November 2005






November 30, 2005
Mexico Calls for New Approach on Immigration Issue

Mexico's Leader Says He'll Persevere on Migration

Most of American salad bowl picked by illegals


Farmworker advocates to seek temporary housing


November 29, 2005
State legislator talks to Volusia farmworkers


State rep tours, pushes migrant benefits


Securing America Through Immigration Reform


Lack of Labor Scares Farmers


November 28, 2005
U.S. sidestepping ban against pesticide
The United States signed a treaty barring the use of methyl bromide,

but it is so effective that its widespread use continues.

November 27, 2005 
Laboring in the fields while carrying a child
Many Florida farmworkers — thinking about rent and trying


Labor camp trial moved to February


November 26, 2005
Fla. Farmworkers Awaiting Aid After Wilma Damage


November 25, 2005
Plaintiffs Win Damages in Pesticide Suit
Dozens of Kern County residents poisoned by a soil fumigant

will share $775,000. Officials say precautions weren't taken in treating fields.


November 23, 2005
Court increases fine for pesticide company


Group thanks migrant workers for holiday bounty


Harvest Hands
Housing those who labor for our table remains a complex issue


Illegal immigrant with tuberculosis fears county will turn him over to immigration
Health officials say they may have no other alternative


November 22, 2005
Shortage of Immigrant Workers Alarms Growers in West
Stricter Border Control, Working Conditions Cited as

Fewer Mexicans Crossfor Harvest


Hillsborough fields yield top students
Durant High School grads get Migrant Scholars of the Year.


Four Feared Dead as Van Goes Into Canal


November 21, 2005
Businesses cast cloud over Bush's immigration plans


A farmworkers' advocacy group says the tomatoes slapped on that Big Mac . . . .


Immigration at center of labor shortfall fears


November 20, 2005
Going from the fields to the office
A South Miami-Dade job training program helps seasonal and

migrant workers learn office and construction trades to better their lives.

Cleanup leaves growers short of workers for harvest
Growers think workers are being siphoned away from the fields and groves

by builders and landscapers — and even FEMA for cleanup elsewhere in

Florida and in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.


Progress on housing need
Supervisors committed to helping farmworkers


Tending to field and family


November 19, 2005
‘The Best of the Bitter”


Program benefits migrant children


Forest worker review sought
Lawmakers request a House hearing on the abuse detailed in a Bee report.


Church groups help migrant students succeed in life


54 will receive GED certificates today in Oceanside ceremony


ASU study looks at ag labor shortage in Yuma


HIV a growing threat

November 18, 2005
Evans Jr. goes to court today in Jacksonville

November 17, 2005
Program helps migrant students
Correspondence classes keep children caught up with work


Farmworker dies, driver shocked after pipes touch power lines


Migrant workers file lawsuit
Local farmers say company violated rights


Advocates call for immigration reform


More beds?
Sonoma County should consider tax for vineyard worker housing


November 16, 2005
$2 billion sought for ag relief

November 15, 2005
Federal judge troubled by wrongful deportation
A federal judge wants to know why immigration officials disregarded

his orders and deported a man back to Mexico.

Limit on pesticide exposure proposed
State wants elderly, kids within 1/2 mile of spraying warned

Guest-worker measure awaits a new Congress


Chemical Christmas
Immigrant Tree Farm Workers Face Pesticide Dangers


Indentured servitude
Valuing work in U.S. forests


November 14, 2005
The Pineros: Hidden hazards


Enforcing labor laws
Time for a crackdown on contractors


November 13, 2005
The Pineros: Forest workers caught in web of exploitation


Farmworkers try fund raising
Union begins campaign with dinner in Quincy. With more money,

organizers hope to reach more laborers across Florida.

November 12, 2005 
The migration of tens of thousands of people from

Oaxaca to Oregon is altering both states

November 11, 2005
Women farmworkers sue Ore. dairy


November 10, 2005
Raspberry Ridge plan draws lawsuit
Burlington claims expansion would impede flood evacuation efforts

November 9, 2005

Manatee County targets illegal migrant farmworkers who drive

Officials probe undocumented farmworkers


November 08, 2005
Farmworker aides honored


Wilma wanes, but not for rural Pahokee


Pesticide debate heats up


Legislative panel told fearful migrants avoided hurricane aid


Farmworkers May Lose 4 Months Due to Wilma


Florida considers migrant situation


November 7, 2005
Displaced Mexican corn farmers are streaming into Missouri

November 6, 2005
Loss of income, housing focus of upcoming talks



November 4, 2005
Palm Beach Post Editorial
Calm immigrant storm


November 3, 2005
Girl sickened by spray drift speaks out for tougher rules:

48-hour notice 'onerous' for growers, fruit expert says


State farmers lose workers, profits to border sweeps


November 02, 2005

Migrant group honors 2 women


November 1, 2005
Florida's farmworkers face a season of uncertainty after Wilma


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