June 2005



June 30, 2005

AGRICULTURE: State senator pushes reforms to stop abuse of farmworkers
As mounting civil lawsuits and criminal charges are filed alleging exploitation of farmworkers

in North Florida, a state senator said it's time to change the way the industry does business.


June 27, 2005
Migrant brings his family to Colorado


Marchers support workers
Immigrants seek legal status, no standard driver's license


Labor camp inspections falling short in Putnam


June 25, 2005
Aging migrant camp closed
Fort Myers says houses near collapse


June 24, 2005
Hill speaks out after tour of E. Palatka labor camp

June 22, 2005

Seeds of housing sown Housing for farmworkers advances as the county agrees to buy some land


June 20, 2005

Woman details ordeal of coping with cancer she ties to pesticides


No choice but the fields
Like thousands of other children of migrant workers, Clara Morales, 19,

spends summer picking crops.

D.C. rally pushes for passage of AgJobs
The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association says the House is the sticking point.

June 19, 2005

Neglect may force closure


Southwest Florida's migrants often silent victims in HIV/AIDS war


Tending our flocks
Western sheep ranchers depend on foreign herders


June 18, 2005
Strawberries rot in Oregon fields
Tighter border controls lead to worker shortage


June 17, 2005
Union-Backed Coalition Seeks Workplace Protections for Immigrants


June 16, 2005
$1.05 Million Settles Farmworkers' Case
Women Alleged Sexual Harassment


June 15, 2005

UFW faces labor complaint
The state ALRB says the union failed to bargain in good faith


June 14, 2005

Labor camps go back for years


Boycott Gallo wines, UFW will say today


June 13, 2005

Exposed - Politics and pesticides
Pesticide enforcer - 'Always a hostile situation': Pesticide
inspector is often not a welcome visitor, but the job must be done


June 12, 2005



Authorities say farmworkers lured into servitude with drugs, alcohol


Los Tres Niños
Link, if any, may be chemicals


June 11, 2005

EDITORIAL: New trap in the fields: State restricts ways to claim farmworker abuse


June 10, 2005

EDITORIAL:End systemic abuse of farmworkersOUR OPINION: 



June 9, 2005

Sen. Craig Seeks New Vehicle for AgJobs; Farmworker Coalition to Push for Measure


New Center lawsuits seek reform of forestry industry


June 8, 2005

New tactic used in labor case
In the newest crackdown on abuse against farmworkers,

federal authorities are examining both environmental and exploitation issues.


IMIGRANT CAMPS MAY BE CLOSED:Fort Myers considers condemning buildings


June 7, 2005

Feds arrest camp owner; Future of compound remains uncertain


Farmer plans more migrant housing
Mobile homes for farmworkers sit vacant for one year


June 6, 2005

East Palatka labor camp raided on EPA violations


Group champions migrants


June 4, 2005

FARMWORKER ABUSE:Feds raid labor camp; 4 charged, more likely

June 3, 2005

Pay draws foreigners to hard work


June 1, 2005

Former Mexican braceros accuse others of trying to profit from their plight



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