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June 30, 2006

Immigrant groups to launch voter drive


June 29, 2006
Utah race stirs calls for a deal on immigration
After Bush ally scores a victory in GOP primary, one lawmaker

pushes comprehensive bill


Second thoughts on border security measures in Senate


Bush takes interest in Pence's immigration proposal


Graduates taking 'first steps of many'


Vote adds fuel to immigration battle
Cannon win won't end debate


Rep. Cannon Urges Unity After Utah's GOP Primary


Expert: Immigration accord unlikely

Lawmakers move fight over immigration out of D.C. to border,

Western states


Oregon cherry growers decry lack of farmworkers


June 28, 2006
Senate May Budge on Immigration
Some Republicans show willingness to put House goals of

enforcement and security before plans for guest workers

and paths to citizenship.


Congressman Wins Utah's GOP Primary
Rep. Chris Cannon, a conservative advocate of immigrant rights,

bests critic John Jacob.


As GOP bickers over immigration, Boehner criticizes Dem ‘silence’


Island farms lose migrant workers


Labor shortage slows crop production


Farms turning to subcontractors



GOP: Find immigration deal, or lose
A Times Editorial


House pushed to quit stalling on immigration

Farm labor firm shut down
A Mainland firm that supplies farm labor to Hawaii farms has been

ordered to shut down until it gets workers' compensation insurance

for its employees.


Farms seek scientific future
Machines, chemicals, even robots may one day ease labor shortage

Grape pickers protest conditions at Giumarra


June 27, 2006
Utah vote could decide immigration plan's future

Labor-desperate cherry growers tap teens


Labor secretary touts Bush's plan on immigration
Chao leaves questions unanswered after speech to local leaders


June 26, 2006
Migrant workers get welcome to Brockport
Bienvenida Day recognizes their labor, culture

Congress may yet move on immigration
Some experts see room for compromise, and delays could cost votes.

GOP sees a San Diego message: Be tough on illegal immigration
House election buoys hard-liners in their fight with moderates on

the divisive issue.


American Workers Rejecting Jobs as Immigrants Drive Down Wages

June 25, 2006

Sleeping under the stars

 Don't count on immigration overhaul

Mecca for misery
In this town, a bed is often cardboard, a bath is often a creek


June 24, 2006
Immigrants ministry sees hope in new home


Arizona Republican candidate's call for forced labor camp

angers two GOP lawmakers


June 23, 2006
Dueling immigration hearings split GOP
House and Senate Republicans propose public airing, debate


New housing units celebrated
Affordable housing recognized

Poll:  More likely GOP voters back 2-tier immigration plan
The approach strengthens law enforcement while providing

a path to U.S. citizenship


GOP Plans Competing Events on Immigration
Sen. Specter responds to House leaders' move to hold public

hearings by scheduling his own, probably delaying talks on a

final overhaul bill.

June 22, 2006
Following Napa Valley's lead Farm Worker group seeks

land for migrant housing
3-year Sonoma County search fails to find suitable



Feeling price pinch, Pueblo Bonito project seeks loan of $400,000
City Council is favorable of the request, which developer needs to

secure building costs and finish the job

Specter counters House in move to save immigration bill


Border Battle Now a GOP Turf War
House Republicans take on the president with their plan to hold

public immigration hearings.


Five-minute Breaks Leave Cali. Farmworkers Feeling Heat
With farmworkers sickening and sometimes dying on the job from the

high temperatures they work under, California is mandating water and

shade, but only in small amounts.


June 21, 2006
House GOP doing it their own way on immigration

GOP Plans Hearings on Issue of Immigrants
Field Sessions May Delay Talks on Hill


Bush's immigration bill in trouble, say GOP brass


Numerous Women Join Lawsuit Against Local Farm


GOP balks on immigration bill
House members seek to delay talks with Senate till town-hall

meetings are held.

June 20, 2006
Carlsbad orders migrants to move from Cannon Road area

Lame duck still wields gavel, clout


Senate swayed by analyst's immigrant count
How conservative think tank's estimate led to changes in bill


June 19, 2006
Freeing adults from illiteracy
As the nation's leaders call for immigrants to learn

English, groups like Project Light lead the way


Bust leaves tense feeling on Eastern Shore


June 18, 2006
Ex-Braceros Back Senate Plan, but With Upgrades
Guest workers from decades ago say foreign laborers

deserve better wages as well as long-term contracts.


Along stretch of U.S. border, zero tolerance

June 17, 2006 
Farm Bureau battles lobbying


June 16, 2006
UFW urges boycott of Charles Krug Winery
Union leaders say action taken as last resort to protest

winery's plans to fire workers July 1


Council prefers Mill area for new Farmworker Monument

June 15, 2006


June 14, 2006
Thai workers sue Global Horizons, two Valley growers

June 13, 2006 
Guard slows illegal flow across border


EPA wants insecticide phased out by 2010

June 12, 2006
Some blacks say Latino immigrants taking their jobs


Guest workers could say indefinitely under bill


Agriculture at high stake
Congress' decisions about illegal immigrants will affect

perhaps none more than farmers.

Documentation alone isn't enough

June 11, 2006
Shadow workers


Brownsville migrant workers sue Maryland cannery


'86 immigration law casts long shadow
Opportunity for some, but a concern for others


Ag-Mart influence alleged
Researchers say the company had a hand in a state

report on pesticide exposure


June 10, 2006
Reform re-energizes Border Patrol: Nation's new

focus on immigration highlights security force's role


USDA chief touts farm labor visas
State's agriculture businesses told that Bush solidly

supports them

Visas offer businesses a legal labor force


June 9, 2006
New Crackdown on Hiring of Illegal Immigrants
Employers would have to investigate workers with

questionable Social Security data.

Applications for U.S. Citizenship Surge
Immigrants Nationwide Responding to Threat of

Congressional Crackdown

June 8, 2006
Conservatives block immigration conference


Could Senate plan for illegal immigrants work?
It calls for categorizing immigrants by length of US residency,

but logistics would be complex.

June 7, 2006
Bush defends planned path to citizenship
Opposing sides agree more on the issue, he says


GOP lawmakers push security first


Reaching Deal On Immigration Will Be Tough


Worker students earn diplomas


Bush Confident Immigration Deal Possible


Poll: Farmworkers deserve day off, overtime
Labor-backed survey says New Yorkers support such laws


Farmers fear loss of migrant workers


Farmers, workers groups, trade barbs over hiring practices


Immigration raids put chill on day of lobbying

June 6, 2006
A war in the woods


Strawberries are ripe, but pickers are missing

June 5, 2006
Immigration issues give candidate a fighting chance


Not So Sweet
How Big Sugar made slaves out of guest workers


June 4, 2006
Life on the farm an international job


Caught, released, gone underground
Illegal immigrants make shambles of Border Patrol policy

Immigration wave has deep roots in Mexico and U.S.


Pesticides in the fields, defects in workers' babies

The not-so-great outdoors
More than 2,300 homeless agricultural workers, others said

to be living in canyons of San Diego County

June 3, 2006
'86 Amnesty Frames Immigration Debate
The law, which legalized millions but didn't halt the flow,

offers lessons in the battle over reforms.

Immigrant advocates decry microchip idea


June 2, 2006
A line in the sand
Border fence critics say expansion would lengthen a

deadly divide from the California desert to the Gulf of Mexico

First phase of low-income housing project completed in Pajaro


June 1, 2006
Community celebrates Via del Mar