March 2006







March 31, 2006
Legacy of César Chávez: Dignity
From fields of valley, he fought for farm workers


Farm workers face same issues, very different fight

Migrant workers aim to demonstrate their financial impact
Strike gaining support


Chavez's hard-fought gains are eroding


Conservatives Stand Firm on Immigration


A&M-Kingsville campus pays tribute to labor leader


Farmworker recounts pesticide exposure
Local man will attend rally today to tell how he was sickened by pesticides sprayed on field


Today's teens could learn from Chavez

Loophole affects laborers rights


Industry holds firm on need for guest labor

Palomar celebrates Chavez's birthday


As Senate debates immigration bills, Craig has backup plan


Apple farmers say curbs on immigrants stunt growth

March 30, 2006
Migrant worker plan could be good for Lake County, advocates say

Ex-braceros tell of flaws in guest worker system


Immigration reform: No ditches and dirty plates
Small business owners are sweating over Congress' debates because they fear a future without 'guest workers.'


Mesilla pays tribute to César Chávez


Chavez seen as a leader who fought for social equality


Immigration reform bill could help farmers


March 29, 2006

A GOP faceoff over illegal immigration
Immigration reform splits the party so deeply

it could stall legislation this year.

Family waits to learn its fate


Migrant labor a Central Valley concern
National debate has major implications for area's farmers


'Guest worker' fix won't work


Group hopes Farmworker Awareness
Week helps plight of migrants


South of the border, fence is no deterrent
Would-be migrants say nothing will stop them from working in US.

Immigration debate rattles state lawmakers


Grower faces new allegation
Ag-Mart worker says he was denied protective gear while he worked with a pesticide


Feinstein shifts view on migrant legislation
Lobbied heavily, the senator now supports an agricultural guest worker program.


City to Form Alliance With Mexican State


March 28, 2006
'Guest workers' at core of immigration dispute

Students in Calif., Phoenix walk out to back migrants


Senate Panel Advances Immigration Debate
Full Senate to Take Up Immigration Debate


Citizenship bill heads to Senate floor


Activists demand better pay for tomato pickers


Migrants face uncertain future


Immigration Fight Heats Up
Senate Panel's Citizenship Proposal Sharpens Battle Lines


Immigration bill expands
Senate panel OKs measure; two weeks of debate follow


1,000 attend 8th annual breakfast for Cesar Chávez


Bill would increase enforcement, offer road to legalization


Migrant labor debate has Central Valley implications


Concern Over Immigration Laws


March 27, 2006
A Body Blow To Illegal Labor?


Farmworkers Stage Protest Downtown
Close to 4,000 activists march to oppose
proposed legislation and remember Cesar Chavez.

Fighting to live the American dream


S. Florida watches as U.S. Senate debates guest workers, immigration reform


Celebrate Chavez with joy and pride


Senator bucks colleagues on illegals legislation


March 26, 2006

Canal honors Cesar Chavez


500,000 Pack Streets to Protest Immigration Bills
The rally, part of a massive mobilization of immigrants
and their supporters, may be the largest L.A. has seen.


Work brings many from Mexico to Klamath Basin


500,000 March in L.A. Against Immigration Bill
Measure Was Passed by U.S. House


Honoring late labor leader; Downtown Laredo will be site of march, program

Immigration reform debate should be civil — and productive


March 25, 2006
Activist urges fighting immigration reform

Cesar Chavez birth is commemorated


March 24, 2006
Irvin: No reports of work stoppage on farms

Immigration Debate Is Shaped by '08 Election
Presidential Hopefuls Offer Their Proposals Ahead of Senate Vote


Bush Is Facing a Difficult Path on Immigration


Line grows, but bracero sign-ups are over


March 23, 2006
Who Will Work the Farms?

Farm workers' new struggle
Today's laborers, mostly undocumented,
face different issues long after Cesar Chavez's death

Building on Taco Bell victory


March 22, 2006

Protest supports illegal workers


Immigrant workers concern for farmers


Last year for Su Salud
Free migrant worker health screening program
ending due to co-founder's illness


Reid threatens filibuster as immigration showdown looms

March 21, 2006
Farm Groups Urged to Voice Labor Needs

Farmer cooperates in case against labor camp owner
In a plea agreement, he tells how the workers' pay was
kept low through deductions.


