and Goliath story'


Pelosi's Napa Business Scrutinized

November 27, 2006
Ex-agents OK guest-worker plan


Felons, homeless fill jobs at chicken plant after INS raids


Major reforms uncertain in 2007
Divisions, labor unions, '08 election key factors

Bush seeks unity on immigration
Reaches out to Democrats to craft new bill


November 26, 2006
Migrants in fields ‘live a primordial life’

November 25, 2006
Some migrants still in canyon: City offers evicted workers few options

November 24, 2006
Growers expect worker shortage
Winter harvest in Yuma expected to face severe labor problems


DDT study shows need to press Latins for ban


Pear Crop Rots as Field Hands Kept from Crossing Border

November 23, 2006
Still no slam dunk on an immigration bill
Tensions are surfacing as Democratic leaders must deal with

newly elected conservatives inside their own party.


Cultivating day-care help
Migrants at a Myakka farm may get a center near the fields


Farm workers’ study in limbo
Aim was to improve health care for migrants.  But
administration won’t release the results.


November 22, 2006
Camps closed, but migrants still in canyon


So far, fields full of workers

Most Americans favor guest-worker program: poll

November 21, 2006
Mushrooms' cloud


Shortage of workers imperils Yuma crops
Farmers point to lack of a guest-worker law


November 20, 2006

Congress' shift brings change to illegal immigrant debate, experts say
Tennessee struggles with illegal influx


Education to hit home for migrant workers
With approval from residents and Collier County officials,

International College will open a new education center in

the 4-year-old Immokalee community, Jubilation

November 19, 2006
Migrant financial aid program loses funding


Tunnels act as highways for migrants
The subterranean smuggling routes breed chaos along U.S.-Mexico border.


Protest over illegal McGonigle Canyon dwellings draws hundreds


Mexican consulate a lifeline for immigrant workers


Immigration fight may pose first test for bipartisanship
Bush, Democrats have similar goals, but issue is thorny

New faces, same debate on ‘amnesty’
Despite Democrats’ control of Congress, immigration reform is

far from being a sure thing.


Farmworkers bill's chances better with new Congress

November 18, 2006
Owners to close campsites in canyon
Protesters would face arrest with migrants


Bracero Returns to U.S., Settles in Gilroy

November 17, 2006
Radio Conciencia
Audience of low-power station in Immokalee gets music,

news from back home — and help with labor issues when they need it

McNeal redistricting option concern for Myakka farmers
Falkner Farms parents concerned about kids going to McNeal in redistricting plan


Smithfield workers walk off job in N.C.
The walkout by hundreds at the facility comes after the pork processor fired several workers.


Farm contractor plan draws fire


Activists to protest migrant camps

New deadline for phasing out bug-killer in apple orchards


Phasing out apple pesticide is put off until 2012


McNeal redistricting option concern for Myakka farmers
Falkner Farms parents concerned about kids going to McNeal in redistricting plan


November 16, 2006

Coeur d'Alene firm settles labor lawsuit
About 500 foreign workers said company didn't pay correct wages, overtime


Red Gold updates migrant worker camp


A documentary helps reconcile the new, the old
It sympathetically portrays how immigrants changed a Del. town.

DHS Watchdog Warns 'Fence' Cost Will Grow

November 15, 2006
Guest workers sue companies over pay


Vatican calls border fences ‘inhumane’

Chicago boy's quest takes him to Mexican Congress
Son, 7, becomes vocal ally in mom's deportation fight

November 14, 2006
The Village: Minutemen Enter Migrant Workers' Camp


GOP senator: Filibuster guest-worker program
Arizona's Kyl believes there might be enough votes to

block legislation

November 13, 2006
Just a little, immigration helped Democrats
Many agree reform was a side issue, but in the new Congress,

reform may be a real possibility.


Will vote change border policy?


Democrats May Proceed With Caution on Immigration
Explosive Issue Not A Top Priority For Incoming Leaders


Debt long overdue, former braceros say


Florida growers face labor shortages

November 12, 2006
Train jumping
A desperate journey


Farm labor shortage defies definition

November 11, 2006
Mexican president-elect optimistic about immigration accord


Election sends message about immigration in NW

November 10, 2006
Migration reform now has chance


Debate on immigrants' status revived?
Stakes are high for businesses in South Florida


Pierson workers seek toys


Immigration advocates to confer on reform proposals


Democratic Victory Raises Spirits of Those Favoring Citizenship

for Illegal Aliens


Idaho Farmers Face Workforce Shortage

November 8, 2006
Lawyer urges students to struggle for civil rights

November 6, 2006
Having fun, doing business


Labor shortage costs Valley fruit growers thousands of dollars
Industry says heated talk about illegal immigration scares off workers


November 5, 2006
Authorities Reach Out To Migrants


Adios, Yakima Valley -- Migrants say border crossing too risky


In the fields, a rude awakening
For some laborers, U.S. guest worker program was a bitter

letdown.fell short of their dream.

Farmers Scramble To Fill Strawberry Fields With Labor


Panelists: Migrant laborers don't know rights
Suggest employment coordination center be created in Morris


November 4, 2006
S. Florida could feel political fallout of U.S.-Mexico barrier


End of strawberry season signals end of class for migrant students


One Delaware town makes peace
Georgetown adjusts a decade after immigrant influx


November 3, 2006
Run for the border: Farmworkers leaving Watsonville as

strawberry harvest ends

November 2, 2006
Shortage of migrant workers has local farmers concerned


Migrant workers in Addison County work under cloud of


November 1, 2006
Pajaro housing complex opens


November/December 2006  

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