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May 31, 2006
Invisible Plaintiffs
A federal lawsuit reveals the complications

of immigrant-labor oversight.

Migrant Housing Dedicated Wednesday
Duke joined Mt. Olive and others on project


Illegal farm workers to get limited help
70 left homeless after complaint at Roberts Island


Immigration bill jumble gets swindlers going
Fraud - Officials warn against a "special letter" that,

for a fee, offers to fast-track the amnesty

process for illegal immigrants


May 30, 2006
Ex-braceros leery of guest worker plan
They say Senate bill needs assurances on living conditions, pay


Border agents' view: Target the employers


Group helps immigrants have a 'life of dignity'


May 29, 2006



Good fences, great walls
Proposed border fence dividing neighbors, nation


Immigration crackdown may threaten state's farms
Without migrants, prices would go up, farmers say


Rules Collide With Reality in the Immigration Debate

May 28, 2006
Laborers sue Arkansas berry farm

With Illegal Immigrants Fighting Wildfires, West Faces a Dilemma


Ag guest worker plan took a lot of tinkering


May 27, 2006

Long Path to Immigration Deal
Senate and House are `moons apart,' especially

on legalization, says one conservative negotiator.

Mexican President Thanks Bush for Support on

Changes in Immigration


Chaplain: Deportation would cost consumers
If illegal immigrants go, prices for produce will

skyrocket, he says


Analysis: Bush's role key in fierce debate
The House and Senate are still far apart on an

immigration bill.


Protections for pineros inserted into immigration

reform bill


Immigration bill faces tough foe
Key congressman labels Senate plan 'a nonstarter'


House, Senate dig in deep on immigration reform
Conflicting bills: Utah Rep. Chris Cannon says the

Senate's inclusion of 'amnesty' is deal-breaker


Immigration-bill vote is urged before election

Immigration bill seen as big step


May 26, 2006
Enough, Skinner says of food foes
McDonald's boss gags on `fictitious' attacks by critics


Obstacles Loom in Immigration Bill Passage


Border Fight Divides G.O.P.


House Republican Pessimistic on Immigration Deal


Senate, in Bipartisan Act, Passes an Immigration Bill

Farm Workers Blame Ailments On Pesticide Use


Critics Say Bill Diminishes Due Process for Immigrants

McDonald's CEO: Attack on fast food is just 'fictional'

May 25, 2006
Fox - immigration solution requires respect


Immigration foreshadows 2008 GOP contest

Fox urges joint effort to manage immigration


Bush's Immigration Proposal Drives Wedge

Between Usual Allies


Fla. lawmakers resist president's immigration plan


House GOP's Back Is to the Wall on Borders
Many Republicans say a softened immigration stand

is unthinkable. Others fear the political fallout if there's

no deal after a long debate.


Senate closes in on citizenship plan, but House foes

say that's what has to go

Surprises on Senate's path to immigration bill


Some in Mexico See Border Wall as Opportunity

Immigration Bill Backed in Senate, Setting Up Clash


Martinez details how Senate slugged out immigration bill


Workers await bill
Lawmakers' decision will affect lives of many Salinas-area

immigrants, employers


Immigration bill given final polish in Senate
Passage expected today by modest margin, but conference

with House will be a battle


Too lenient, too harsh: Immigration up for vote
The U.S. Senate is expected to approve its bill as soon as today.

But there's a long way to go before anything is solved.

Mexico's Fox Urges Fairness for Immigrants

Touring the West, Mexican Leader Opposes Fence


Fragile Senate Coalition Set To Pass Bill on Immigration


Silo fall leaves man critically injured
Overcome by gas, Washington County farm worker plunges

20 feet down chute


Chambliss says immigration compromise puts more emphasis

on amnesty than on border security

May 24, 2006
Braceros recount lives for posterity
Smithsonian team finds wealth of history in valley


Sessions raps Alfa on immigration

Mexican President's Visit: State shows 2 faces of a

growing debate
Hopes and struggles of life in the valley for migrants


Senate immigration bill's key provisions


Senate moves toward passing a bill that conservatives

in House oppose over 'amnesty' provisions


Senate Backs Job Verification for Immigrants


Migrant bill splits Florida's lawmakers
Nelson and Martinez favor compromise, while Harris

supports a punitive approach.


N.C. officials suggest possible pesticide, defect link


State can't prove birth defect link
A report calls for a great increase in oversight in the

use of the chemicals

House GOP Not Budging on Border
Leaders still committed to an enforcement-only plan

and opposed to the Senate's wider overhaul.


Fox Begins Visit in Immigrant-Friendly Utah
Mexico's president is welcomed by the state's political

elite and hailed by his countrymen.