President Indicates Willingness to Allow Undocumented Aliens Path to Citizenship


Ed program helps reach migrant workers

March 20, 2006
For UFW, Contracts Are Give and Take
Some say the union is simply acknowledging reality
with pacts that allow nonunion labor, multitiered wages
and other concessions.

Forest Workers’ Plight Exposes Pitfalls of Legal Migrant Work
Legally documented migrant laborers whose horrific circumstances
were exposed last year have filed a series of class-action lawsuits,
while their advocates are insisting on better treatment, pay and conditions.

Changes may be coming for farmworkers
Senate votes unanimously to pass transportation safety bill;
more improvements likely on the way for agricultural workers,
lobbyist says

March 19, 2006
Guest workers could ease tree fruit labor shortage

Wire firm a force in debate over immigration
Western Union builds ties with donations, publications

March 18, 2006

Farmworker housing advocates have new shelter proposal

March 17, 2006
Mich. farmers push for guest worker provision

Senate reaches migrant accord

Seat belts in migrant vans endorsed

Nonprofit helps migrants in northern states
Majority come from Texas

Senate Closer on Immigrant Worker Proposal

Frist Pushes For Quick Vote On Immigration
Majority Leader Bypasses Committee

Judiciary Committee Members Outline
Agreement on Undocumented, Guestworkers

Stronger pesticide laws urged

March 16, 2006
Immigration bill alarms activists who help poor


Four farmworkers injured in accident


New Affordable Housing Community Opens In Immokalee


Border-security debate seen as threat to immigration law
Many fear time window won't be long enough to consider
broader worker reforms


Immigration bill showdown for GOP in Senate Party driven
over guest worker permits, security at border

March 15, 2006
Yes, farmworkers exist

Asparagus growers hear good news on market, bad news on labor

Farmworker monument discussed, committee formed


March 14, 2006

Farmers Face Immigrant Workers Shortage


Teens learn to follow Chávez's example
Hispanic students hear about their culture and are urged to speak their minds


March 13, 2006
Farmworkers harvesting less income


Farmer Wants Level Playing Field

March 12, 2006
Center helps Valley migrants
Arkansas facility provides a place to spend the night,
wash the clothes


State: Women faced exposure to toxins in fields
Grower denies acting illegally


March 10, 2006
Impact of farmer lobbying uncertain



March 9, 2006
Firm fined in van crash is OK'd to hire pineros


Program serves migrant students


March 8, 2006
Farmers, politicians talk immigration reform

Migrant Workers' Health Records Put Online


Number of illegal workers on rise
Immigrants account for about 5 percent of all workers in U.S.


Coalition wants farmworkers treated fairly


North Carolina, Ag-Mart at odds on violations, fines


March 7, 2006
Legal Status Not Among Fruits Of Migrants' Labor


Uncommon Weapon in Immigration Fight
An Idaho county tries a racketeering law
against employers who hire illegal workers.


March 6, 2006
Districts' migrant numbers
sway vote on tough bill


Valley farmworkers often go hungry
Survey finds they fail to reap the fruits of their labor.


Suit filed on behalf of migrants
Mexican forestry workers in Tennessee underpaid,
advocacy group alleges


March 5, 2006

Fast food fight
A farm workers group has a new target. But McDonald's
and growers have their own reform ideas.


March 4, 2006
Illegal Immigrants Also Illicit Drivers

Catholic Leaders Hope to Sway Immigration Debate


Bordering on paralysis


March 3, 2006
Official Cites Seasonal Worker Need

Study: Babies at risk
Stricter pesticide exposure standards might be needed,
researchers say


Tree farm workers detained after raid


Bill to boost farm-worker housing


Girl lifted by a dream of strawberry royalty
Ilene Chavez was told that the Strawberry Festival
courts was not for the daughter of farm workers. She didn’t believe it.


March 2, 2006
Farmworkers sue grower over baby's birth defects

Senators get earful on forest labor abuse


Ag-Mart sued over birth defects
Lawsuit charges tomato grower didn't properly
protect workers from exposure to toxic pesticides


Infant has no limbs; parents blame pesticides


Migrant farm workers sue produce company over son's birth defect




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