Immigration report shakes up D.C. debate


Senate coalition fights off attempts to change bill


House-Senate Battle On Immigration Likely
Some in GOP See Bush as Key to Accord


Farmers Pressing Lawmakers on Immigration

Immigration foes throwing bricks at Sen. Mel Martinez


Endorses plan requiring employers to check legal status

on all prospective workers


Farm Aid In North Carolina
The American Prospect: Guest Workers Fight For

New Contract

May 23, 2006
Immigration Bill Expected To Pass Senate This Week

Hastert May Block Version That Divides House GOP


Feinstein offers plan to legalize immigrants
SENATOR’S ALTERNATIVE: Three steps would put

illegal workers on path to green card


Mexican President to Visit Utah Today
Mexican President Vicente Fox Heads to Utah Today to

Begin 3-State Visit to the U.S.


Contractor Fined Over Treatment of Workers
An L.A. company is told to pay back wages to Thai laborers

hired on agricultural visas.


Amendment's Defeat Helps Senate Immigration Plan
A farmworker program is left intact. Feinstein, meanwhile,

seeks to ease legalization rules.

Failed Amnesty Legislation of 1986 Haunts the Current

Immigration Bills in Congress


May 22, 2006
Immigration Deal Is Likely


Safe passage in Bush's hands
Lawmakers say success of immigration bill lies with

president and his ability to persuade House GOP


No fines or citations for Horn


May 21, 2006
A ‘Black Hole’ on a Porous Border
Corrupt police and complicit citizens make

Jacume a forbidding redoubt where smugglers

of illegal drugs and immigrants operate with a

sense of impunity. ‘They own the place,’ says a

Mexican official.

At Unforgiving Arizona-Mexico Border,

Tide of Desperation Is Overwhelming


Bush calls for immigration deal again
Democrats’ response calls on president to stand

up to ‘far right’


Waiting for citizenship, 20 years later


Vote nears in Senate on migrants
If bill OK'd, talks with House next


An air of uncertainty in town where Latino roots run deep


Stirring the Pot, Focusing on the Melting
Divisions persist in the ongoing immigration debate,

but lawmakers are united in pushing for a traditional

American aim -- assimilation.


Give and take across the border
1 in 7 Mexican workers migrates – most send money home


Border War
Immigration, From a Simmer to a Scream


May 20, 2006
Senate's sausage-makers grind away on immigration

No plain English from Bush aides


Border initiatives miss huge group
Millions overstay; security risk seen


Immigration Bill Shapes Up in the Senate
A bipartisan alliance is steering the chamber's

legislation closer to the White House's ideal

than that of the House.


Immigration issues put senators on a seesaw


Bill addresses deportation appeals



Immigration bill needs tweaks, advocates say
Immigrant advocates applauded efforts by

Sen. Mel Martinez to help undocumented

immigrants legalize their status. But some fear

his proposal could do more harm than good.


May 19, 2006
Whitehall woman acts as go-between for legal

migrant workers


Build a Fence? Intruders Might Get Over It
To many opponents of illegal immigration,

erecting physical barriers is essential. But

their effectiveness has been mixed.


Walking a fine line on wall
Mexico’s president doesn’t want to strain U.S.

relations but wants to acknowledge the anger

his people feel.


Anger-driven patriot aches for his beloved U.S.
Most news, especially on immigration, perils his

fragile health. It scares him - and his wife.


Gregoire: Mexico president will meet farmers, business titans

Migrants forgo smugglers to enter U.S.


Some Immigrants Fear Guest Worker Program


Storm safety prompts concern for migrants


Bush Now Favors Some Fencing Along Border


May 18, 2006
Despite Security and Dangers, Border Crossers

Find Way North

Bush heads to border smuggling hotspot


A Job Americans Won't Do, Even at $34 an Hour
Some landscape firms rebut claims that higher pay,

not immigration reform, is needed.


Senate Votes to Extend Fence Along Border


Senators OK fence on border
Karl Rove, UFW's Huerta find they're on same side

as they push for adoption of comprehensive plan.

Senate Backs Fence, Guest-Worker Curbs
Immigration Bill Gaining Conservative Support


May 17, 2006
Rumors spur drive to enter U.S.
Belief amnesty awaits compels some to

cross border without delay

Mexico threatens to sue in U.S.


Immigration Bill Taking Shape in Senate

Learning for a better life: Manatee's migrant

graduates honored


Immigration Proposals Pass Test In Senate
Guest-Worker And Citizenship Provisions Survive


Bush's approach gets bipartisan support


Troops will not stop trespassers, locals say
Hayward restaurateur praises guest-worker program,

but most Latinos doubt plans will work


House leaders cool to Bush plan
Rove, key Republicans to meet today on

immigration proposal


Bush gives immigration proposals hard push
Resistance still evident among conservatives

Senate guest worker plan survives attack
Boxer, Alabama Republican fail to kill provision,

but number of visas is reduced


Getting there and back


Non-profit a pillar to farmworkers' families
Local Telamon Corp. office in Belle Haven

serves the area's disadvantaged


May 16, 2006

In Speech, A Balancing Act of Policy And Politics


Bush's border security plan gets mixed reaction

in Mexico


President's Tough Talk on Border Is an Effort to

Mend GOP Fences


South Florida migrants split on troops plan


Tainted water likely causing rashes, burning
Many residents complain of irritation after showering


Plan Met With Warnings That it Won’t Be Enough


Bush Calls for Compromise on Immigration


May 15, 2006
A long wait
Tighter limits on immigration visas

Swell backlog of requests to enter the

U.S. legally And can divide families for many years


Bush Seeks to Heal Republican Split on Immigration

Plan to Deploy Guard at Border Worries Mexico


Bush to call on Guard to monitor border


Many unaware of enforcement level


May 14, 2006
Migrants gain new space for living
Aspers complex helps out seasonal farmworkers

in Adams County

Additional staff, funds help farmworkers


Immigrant Advocates Take Their Case to Capitol Hill
Activists Lobby Members of Congress, Aides on Legislation


May 13, 2006
Kolbe sees hope in immigration debate


Bush to Unveil Plan to Tighten Border Controls


Young immigrants raise voices, and hopes
Youths with energy and ideals are nurtured

as new leaders who can sustain a reform movement.


May 12, 2006
Opportunities attract illegal immigrants who

may lack connections to cross legally


New arrest in migrant probe


Conference set in assault case against farmer


Bush to Address Nation on Immigration


New trial is ordered for migrant smuggler


Worker killed at Manatee dairy farm
Javier Luis Mendoza dies at Jerry Dakin Dairy

on Saturday after being pinned by a Bobcat.

May 11, 2006
Palmer:  Ohio Fresh Eggs does not recruit in Mexico


Senators Agree to Revive Immigration Bill

May 10, 2006 
Farmworkers file complaint against FEMA


Immigration bill back on Senate radar
Republicans say they will introduce legislation

sometime next week, but Democratic lawmakers

demand a compromise


FEMA accused of ignoring plight of the poor after Wilma


Housing complex for migrant workers opens


Glades workers petition FEMA

May 9, 2006
Guest worker programs have checkered history


Gutierrez promotes Bush proposals as way to help

tourism. The president's commerce secretary explains

how immigration reform benefits the industry.

Picking for keeps: Cobden farm provides jobs for

immigrant colony


Unions divided over guest-worker program


May 8, 2006
Migrant parents in U.S. pay to have children smuggled in
Tighter border security leads to desperate acts

Surprising allies on immigration


Jobs are there for immigrant workers
Employers want ID, but no questions asked


May 7, 2006
To honor Chavez, consider a range of

ideas in Valley

Following footsteps of Cesar Chavez


Farmworker group fights McDonald's


Border Arrests Rise as U.S. Debates Immigration Issue


Immigration reform: U.S. policies aimed at

controlling the flow of newcomers historically

have led to unexpected consequences


Immigration reform called unlikely in '06
Congress members say there is too much

distance between House, Senate views to

find common ground this year


A model home for low-income families

May 5, 2006
Mexico leftist to push US on immigration reform


For Bush, it's `Cuatro de Mayo'
President Bush celebrated the Mexican holiday

one day early amid contentious division over

immigration reform.


Millions made on counterfeit documents


Anti-immigrant bloc lacks coordination
Movement has no nationwide group to lobby Congress

May 4, 2006

Immigrant waiting for the White House, Congress


Likely voters prefer enforcement, new poll says
Survey offers different views from other recent

studies, reflecting volatility of issues


Lawmakers pass legislation to protect foreign workers

May 3, 2006

After rallies, a quest for unity
"We need to harness this power," an

mmigration advocate said. But others

raised fears.


May 2, 2006

Boycott Gives Voice To Illegal Workers
The Day's Impact On Economy Unclear


'Sleeping giant' awakes


Arcadia migrants sympathetic, but loss

of a day's wages pains them


Marchers span life's spectrum


Immigrants send a resounding call
In the Philadelphia area, protests draw

thousands. Many employers feel the pinch.


At least 20,000 rally in Orlando
Supporters of immigrant rights fill streets


Immigrants Take to U.S. Streets in Show of Strength


County demonstrations empty schools, stores, fields

Orlando Rally Draws Thousands


Next: Converting the Energy of Protest to Political Clout


Immigrants, supporters seize day with protests


Immigrants rally


To work or not to work
With many employees out for the day, some closed

their doors, but others stayed opened


House passes affordable housing measures
$637M package includes money for farmworker

housing, hurricane recovery, teacher assistance

Growers, field workers march together


May 1, 2006
Immigration rallies planned across U.S.
Climate less volatile in region, some say


Protest strike's focus blurs
A state immigrant group calls for

"A Day of Respect" amid uncertainty

about a work stoppage's effect.


Impact of protests might be without precedent
Planned demonstrations could have dramatic

impact on economy, some say


Orlando readies for immigrant march
Thousands expected to rally today at noon


Migrant farmworkers stand to benefit from legislation
Bill detailing the use of seat belts and pesticides

probably will pass.

Voices mixed on boycott, protest

Immigration Bill Lobbying Focuses on House Leaders
With Senate in Hand, Bush May Face a Skeptical GOP Base


Impact of protests might be without precedent
Planned demonstrations could have dramatic impact on

economy, some say